Annabeth de Fonte

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  • Date of Birth: 2012 November 15
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Mate: None
  • Pack: Inferni



  • Anna is a drinker, a smoker, a partier
  • Anna has pretty bad family issues and maybe you're friends with them and you don't think they're smelly
  • Anna is a lady that likes to get laid

Inferni members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • General conversations
  • Seeing her working on her forge or her fixing some small thing for them.
    • She also now offers writing coal and burning coal

PM to discuss:

  • Big projects like weapons or intricate things
  • Fights, spars, hunts

1.  Appearance

Annabeth, by Gen

1.1  Colors

  • Gothic (#6ca1a6)
  • Brandy (#d8bf7e)
    Main body color
  • Muesli (#ab9661)
  • Gimblet (#bca66f)
    Ear tips, shoulder, back (saddle), top of the tail, eyebrows
  • Raffia (#ecdebd)
    Belly, inner ear, under eyes, bridge of nose, under tail, paws

Annabeth is a golden color, the color of straw, wheat. Her backside has a slightly darker tone, a patch that runs down her back though, in all purposes, it's a very one-toned pelt she has.

Her eyes are a blue, a kind of summer blue that isn't sharp but softer, hazier. Though, they tend to burn with a passion for whatever she does, since Anna does nothing with half-measures. Anna has also chosen to curl all of her hair onto her shoulders, keeping them that length. The two sides twist into two large coils kept in place by beeswax.

As for clothing, Anna has a purple tube top. She also has a pair of deep green-brown capri pants that hang loosely at her hips and often slip.

1.2  Modifications and Accessories


  • none


  • Brown leather belt that is more decorative than supportive.

2.  Personality

by Aly

Annabeth is a rather rough and tumble kind of child. She likes to rough house and play around, often aggressively. She is very much so goal oriented and is driven to excel. She is highly competitive and does not accept failure at all. It makes her a little hard to handle at times, especially since it is paired with an almost unending source of energy and curiosity.

This means that when she has no goals or is stuck without direction, she gets dramatically mopey and pessimistic. It is a rather strong depression that she falls into, and the malaise can cause her to do things more rashly than before. She does think things through at times, but when low in spirits, she will not think about the future and go for broke.

2.1  Details


  • Likes: Books, fighting, family, learning, being a wise ass.
  • Dislikes: Boring things, being looked down upon
  • Outlook: Energized, excited, optimistic. World is her toy to play with.
  • Expression: Extroverted, prominent dominance, energy
  • Alignment : Chaotic Good


  • Uselessness
  • Heights
  • Loosing family (even if she gripes about them)
    • Since her mother left them, she's been more conscious of this worry.


  • Success
  • Winning
    • Out-competing her sister in things
    • Defeating enemies


  • Gender: None
  • Species: None
  • Non-Luperci: Neutral. She likes and dislikes the concept.
  • Color: None, though she may be more fond of weirder combinations


  • Kinsey 2 - Predominantly heterosexual but more than incidentally homosexual.
  • She is more a physical person, easily attracted to someone physically.
  • Not very romantic, Anna is most likely aromantic. Or perhaps she's just super bad at romance and doesn't know what to do with it if it hits her. She has never felt love toward a partner. :c
  • Dominant female role regardless of partner


  • Anna likes to drink and she smokes often enough.


  • Not really spiritual, she's a very point blank kind of person.
  • May be easy to persuade into religious ideas, simply because she has none of her own.

3.  Relationships

Key Relations

  • Jazper: Her father is a big part of her life, and she looks up to him quite a bit. She finds it hard to fault him and tends to idolize him a bit.
  • Valerie: Her sister is a good source of competition, and Anna strives to outdo her quite a bit.


Knight + de Fonte + Damaichu

Immediate Family

Minor Relations

  • Casa di Cavalieri members may be considered people she knows of or knows, but not very well.

Former Relations

  • Alyssum de Fonte, her mother, is an important part of her life but she's also absent from it at the moment.

4.  History

4.1  2013

by Gen

Annabeth was born in Casa di Cavalieri to Jazper Rhiannon-Knight and Alyssum de Fonte. She was loving raised by the both of them until Alyssum left to parts unknown to Anna. This left her in a confused state and the girl became rather down and out.

However, this did not last long. Wayne McCoy became her mentor. She developed a brief puppy crush on him that faded fast. He is also the one that taught her how to fight with blunt objects, as well as care for animals - especially horses.

Anna found an instructor in blacksmithing, which definitely peaked her interest in the subject. However, she was severely reprimanded for leaving the pack without an escort before becoming a fully fledged adult.

Her nephew, Callum Knight, defeated her at her First Blood, but she became an adult regardless of the loss.

4.2  2014

Anna decided to pursue blacksmithing as her occupation.

5.  Archive


  • Anna is born with her siblings.
  • She grows from a pup to a yearling.
  • Ain't take nothing from no one, nuh uh. Ain't nobody got time for that.



  1. Day in the sun
    Plays with Neela Garcia's children.


  1. To Do
    Sibling puppy thread!
  2. Turtles on the halfshell
    Annabeth goes into the stables and causes a slight ruckus. Wayne deals with her shenaniganery.


