Mistral de l'Or

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Mistral "Mimi" de l'Or was the adopted daughter of Micah Sunrise Lykoi, raised in Cercatori d'Arte. She was born in Halifax to Jontae de l'Or and an unknown male following a one-night tryst, and spent most of her adult life fighting for the throne of Cour des Miracles, of which she was reputedly an heiress through not one, but both parents. It is widely suspected that her father was most likely Hati Catori.

Mimi was subjected to a string of traumatizing incidents in her formative early months of childhood: At two months of age she witnessed a stranger behead her neglectful mother, and found cats eating her corpse; she was kidnapped and held prisoner in a birdcage by a madman; and later discovered a macabre murder of an innocent packmate with ties to her past. This trauma led to a very defensive and entitled outlook.

Mistral spent two years as a member of the Court before disappearing to begin plans to usurp, disgusted by the "false" rule of King Silvano Sadira and bearing a grudge against his family. After over a year's planning, a pregnant Mistral gathered a small band of mercenaries and violently usurped the throne of Cour des Miracles on January 1, 2018, at the start of what would be called L'Hiver de l'Or Terni, or the Winter of Tarnished Gold. However, her reign spiraled fast out of control, marred with conspiracy, betrayal, and murder. She was captured following a well-executed plan by a rebellion led by Kalypso Savoy and imprisoned. While incarcerated Mistral gave birth to two boys fathered by Linden Aatte: Bennett de l'Or and Florian Aatte, who were taken with their father upon his exile.

Queen Mistral was publicly executed by the Court in February 2018. As Mistral predicted[M] (or cursed?), the decade-strong Cour des Miracles disbanded under a non-Trouillefou ruler just over a year later.

Mistral was voted "Favorite Character to Hate" in the 2014 Yearbook, Spotlight Soul for March of 2018, and "Most Satisfying Death" in the 2018 Yearbook.






  • Date of Birth: 30 June 2013
  • Age at Death: 4.5 years
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


Mistral's breeding is very muddled, and much like her mother it's hard to tell at a glance exactly what breeds of dog she has in her. She is very short in stature with a thick double coat of slate grey, marked with pearl white splashes and a few highlights of gold and brown. The pattern of white across her chest and legs hints at her collie heritage, but her curled tail denotes Spitz breeds. She has a foxy face, pointed and with high cheekbones, and a liver spot of brown marks her nose and corresponds to a stripe on her muzzle. The white fur at her scruff, thanks to her breeding, grows thick; when wearing her shawl, it flares almost resembling a feather boa. Her hair, a glorious gold, grows long enough to braid—worn so in fondness of Micah since her first shift.

  • Humanization: Moderate. Mistral wears a black shawl (not yet acquired) and a treasured hummingbird necklace, hand-crafted and given to her by Micah as a gift. She wears a found gold ring on one finger.


 Genoa (#188669)
 Trout Grey (#4F505D)
 Pearl Bush (#E4DDD1)
 New Orleans (#F1D59A)
 Di Sierra (#DDA754)
 Hawaiian Tan (#914E16)


  • Fur: Predominantly Trout Grey, with white features and various golden highlights.
  • Markings:
    • White scruff, sleeve, legs, cheeks
    • Gold and brown highlights on nose, arm and plumed tail
  • Optime Hair: Di Sierra.
  • Eyes: Turquoise, only a shade off from both Jontae and Jehan.
  • Nose and Paw Pads: Black, with a brown liver spot on the nose.

art by Lin



25 lbs (11 kg)20 in (51 cm)

Extremely small, light, and non-threatening, with perked ears and a plumed tail curled tight on her back. Fur tends to flare out when angry.


75 lbs (34 kg)24 in (66 cm)

Slightly larger, with tail still curled. Extremely awkward in appearance due to small dog features on a larger animal, this form is never used.

Optime (Preferred)

115 lbs (52 kg)5ft 4in (162.5 cm)

Extremely short and petite, with feminine features and a pear-shaped figure. Her tail curls against her spine. Her white scruff flares with resemblance to a feather boa, and her blonde hair is braided long and out of her face.


2.  Personality

2.1  Traits


  • Outlook: Entitled
  • Sociability: Extroverted and social, but her blunt nature and high expectations come off as unfriendly and mean
  • Expression: Dominant, extremely commanding
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
    • "Strongest first, weakest last."
    • "Supports laws and societies that protect their own concerns."
    • "Will keep their word if they give it."
    • "Will not help those in need without a reward."


