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By: Alaine

Mara Savoy is the second child and first daughter of Grímnir Savoy and Jacqueline Saighere, born in Cruz Bay on November 1st, 2012. When exploring Nova Scotia proved to be a lonelier affair than she'd assumed it would be she joined the southern pack of Cour Des Miracles after encountering a few of its members. Since then she's risen to the rank of Baroness within their intelligence tier, and is currently content to remain thus.

During the first few months of her on-board history Mara was quite the naive newcomer but channeled this (with the help of her boundless enthusiasm and energy) into instituting new projects within her pack.

Following the Spring 2015 Flood Plot, Mara was forced to remain bedridden for well over a month due to a case of pneumonia. During this time she began to reevaluate her priorities somewhat, and began to recognize the semi-burned bridges that had formed in the wake of her ambition.

In January of 2016 she departed from Cour des Miracles and Canada rather suddenly, citing a desire to return home and see her family. Through Silvano she is the mother of Leander and Kalypso.

Through Agrippa de le Poer (with some help from her brother, Constantine Savoy) she also the mother to three girls; Sumaria, Persis, and Rahab de le Poer.

In early 2019 she departed from Portland after having remained there for many months; during the homeward trip, she disappeared with her ship and is presumed dead.






  • Date of Birth: 1 November 2012
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Cour Des Miracles
  • Mate: Non-applicable
  • Pack: Cour Des Miracles (14 July 2014)
  • Rank: Baroness (01 January 2015)
    • Co-rank: Ambassador, Spy
  • cNPC: Non-applicable
  • yNPC:
    • Non-applicable

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


Of relatively average height in all of her forms, Mara carries herself well. True to her primary species, her coat is shorthaired and smooth, however, her wolf heritage comes into play (more so during the cooler months, which did not exist in the Virgin Islands), giving her a thicker undercoat and a more pronounced collar over her shoulders. Hardy and healthy, Mara refrains from wearing both accessories and clothing, having had no need of them in the past. This is subject to change in the future as she acclimates to the temperatures and weather of ‘Souls.

At first glance Mara appears almost entirely dog in appearance, leaving very little with which to determine her wolfdog heritage. On closer inspection she has a very wolf-like undercoat, unsuitable to the tropical climate to which she was born. Athletic in overall build, she sports strong calves and a lean but capable upper body due to her wolf ancestry, and markings closely matching that of your typical belgian malinois.

Humanization: Medium; Mara will wear a few shiny baubles here and there as well as a vertical hanging knife sheath, but abstains from most clothing.

By: San


Sisal (#d3cebb)
Heathered Gray (#bbac95)
Tussok (#cb9c57)
Mule Fawn (#965431)
Taupe (#52463b)
Zeus (#231a15)
Fiord (#3a555f)


  • Piercings: Both of her ears have been pierced multiple times.
  • Scars:
  • Tattoos:


Chiefly a practical woman, Mara favors pragmatic, useful items over traditionally pretty things. Occasionally she will come across a bauble that she likes, though this is uncommon.

Jewelry and Accessories




65 lbs (29.4 kg)24.4 in (62 cm)
Almost (if not completely) dog in appearance, she has large (rivaling those of a coyote, even) ears and a streamline build that indicates she might make a decent hunter if she applied herself.


135 lbs (63.5 kg)37.7 in (96 cm)
More than doubling her weight, Mara becomes (what she considers) a veritable powerhouse in this form, as she becomes more wolfish in build and takes on a more barrel-chested physique.


155 lbs (74.8 kg)5'6" (167.5 cm)
Proportionate while maintaining a high, hourglass shaped waist, and muscular arms/calves. Decidedly athletic in overall appearance.