  1. Existentialism in Degrees
    Meets Thorn Hazeheart.


  1. Our Future depends on them
    Mentor ceremony


  1. The pain and the itch
    Anna hurts herself and Callum Knight helps her out with a big sassy mouth.
  2. Teenage dream
    Wayne comforts a newly shifted Anna.
  3. The good times outweigh the bad
    Watches Sidra Phoenix? training.


  1. If feelings were flowers, I'd have a million of 'em
    Alexander Knight convinces Anna to go for a hunt.
  2. Give me the beat boys
    Clam bake


  1. And keep my eyes above the waves
    Sailing to Vinatta on the CDC ship!


  1. Dangling toes upon the throne
    At the hot springs, Anna and Valerie play fight and talk about their pack.
  2. Harbinger of something more
    Meets Brumaire Moineau
  3. Over the edge, over again
    Meets Søren Rask and gets interested in blacksmithing.
  4. Hiding in our lies
    Gets some combat training from Wayne.
  5. Kept falling short of something
    Backdated. Alistair Callow-Knight confronts Anna about her absence.
  6. In my daughter's Eyes
    Backdated. Jazper confronts Anna about the absence as well.


  1. No Trespassing
    Intruders to CDC are chased off.


  1. First Steps
    First Blood ceremony
  2. Razor-sharp gemstones
    Wayne and Sebastian and Anna find some of the pirates, who give them their demands.
  3. Let's have a party!
    Backdated. The youth of CDC have a party.


  1. Dragon Breathes
    Valerie's cat is sick and all Anna wants is to talk


  1. Don't let it get you down
    Anna is sick and Jazper comes to comfort her.
  2. I'd rather the world die in flame
    Meeting Vepar Creo, gets word of where Soren is.
  3. Our blood is the same yet different
    Anna visits Inferni and meets Vesper.


  • Anna, in a fit of annoyance at her adopted brother's promotion leaves Casa to join Inferni - she leaves on relatively poor terms with her family, which precedes a trend of less than stellar future interactions between them all.



  1. Elemental
    Annabeth inquires to Jazper about sex.
  2. Bring me a gift of gold
    Annabeth trades with Genova Mal
  3. man skal smede mens jernet er varmt
    Meeting Soren again, Annabeth has a training lesson on blacksmithing with him at the castle.
  4. Game of Chicken
    Egg collecting with Tennyson Knight
  5. I can't tell dreams from realilty
    Event in thread.
  6. [M] skipping stones
    She has sex for the first time with George Tibalt.


  1. Moving forward
    CDC Pack meeting
  2. take away the agony, put my body to sleep
    Annoyed over Alistair, Annabeth runs to Inferni to spend the night.


  1. In a sea of liquid nitrogen
    Annabeth leaves CDC and is confronted by Valerie
  2. Dust to Dust, Dreaming of Fire
    She joines Inferni.
  3. Brought down the all consuming fire
    Cleaning her new room in the Manor
  4. Release the hounds of war
    Event in thread.
  5. You can lean on me
    Event in thread.


  1. Shroud of ash and smoke
    Thread with Vendetta Massacre.


  1. Lead your lambs
    Hunt with Vesper for deer in Inferni.
  2. A procession for the thief
    Sheep sheering with Myrika and Belial


  1. Dust of the ages on our hands
    RO - builds forge bottom.
  2. Adorning our battle scars are skins of fallen foes
    Deals with Myrika Tears to get some leather treated for her bellows.
  3. Stain our fingers a bloodless red
    Picking berries with Agrippa de le Poer
  4. [M] Lighter the more it gets dark
    Bitchfest between Anna and Mistral de l'Or.
  5. The red pill's for duty
    Group. Helps dig for the training pit.
  6. [M] You'll find it is beyond contrary
    Tensions between her and Skoll Haskel while she is in heat and angry.


  1. All my supply, all your demand
    Group - helps clear some space for the training area.
  2. Ready for the fires of hell
    RO - Completes top portion of the forge.
  3. You never told me why
    Back in Casa and learns that Val has puppies, holy crap.


  1. Fell away with nothing to show for it
    Greets joiner Isis.


  1. Puppy Madness
    Jazper Rhiannon-Knight comes to Inferni to tell Anna he is having puppies and boy does she not take it well.
  2. Leave behind some green-eyed look-alikes
    With Vicira Tears
  3. Crystal Spire
    With Gehenna


  1. [M] Daylight Sleeper, Bloody Reaper
    Trial of Messiah de le Poer, Anna watches.


  1. Their blood ran crimson and I stood helplessly by
    Uncertain about coyote-supremacy, Anna seeks Vesper
  2. So you're gone and I'm haunted
    Anna stumbles upon Andira Coeur and their initial hostilities abates when they recognize one another.



  1. Amuse and Abuse
    Friendly competition between Anna and Zibiah de le Poer.
  2. Rock 'em, Sock 'em, Coyotes
    Group - snowball fight!
  3. Bring a rose for the dawn
    Greets Marui, has a lovely chat with Veine.
  4. I think something might be missing
    With Jehan.
  5. Name
    Event in thread.