  • Speech: Loud, confident, bracing, crass. A medium to high feminine pitch, sultry with age and never to be mistaken for motherly.
  • Scent: Lilac and daisy, sweet but earthy perfumes. A strong natural scent typical to Trouillefou.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Telling with her body language. May be thrown into a violent frenzy if faced with cats or tight quarters.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Typically bold and unflinching, with a powerful gait and a commanding gaze. Mistral seeks to own every exchange and is unafraid to show her dissatisfaction therein. She is wholly confident of her body and holds herself as such, extremely feminine in her physical mannerisms.


Entitled, bossy, narcissistic. Either oblivious to or unconcerned about the emotions and well-being of others. Not bloodthirsty, but willing to do whatever it takes to see her goals met. Self-preservative; hides behind hired help and poisons. Willing to get her hands dirty, but too ladylike for warfare and combat. A woman so damaged by her experiences that she clings to birthright, and seeks out power and fortune she feels she is owed. Somewhat unskilled, but completely convinced she bears the natural talent to do anything she desires. Claustrophobic, ailurophobic. Primarily trained in poisons, diplomacy, and the flute.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

3.2  Relations

Key Relations

  • Micah Sunrise Lykoi — Mimi's dedicated, albeit awkward, surrogate father that raised her in Cercatori d'Arte from a very young age after rescuing her from a predator in Halifax. In that Mimi is young and unnaturally abrasive, their relationship is complicated but the love is undeniably there. From Micah, Mimi adopted a high appreciation for the arts and music, an eye for detail and a personality the polar opposite of his after witnessing for herself the trials his weak-mindedness put him in.
  • Achilles Kokinos — The strange, short-tempered loner who spared her life after she attempted to steal from him at a young age. After making her work to obtain it, he traded to her the flute she so desired to teach her a lesson. Though she clearly tries his patience Achilles pities her, having realized she is as defenseless as she is traumatized and begrudgingly allows her to stick around when she comes by, occasionally accompanying her on trips to ensure his safety and attend to his own missions meanwhile. Seems to have a soft spot for women, particularly tough ones that resemble his sister. After the murder of Shiloh Dawnbringer, Achilles abandoned Mistral for good.

Positive Relations

  • Linden Aatte — The only Courtier that had, in Mistral's opinion, gone out of his way to show kindness to her. Her young-girl crush turned into a whirlwind as an adult, resulting in children despite the parents' questionable difference in age.

Neutral / Negative

  • Jontae de l'Or — As a puppy, Mimi's mother was her god, the terrible authority that came crashing down on her when she made a mistake. She was too scared of her mother to disobey or ask about life outside of the junkyard where she spent her first two months. Her fear of cats comes from Jontae's ability to command them; cats are therefore an extension of her mother and will tattle on her if she misbehaves. When her mother was murdered, Mistral watched the cats devour her corpse.
  • Domovoi Tarasova was the nameless stranger that showed up with the intention to rescue her as a puppy, but ended up beheading Jontae. Mistral witnessed the murder and became terrified of the male, hiding from him until he left. She has nightmares about him coming back for her because she is too much like her mother. She found him beaten up and miserable in January 2014 and decided him no longer fit to be feared.
  • Silvano Sadira is the King of Cour des Miracles and a just, thoughtful man — except in the eyes of Mistral, who yearns for her rightful birthright as Queen and sees Silvano as a thief and a heretic. She actively spreads false gossip about him and voices loudly her poor opinion, determined to tear him down by any means necessary.
  • Shiloh Dawnbringer was an unfortunate target of Mistral's rage, more or less in the wrong place at the wrong time. She was poisoned by Mistral (who was trying to get at her mate, Silvano) in July 2014 while pregnant. Her children were endangered; Myrkr was permanently affected and one pup died as a result. Years later, Mistral bludgeoned Shiloh to death with her own staff after an altercation.
  • Judas Poer de Aika XIII — Although she technically has Judas to thank for her life, the wolf captured the two-month-old in the days following her mother's murder. Seeking to test how much more traumatized she could become, he locked her in a birdcage for over two weeks and provided just enough sustenance for her to survive. In early February 2014 she surmised that Lowry Lykoi was killed by Judas as an innocent bystander for the return of the cage she was captured in, and she has lived in fear for her life since. She has not yet learned of his death, though she has learned through Wraith that he is being hunted.