  • Speech: Bright and lilting, her voice typically isn't what others expect. Concerning dialect, her accent closely resembles that of Virgin Islands Creole. Often adopts the inflections of whomever she is speaking with — if they're relaxed, she's relaxed; if they're formal, she's formal. This also includes accents, to an extent, but it's more or less due to her subconscious desire to be liked, and never out of mockery.
  • Scent: Windswept with salt and rain, she smells of faraway tropics and is typically followed by the scent of various flowers (commonly jasmine and orchid).

2.  Personality

AmbadassadorThe StrategistSarcastic DevoteeBold Explorer

By: San

Mara is above all else an outgoing, hands-on, pragmatic, and adventurous young woman. Dominant without being demanding, and despite her somewhat average stature, she typically displays sociable traits but requires downtime afterward in order to ‘recharge’. Enjoys a sense of autonomy and independence in her romantic life, but tends to flit from one task to another without finishing them (unless a taskmaster is present, in which case the chances of the wolfdog completing something rises, if only slightly). She herself possesses and looks for in others a good sense of humor, whether it be well-intentioned pranks, or the more sought after crude and/or dark humor that she delights in most of all.

  • Observant, Excellent Communicator, Highly Driven:
    • Mara believes that there are no irrelevant actions, and will judge someone based on their character before all else. Unfortunately, she will sometimes slide down the slippery slope of species or group bias.
    • A no-holds-barred conversationalist, no topic is off-limits and it's more difficult than not to make her uncomfortable; still, she's prone to passionate outbursts, especially if insulted or wronged somehow.
    • A highly ambitious woman, Mara sometimes forgets to include others when considering her goals, and will inadvertently step on some toes because of this. Blaming the 'victim' of this is not entirely out of the question either.
  • Independent, Highly Emotional, Easily Stressed:
    • Her communication skills are occasionally put on the back burner in favor of discretion and privacy, especially while she’s wandering some far-flung corner of Nova Scotia.
    • The price of her passions is the emotional toll such a thing can take. When things don’t go as planned (whether due to an outside influence or her own) Mara is prone to fits of anger and — sometimes — depression, though they’re quick to dissipate. While not a planner per say, she is quick to move on after a setback courtesy of her boundless enthusiasm.

2.1  Ideals


  • Likes: Beekeeping, botany, horticulture, sailboats, toxicology.
  • Dislikes: Being on a schedule, those who can't mind their own business, every egomaniac she's ever come across, snakes, conflict.


  • Outlook:
  • Self-reliant, sentimental, outspoken, intelligent, candid, blustery.
"When they step on someone’s toes, they both feel it."
"They can handle both small talk and deep, meaningful conversations."
"Lose interest quickly if their project shifts toward routine, administrative matters."
"Will never betray a family member, comrade, or friend."


  • Humiliation, stating needs, homelessness, failure, inutility, drowning, tropical storms.


  • Acclaim, prosperity, happiness, freedom.


  • Non-Luperci: Feels quite strongly that non-luperci are at a disadvantage, but otherwise doesn't have a positive or negative thought towards them.
  • Gender: Slightly nervous around aggressive, dominant men.
  • Age: Mara prefers that unruly children be kept away from her.


  • 3 on the Kinsey Scale: Equally heterosexual and homosexual.
    • Finds women more physically appealing than men and just as likely to be good caregivers/providers. Values autonomy, vigor, and strength.
    • Prefers to take a more submissive role with men, enjoys dominating other women.
  • Fears non-circular attachment; becoming more attached to someone than they are to her.


  • Has been experimenting with smokable substances since she was able to shift, and had her first experience with alcohol during her trip to 'Souls.
    • Doesn't like alcohol but maintains her right to change her mind and/or experiment further. Will likely continue to smoke socially.
  • Would approach the subject of hard drugs with a high level of scorn — even violence.

