Achilles Kokinos

Achilles Kokinos

by Lin


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7 June 2011






Birth place

Athens, Greece


25% Iranian Wolf
25% Common Gray Wolf
50% Dog




Pack Loners

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Achilles Kokinos is the illegitimate son of Levent Kartal and Agape Kokinos, born in Athens alongside Atalanta Kartal. In recent months he has sailed to Nova Scotia in search of his estranged sister. A loner, he is currently frequenting the Cour des Miracles area, where he developed a begrudging acquaintanceship with Mistral de l'Or. He served as Mistral's bodyguard during the Winter of Tarnished Gold, but deserted when it became clear Mistral was not suited to reign. He has since disappeared.

1.  Appearance

Achilles is a pretty thorough mix of wolf and dog. His coat is made of mottled blacks and browns with white underneath; the colors and markings are a bit more distinct than normal due to his hybridization. His most doggish markings are his white facial mask and a silly white tip at the end of his tail. His eyes are brown.

Unlike his father, Achilles is fairly muscular and well-built, standing as tall as 6'6" on two legs. Square and comfortable, he wears light armor about his shoulders and a chestpiece constructed mainly of thick leather, dingy and clearly worn. A sheath and sword are attached to the traps of his back armor, and he wears a tawny pair of average pants to his knees. To keep it from his face, his hair—similar in hues to the rest of his coat—is pulled back halfway.

1.1  Images

  • photomanips by Raze

2.  Personality

Sour Supporter, Deadpan Snarker, Nominal Hero, I Need a Freaking Drink

  • Achilles is a rather studious warrior, very respectful to his mentors and eager to learn how to get better and stronger. He is fairly talented with both a sword and a lance.
    • He enjoys myths about Greek heroes and their battles, but he gets a bit lazy when worshiping the gods themselves (and often had to be reminded by his sister to do daily little rituals).
    • While well-spoken to those he respects, he often trash-talks enemies and gets a little emotionally worked up over fights, whether sparring or serious.
  • Achilles is ignorant of life beyond civilized Athens.
    • He is adaptable and tries to quietly fit in, rather than ask bold questions.
    • Unlike his sister, he could care less about their father and might disdain him; he just doesn't want Atalanta to be hurt by him.
  • Achilles speaks somewhat broken English with a rather thick Greek accent, having only recently arrived from overseas. He has a deep and gravelly voice, naturally booming when not moderated.
  • Somewhat inspired by Sandor Clegane of Game of Thrones.

3.  Family

4.  Basic History

Achilles and his sister were the result of a tryst between Turkish merchant Levent Kartal and a high class woman named Agape Kokinos. Their father left before they could meet him, and he is ignorant of their existence. Agape told their children a little about him while they were very young, but she quickly changed her stance when she saw how much Atalanta in particular seemed to idolize him despite his non-presence.

Achilles likely had some fun in Greece and the surrounding areas before deciding to take off after his sister (who probably took off after their father), crossing the sea to North America and, more specifically, Nova Scotia.

5.  Companions

5.1  Sibylla

credit rosemontstock @ deviantArt
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Mixture, likely Gray Dapple
  • Date of Birth: Late 2012
  • Common Haunts: Throughout Nova Scotia, with Achilles


Sibylla is a mare of medium height and weight, average almost entirely and boasting no specialities or deficiencies of note. Her coat is based upon lovely shade of white, with increasingly darker grays towards her rear and nose, concluded with her mane and legs a darker black and a spot of lighter color at tail's end.

Sibylla is a benevolent steed, not easily spooked but spoiled. and very much prefers moving at an easy pace. She does not seem to mind strangers and is rather sweet. For some reason or another, she tends to avoid water and for the most part refuses to cross even smaller streams.


  • Born in late 2012 to breeders located in New Hampshire.
  • Ate too much once weaned and thus found inconvenient to her owners, who pushed to sell her young.
  • Goes through a few owners.
  • Eventually purchased at a trading post near the American-Canadian border by Achilles, where his ship from Greece docked, and accompanied him to Nova Scotia.