4.  History

4.1  Overview

Mistral was born in Halifax on a hot summer day in 2013. She had no littermates, unlike Jontae's first litter the summer prior. Jontae was a neglectful mother, but seemed vaguely more interested in her daughter than she was her son, and named her sooner. She frequently ranted about royalty and a rightful claim to a throne, though it never make much sense to the child. Mistral was afraid of the junkyard cats and spent most of her time hiding from them. Her mother did not hesitate to bite or slap her when she cried, so Mistral learns quickly to suffer in silence whenever she can hold it in.

When she was two months old, a visitor came to the junkyard. Mistral hid from him under a flowerpot, but was heard whimpering; when he sees the neglect and abuse the pup has suffered, the stranger challenged Jontae and demanded she hand over the puppy. Jontae of course refused, claiming her daughter to be a "bargaining chip," and would not share the information of the father's identity. Their argument culminated in a fight, concluded with the stranger beheading Jontae. From her hiding place Mistral witnessed the entire event and fled in terror from her mother's murderer. When she crept back later that night she found Jontae's cats eating her corpse, further cementing her ailurophobia.

Mimi was found and captured in an alley by Judas Poer de Aika XIII shortly thereafter, remaining under his "care" for a majority of September 2013. Subject to mental experimentation, the pup was sustained with only enough food and water to survive and contained within a black-iron birdcage for the extent of her capture. Despite the conditions she suffered, the pup would not have survived independently after the death of her mother and has Judas to thank for her life. Mimi was heard and rescued by the bypassing Micah Sunrise Lykoi and brought back, cage and all, to his home in Cercatori d'Arte where she was raised. Defensive, bracing and self-indulgent as a result of her background, Mistral is strikingly matured in nature from a young age, though some of her mother's tendencies seem to have bred themselves within her. In February 2014 she discovered the murdered body of Lowry Lykoi in the Border Tree of Cercatori d'Arte, and after running home shifted for the first time late but as result of traumatization.

In March of 2014 Mistral moved to Cour des Miracles alongside packmate Faolan Kido, eager to separate herself from the tragedy in Cercatori d'Arte and determined to make herself known as the heir to the Court throne.

4.2  Thread Archive

4.3  2013 (NPC)

  1. [M] (LASKY) One more word and you won't survive (3 Sept)
    Halifax, with Domovoi, Ave, Jontae. Mimi hides from a visitor in the junkyard, that attacks her mother. He ends up killing Jontae in front of her, which prompts Mimi to flee.
  2. Frozen the river that baptized you (5 Sep - 20 Sep)
    Halifax, with Judas Poer de Aika XIII, Micah Sunrise Lykoi. Shortly following her mother's murder, Mimi is captured by Halifax resident Judas, and kept in a birdcage malnourished for over two weeks. Further traumatized, she is eventually found by the cowardly Micah Lykoi, who brings her and the cage home to Cercatori d'Arte.
  3. Won't stop to surrender (20 Sep)
    Cercatori d'Arte, with Micah , Skye Collins. Unable to get the birdcage open and in a panic, Micah runs Mimi back to his packlands to meet with leader Skye, the only source of help he can think of.
  4. Cast no shadow (30 Sep)
    Inferni, with Micah and Priam Nothing. Micah travels to Inferni in hopes of finding one of his three sisters. Mimi bears witness to some minor verbal abuse against him by Priam, possessed at the time by the deceased Cirael June Lykoi.
  5. Spiders in the stables (01 Oct)
    Cercatori d'Arte, with Micah and various packmates, while attempting to clean up the dusty stables. Mimi proves more courageous than her guardian.
  6. Feathers on the tailwind (12 Oct)
    Cercatori d'Arte, with Micah . Micah paints a mural while Mimi watches. She mutters her first words in weeks -- her name -- before falling mute again. Micah is overjoyed regardless.
  7. [M] The bitter taste (26 Oct)
    The Dampwoods, with Micah and Wraith Creed. While enjoying an outing, a misunderstanding between strangers leads to a scuffle, and Micah defends Mimi.
  8. the wander of weary (26 Oct)
    After his fight with Wraith Creed, Micah collapses on allianced pack Casa di Cavalieri borders, while Mimi runs for help. She returns with the benevolent medic Lola.
  9. could've had a castle (29 Dec)
    Cercatori d'Arte, with Micah . Nearing six months of age, Mimi requests an escort to Cour des Miracles, where she believes she may have familial ties. Micah is uncomfortable about the prospect, but complies when she admits she does not want to break off on her own just yet.