2.2  Family: Savoy, Saighere

2.3  Misc. Relations

2.4  Other

Positive Relations

  • Agrippa de le Poer: Initially thought to merely be another hybrid, Agrippa was one of the first faces Mara encountered upon arriving in ‘Souls. They met a few more times, and while they agreed upon an easygoing friendship, Mara felt more; in the following months they drifted apart and the courtier feels it’s her fault.
    • When war broke out between Inferni and Cour des Miracles, they fell out of contact—but found each other again when Agrippa accidentally shot Mara, resulting in a non-fatal injury and a kiss shared between the two.
  • Maciel Lopez: Maciel and Mara encountered each other while they were both chevaliers. His unease with other luperci baffles her, but they nonetheless feels that their friendship has moved beyond species and genetics. During the winter of ’15, he disclosed to her his bisexuality and she informed him of her own.
    • Taught her to become a better hunter; they sometimes act as hunting partners.
  • Rei Itou: Perhaps to the benefit to them both, Rei and Mara are essentially a duo of dorks. When he took on Grace Revlis as a patient, she was the one that he used as a threat against her, and when he was struggling with his as-of-yet undefined relationship with Alder, they drank together and she tried to help him sort it out.
  • Silvano Sadira: Her King, her friend, her handler; he points her to where he wants her to go, and she comes flitting back with the morsels of information that others dropped all unwittingly. A prolonged illness during the Spring 2015 Flood Plot brought them closer, and the amorous brand of affection bred by that friendship continues to muddy the waters. Still, she respects him greatly, but is frequently frustrated by him as well.

Neutral Relations

  • Grace Revlis: During their first encounter Grace was still a member of New Dawn, a group with whom Mara failed to identify or find anything attractive. They lived an older way, closer to that which a non-luperci might live. Even so, she found the older woman to be a charmingly brusque sort, and they parted on friendly terms.
    • Though they did sleep together the one time, Mara harbors a lasting platonic fondness for the pretty hybrid — enough of one, anyway, that she puts up with Grace’s constant temper tantrums and calls her on her bullshit when necessary.
  • Linden Aatte: A fellow member of the Court’s intelligence tier, Mara makes it to point to drag him around to foreign packs. Some part of her feels that he should have been promoted before her, but she’s remained mum on the subject. Currently, she considers them to be more or less like-minded comrades than real friends.
  • Semini: The two adventurers met after climbing to Gampo Abbey, whereupon Semini toppled an already fallen pew, causing it to break further. Mara teased her for this, and dialed up the charm at a later date when they met in the northern territories. As the only other seafarer she knows, Mara is unusually drawn to the Magnate, and likely wishes they spent more time together.

Negative Relations

  • Marlowe de le Poer: Mara’s thoughts on Marlowe are probably the reason someone created the term it’s complicated. On one hand, she finds him irritatingly charming, but on the other she thinks he’s into some shady business (which she doesn’t ask or particularly want to know about). To further muddle matters, she had a brief infatuation with his sister during a time when tensions between their packs were high, and it was their similarities that drew her to him.
  • Mistral de l'Or: For the sake of her terse friendship with Linden, Mara has made every attempt to befriend Mistral, going so far as to try and ignore the shouted accusations the younger woman tossed her way early one morning. Unfortunately, since certain remarks were made Mistral has made no attempt to apologize and Mara has been in no mood to forgive her reprehensible behavior.
    • Unbeknownst to Mara, Mistral stole curare from her with the intention of poisoning Silvano Sadira with it, but accidentally dosed his paramour instead.
  • Itachi Lykoi: Had they met under different circumstances, and if he’d shown her the same courtesy she did him, it’s likely that Mara would think much higher of Itachi than she currently does. As they stand currently, things are unclear. Having returned to Inferni to claim a yearling she’d discovered with someone else, the Salsolan helped turn the tide when a band of rogue outlaws tried to steal the horse from her. All of this would have been fine had he not devoured the heart of one, and later treated her like a miscreant when she showed up to repay a perceived debt.

2.5  Residence

  • Chien Hotel, Cour des Miracles
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2.6  NPCs


  • Species: Grade horse
  • Age and DOB: 1 year/Unknown
  • Description: Sed iaculis enim pretium lacus condimentum, eget viverra sem dignissim.
  • Personality: Inquisitive, intelligent, easily spooked (this may change as he gets older), emotionally perceptive, loves to run, sensitive to his handler’s mood.

3.  Skills and Inventory

3.1  Abilities



  • Hand-to-Hand/Capoeira (Master): A cross between traditional martial arts and dance, capoeira has become Mara's go-to for tense situations. Mara is an extremely dirty fighter, and will not hesitate to throw dirt in her enemies face or run away if she has to.
    • Will not attack an unarmed opponent.
  • Swimming (Master): Courtesy of youth spent in the tropical Virgin Islands, Mara is a highly competent swimmer. Capable of swimming against most strong currents due to her streamlined physique, the wolfdog becomes a considerable force of nature when she takes to any body of water.
  • Feral (Journeyman): This aspect of combat is more of an instinctual sort and one born of practical, real-world experience as opposed to formal teaching and instruction.
  • Armed (Apprentice): When armed, Mara greatly prefers the sword, having little understanding of other weapons. While her actual swordsmanship is questionable, her footwork is immaculate due to her background with capoeira.


  • Diplomacy (Master): Due in part to her job as an ambassador within Cour des Miracles, Mara is extremely charming and extroverted; essentially a friend to all upon first encountering them, and her opinions will change over time based on what she witnesses/is told. She isn’t quick to make assumptions, and prefers to let actions speak for themselves. She understands the value of gift-giving, information sharing, and is more than capable at forging bonds with strangers.
    • Will sometimes (almost unwittingly) deploy a decidedly odd form of her craft, where she will virtually seduce someone of value. Pillow-talk, after all, can be very telling.
  • Reading/Writing (Master): Born to a religious mother, Mara was initially taught to read and write as a child with the Book of Exodus and later on the Book of Revelations.
    • Has some talent with the latin language because of this.
    • Mara mumbles to herself when writing.
  • Lying (Journeyman): By no means a stranger to the act of subterfuge, Mara understands implicitly that the truth may be complicated or hard to understand but it is always the truth. Shades of grey are always in some way false, and the best liars lace their deceit with broad strokes of truth. Will use her strong emotions and convictions to salt a lie.
  • Spying (Journeyman): Grudgingly, Mara has made a proficient spy of herself, less in practice and more in theory. Her collective skills (combat, reading, writing, lying) all betray this, but putting them together and actively seeking information under false pretenses has yet to occur.
  • Manipulation (Apprentice): One of few areas where she is merely adequate, Mara detests bending others to her will. It isn't something she does often, and only for a very good reason.


  • Poison Making (Master): A talent courtesy of an island-bound poison master from her homeland, Mara brought curare seeds with her and is able to create, dilute, and practically apply poison (to weapons, the edges of books, etc.) without impunity.
  • Rope Making (Journeyman): Considering her other skills, this one has begun to fall by the wayside. Now much slower than she used to be, Mara is nonetheless capable of hand-weaving rope for use in nets and the like.


Animal Care

  • Absolutely everything. Despite owning a horse, Mara has no idea what to do with them, how to train them, or terms such as breaking and gelding.
  • Another glaring weakness of hers in her lack of prey drive, which makes her a less-than-formidable hunter. This is accredited in part to her predominantly dog heritage, but also the feeling that her time would be better spent elsewhere, on other things.


  • Mara's overall stature puts her at a direct disadvantage should she ever find herself in a combative situation, and therefore she tries to avoid physical conflict when at all possible, and prefers to diffuse heated verbal arguments before they can become something more.
  • As a principled woman, she is not difficult to goad into heated discussions/arguments, and can even be pushed to fight if words fail to hit their mark.
  • Her relative lack of knowledge where weapons are concerned means she is most often unarmed, and therefore left open to attack.
    • Highly susceptible to projectile weapons such as slings/bows and mounted opponents. When situations occur with bowmen or long-distance attackers, she must automatically go on the defensive.