4.4  2014 (NPC)

  1. turning my head out (3 Jan)
    Cercatori d'Arte, with Micah and Esther Hennamin. While preparing to make a trip for Cour des Miracles, the bitter weather hinders Micah's willingness to leave, and the very motherly Esther steps in.
  2. about the hive and the honeybees (5 Jan)
    Cour des Miracles, with Micah and Silvano Sadira. Mistral inquires at last about her grandfather Jacquez , her bloodline, and her birthright to the Cour des Miracles throne with present pack leader, Silvano.
  3. tomorrow never knows (1 Feb)
    Wolfville, with Micah and Jazper Rhiannon-Knight, leader of allianced pack Casa di Cavalieri. Jazper teaches Micah how to better defend himself, while Mimi quietly looks on and absorbs what she can.
  4. [M] dreamless sleep will fall like a deep, poisoned well (2 Feb)
    Cercatori d'Arte. Following a trail of blood near the borders with Micah, Mistral is the first to discover the murdered body of friend and packmate Lowry Lykoi strewn in the branches of the Border Tree and seemingly killed by the same individual who trapped her in a cage for weeks as a youth.

4.5  2014

February 2014

  1. become the damage done (2 Feb)
    Triggered by discovering the murder of Lowry, Mistral shifts for the first time at home and alone. A somber Micah stops in before leaving for Halifax after the killer, and the two comfort one another.
  2. there's no justice in the world (early Feb)
    Mistral discovers the murderer of her mother, Domovoi Tarasova, battered and disturbed in the wilderness following a bloody battle in Inferni.
  3. we are children of icarus (17 Feb)
    Mistral travels alone for the first time, visiting Cour des Miracles to escape tension in her home of Cercatori d'Arte. She meets Valencia Catori.
  4. there's always the creaks and the strangest sounds (25 Feb)
    Court member Linden Aatte finds Mistral wandering in the south.

March 2014

  1. all around me are familiar faces (1 Mar)
    Meets Harvey Butler at Cour des Miracles.
  2. illogical issues (5 Mar)
    Mistral makes plans with Faolan Kido to move to Cour des Miracles together.
  3. i am running late from the life you have brought upon me (18 Mar)
    Mimi declares her departure to Cour des Miracles with her adoptive father Micah.
  4. put one foot in front of the other (18 Mar)
    Deciding to leave with Faolan for Cour des Miracles, Mimi witnesses his family's very tearful goodbye.
  5. who knows what might happen (21 Mar)
    Requesting to join Cour des Miracles at their borders, Mistral and traveling partner Faolan Kido speak with Queen Charlotte Haskel.

April 2014

  1. land of the empire builders (15 Apr)
    Mistral bumps into Wraith Creed, the woman responsible for scarring Micah some months prior, searching for the same man that captured Mimi in a cage.
  2. trying to return to normal (17 Apr)
    # bring me to life (22 Apr)
    Mistral catches up with Faolan Kido.
  3. flute d'amour (22 Apr)
    Former packmate of CdA Elsie Hennamin comes to visit, teaching Mistral the flute.
  4. others, the fighting type (24 Apr)
    Mistral and Piper Dae attempt to steal from Achilles Kokinos to disastrous results.

May 2014

  1. just blessed to fill our hands today (3 May)
    Accidentally bumping into Achilles a second time, Mimi attempts to make amends and trade for the flute she attempted to steal.
  2. they're roaring in our mouths (8 May)
    Looking to explore Pirata Grotto, Mimi drags Abigail Sadira along and exchanges mutual information about Cour des Miracles.
  3. i fight to fly with much to prove (9 May)
    Mistral pushes around Pascal Sadira and is otherwise undaunted by his guardian Skoll Haskel.
  4. how could you be so blind? (13 May)
    Mistral hunts for ghosts with George Tibalt.

June 2014

  1. the loathsome side show (2 Jun)
    Mimi brings the requested items to trade Achilles for the flute only to be refused again and run into trouble.
  2. the climb is all there is (4 Jun)
    Linden Aatte returns to Cour des Miracles. Mistral helps him scout out a residence.
  3. even the walking damned defend their lambs (13 Jun)
    Skoll Haskel and Alder rescue Mistral from an angry bear long-reputed to be stalking the pack territory.
  4. [M] lighter the more it gets dark (18 Jun)
    Mistral and Achilles bump into coyote Annabeth de Fonte. A heated argument rises.

July 2014

  1. the inexhaustible variety of life (8 Jul)
    Linden and Mistral ride together during a grand pack festival.
  2. something your waking ears will not hear (17 Jul)
    Mara Savoy teaches Mimi a few things about poisons.
  3. there's nicer shores in sight (mid-Jul)
    Shiloh Dawnrunner leaves Mistral a nasty impression while arriving to visit the King and her mate, Silvano Sadira.
  4. make him suffer, make him burn (mid-Jul)
    Mistral attempts to assassinate King Silvano Sadira by poison. Unfortunately the poison is weak, and he is not the one to drink...
  5. a theatre, a stage, and a radio play (with a plot they try vainly to change) (29 Jul)
    With Linden Aatte.

August 2014

  1. how long is the jaybird's song (4 Aug)
    With Nathaniel King.
  2. still no word from the surface (13 Aug)
    With Kohaku Amarok.
  3. left a ringing in my ear (22 Aug)
    # attuned (22 Aug)
    With Tasha Takekuro.

September 2014

  1. i can stack the deck when the spirits deal (2 Sep)
    With Mullica Leeds.
  2. and the mother we share (5 Sep)
    With Jehan de l'Or.
  3. a village among the waltz of leaves (19 Sep)
    With Dante Centri (J), Silvano Sadira.

4.6  2017 - 2018

December 2017

  1. I will become war [M]
    Mistral lays a trap to capture King Silvano Sadira by kidnapping his grandchildren. After a spat, she cuts off his hand to prove herself.

January 2018

  1. the kings need a victory, so they sent me [M]
    With Silvano in tow, Mistral marches on the Court and publicly names herself the new Queen, to much disdain and argument by members.
  2. polish the bones to an ancient kingdom
    Odalis happens upon Mistral and her bodyguard during an argument, and somehow manages to find Mimi awestriking and admirable.
  3. snakes and lovers
    Mistral hunts down Linden Aatte, making demands for support during her pregnancy he fathered.
  4. everything falls apart [M]
    The daughter of much-hated Silvano Sadira and Shiloh Dawnbringer, Thyri Dawnbringer comes to make trouble for Mistral and denounce her.
  5. lady of flame, lady of water [M]
    As Mistral's reign begins to spiral out of control, Kalypso Savoy visits the heavily pregnant Queen Mistral and incites a violent reaction.
  6. damn those eager protestations on your tongue [M]
    Mistral and longtime enemy Skoll Haskel "chat," as Mistral pretends nothing has gone wrong and reveals her lineage as heir branches through both her parents.
  7. your blood's as good an ink as any [M]
    Mistral hunts down Thyri Dawnbringer for intruding on her plans and teaches her a violent and bloody "lesson."
  8. the last breath you take, you spit in their face [VERY M]
    Following a heated and escalated argument, Shiloh Dawnbringer attempts to take the life of Queen Mistral -- but unfortunately, loses her own instead. Mistral's bodyguard and longtime friend, Achilles Kokinos walks out on her immediately.

February 2018

  1. we dance upon the woodwork of our past
    The members of Cour des Miracles stage a party for the Queen's anticipated childbirth. She is none the wiser.
  2. queen of hearts, queen of swords [M]
    In a sudden betrayal, the party flips into a trap staged by Kalypso. Mistral and Linden Aatte.
  3. sons of a dangerous flame
    While imprisoned for her execution beside Linden Aatte, Mistral gives birth to two boys, Bennett de l'Or and Florian Aatte.
  4. nothing to stay our vengeful hands [M]
    Brought for public execution, Mistral devolves into a wild, manic mess as evidence of mental instability. She is publicly executed by Kalypso Savoy, who then succeeds her to the dismay of the Court.