  • Is never sure whether or not to lie — gets caught up in figuring out the why.
  • Mara is a highly moral being; the alternate side of that particular coin is that it makes her somewhat unadaptable, as she tends to burn bridges before realizing she may still need them. Dogged and unyielding, she may come off as steely or rigid because of this, therein costing her invaluable friendships.
  • Her tendency to flit from project to project sometimes causes her to overlook important details.
  • In an attempt to accord others their right to privacy, it’s very likely that she would avoid prying overmuch. She also has a general dislike for airing out other people’s ‘dirty laundry’, preferring to leave such things alone.
  • Absolutely cannot let go of a grudge unless appropriate reparations are made by the offending party. Mara will move beyond it, but will never, under any circumstances forget about it.
    • Won't purposefully go after someone for this, if it's an old resentment, but won't protect them either unless there's something in it for her.


  • Has difficulty discussing private matters even with those closest to her. Idle chit-chat, discussing relationships, and gossip are all things she tends to frown upon unless it’s relevant to the conversation.
  • Having brought with her a number of superstitions and pirate-lore handed down by her father, Mara has a vague belief in things such as ill-winds, the man in the deep, etc. An example of this would be whistling (as it’s said to ‘challenge the wind itself’, and her vague belief in sirens, even though she’d supposedly be immune.
  • Is very sensitive to anything she perceives as a slight or an injustice and will go to extreme lengths or correct it — include bodily harm to herself.
  • Despite having something of an ingrained talent for it, Mara dislikes manipulating others and finds it to not only be dishonest, but highly immoral. This will often show in her work.

3.2  Inventory


  • While her inventory is mostly set in stone, what she'll accept is almost entirely need-based, and pertains to her general survival; she'll trade almost anything for food, shelter, or information regarding where she can find these things. Easily manipulated into handing over things that she doesn't necessarily need, it wouldn't necessarily be difficult to get the better side of a bargain.
    • Offering: Rope, curare seeds, poison, flowers.
    • Accepting: Who know?!



  • Several packets of curare seeds — specifically Strychnos toxifera.
  • Backpack.

Tradable Inventory


  • Nothing!
  • Nothing!

4.  Achievements

Pack Game

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5.  History

Brief (1-3 paragraphs, sparsely detailed) overview of character history. Sie likes to repeat this section in the character's forum profile, since it's the shortest and easiest to parse for someone just browsin' over the forum profile.

5.1  Timeline


  • Spring
    • Having recently arrived in Nova Scotia from her home in the Virgin Islands, Mara sets out to explore the lands and meet a few of the locals.
  • Summer
    • Joins Cour des Miracles and learns that their Queen has died. Along with and partially under the direction of Rei Itou, she begins to clear our the pack's previously destroyed gardens. Near the end of the month she acquires a yearling colt and is set upon by thieves and attends a funeral. Bypasses the rank of Chevalier and becomes a Lady of the court, determined to make something of herself.
    • Mara spends most of her time trying to advance in the information tier, and decides she would like to become an ambassador and tactician of the Court. In doing so, she spends much of her time away with members from other packs.
  • Autumn
    • Promoted to Marquess at the beginning of the season. Mara meets a number of folk, the most notable being Marlowe de le Poer of Inferni and Semini of Krokar. The former become friends with benefits and trade goods for information, while the latter become friends.


  • Winter
    • Promoted to Baroness.
    • Falls ill shortly thereafter and returns too quickly to her duties, ultimately making things worse for herself. Ends up contracting pneumonia. During this time she is visited repeatedly by Linden Aatte who wishes to transform Shinshu Temple into a base of operations for the information tier and Silvano Sadira who brings her water.
  • Spring
    • Becomes the Court's spy and work begins on the temple.
    • During this time, she begins an ongoing affair with her King.
  • Summer
    • Tensions breaks out between Inferni and the Court once more.

5.2  Threads

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