Elsie Hennamin

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by Suga

Elsie is a hyperactive, outgoing coywolf with a very positive attitude. She is a member of Cercatori d'Arte where she came to live with her great-aunt, Esther Vernie Hennamin in January, 2014. Like the rest of her family, Elsie is a merchant, and she usually travels with her llama, Carl, who pulls a cart for her. Her talents lie in tailoring, and she is also practicing leatherworking.






  • Date of Birth: 23 Feb 2011
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Shop 3, Thornbury
  • Mate: None
  • Pack: Midnight Shores
  • Rank: Cygnus



  • Trade with her!
  • Elsie is often seen with Esther in Thornbury, although she frequently goes on trading trips as well.
  • All CdA members are welcome to assume they know her by name.

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics

by Requiem


  • Species: Elsie looks mostly like a coyote, although her wolf heritage shows with her thicker fur.
  • Fur: Her fur is thicker than other coyotes, although by no means shaggy.
    • Optime Hair: She usually keeps her long hair in a loose braid that starts at the nape of her neck. When loose, it has a bit of a wave to it.
  • Facial Features: Elsie is almost always smiling. She is extremely expressive. Her muzzle is slender, and she has very large ears.
  • Build and Size: Overall, Elsie is skinny with slender curves.
    • Lupus: Elsie looks very much like a coyote in this form
    • Optime: She is a little above average as far as coyotes go, but still much shorter than the average wolf.
  • Humanization: Elsie sometimes wears clothing, and sometimes does not, although she owns plenty of things to wear. She cycles through her clothes and accessories as she trades them away.


  • Fur: Her base color is Bone, and her stomach is Bizarre. Her back is a mixture of Leather, Shingle Fawn, and Kabul.
  • Markings:
    • The top of Elsie's muzzle is Kabul
    • Her forehead, around her eyes, and her ears is Shingle Fawn
    • Her arms are Bone on the inside and Leather on the outside
    • Shingle Fawn, Leather, and Kabul run down her back as well
  • Eyes:
    • Right: Celery
    • Left: Rob Roy
  • Optime Hair: Harvest Gold
  • Nose and Paw Pads: Black


Bone (#e1cfbe)
Bizarre (#ebdfd6)
Leather (#947656)
Shingle Fawn (#745138)
Kabul (#5e5145)
Black (#000000)
Harvest Gold (#d8b675)
Rob Roy (#e9d66b)
Celery (#a2ce56)

1.2  Forms

48 lbs (22 kg)
25 in (63.5 cm)


It is not common to see Elsie in this form. However, she looks mostly coyote with a bit of added thickness to her fur.

98 lbs (44 kg)
39 in (99 cm)


Elsie is almost never in this form, however her fur gets thicker and she is a bit more bulky.

130 lbs (58 kg)
5ft 4in (64 in) (162.5 cm)

Optime (Preferred)

Elsie is almost always in this form. She is slender and almost always moving.

2.  Personality

Elsie is very high energy, spunky, goofy and a bit of a spaz. She gets excited easily, even about little things, and tends to make up songs about her llama to entertain herself while she's traveling. Her emotions are big; if she's happy, it's obvious, same with sad, angry, or however she's feeling. Elsie doesn't tend to get embarrassed easily, and if she does she simple laughs at herself.

She's also somewhat nosey and a bit of a meddler. Although Elsie has found that sometimes others don't like when she pries, she does it because she cares and she wants to see her loved ones happy - especially if there's something she can do to help. Elsie loves to learn and will try anything once, even if she thinks she's going to fail miserably at it.

As a trader, Elsie does her best to be as professional as possible. She is not one to try to cheat someone out of a good deal, and if she comes across someone who is clearly not an experienced trader, she will try to teach them if they want her to.

3.  Relationships

Key Relations

  • Esther Vernie Hennamin: Esther is Elsie's great-aunt, whom she came to Cercatori d'Arte to live with. The two get along quite well and are often together when Elsie is in Thornbury. The pair work together to make things for Elsie to trade, and sometimes Esther accompanies her.

Minor Relations

Former Relations

  • Skylee Foxleigh: the two went on a trading trip to Freetown.
  • George Tibalt: Elsie formed a crush on him after they met, but has not seen him since.

4.  Skills and Inventory


Sewing (Master)

Ever since she gained hands, Elsie has been sewing. She practiced a lot with her mother so she could contribute to their family's trade.

Leatherworking (Journeyman)

Elsie is capable of making basic leather and horse bridals, along with bags, belts, and glove. She is unable to tan hides, though, so she must trade for them. Everything she makes has the usual luperci-made quality.

Reading and Writing (Journeyman)

Part of Elsie's ability to sew and learn techniques comes from leaning to read, which she has been doing since before she could shift. Afterwards, she was also taught to write so that she could keep in contact with family while she was away on trade trips.

Flute playing (Journeyman)

Many of Elsie's relatives learned to play instruments as a way to entertain themselves while on their travels. She learned the flute from her father, who also played.

Combat - dagger (Apprentice)

Elsie is learning to defend herself with her dagger. She practices as much as she can.

Archery (Apprentice)

She is learning how to use a bow and arrow, although currently she is not very accurate.


Personal Items

Elsie owns mainly sewing supplies, books on tailoring, and other items for her to make trade goods, along with her llama cart to haul things.

Trade Items

Elsie generally trades things that she has made from cloth or leather: clothes, blankets, scarves, basic armor, and horse tack. She cannot make saddles.

In return, she seeks cloth, leather, books on sewing or related subjects, and other sewing supplies.

Members of Cercatori d'Arte are welcome to ask Elsie to be on the lookout for something they want, and she will also make Outpost trips for them.

5.  History

5.1  Pre-Souls

Elsie was born to a family of traders that had become quite spread out over time. Most were primarily coyote, although some were more wolf, and others mixed with dog. She was the middle puppy of several siblings, and they grew up with the usual amount of sibling rivalry. Elsie's childhood was spent as a mixture of learning her family's trade business and just having fun. She learned to read, although her mother had to turn pages for her so she did not tear them, and learned how fabric patterns worked as well, although she could not use them. By the time she was six months old, Elsie was more than ready to shift so she could have some hands.

Finally, she shifted around six months old, and immediately got to work learning to sew from her mother, as well as learning to write. She continued accompanying her father on trading trips and learned a little bit of self-defense with her dagger. Her brother learned much more and eventually stayed with a pack of wolf hybrids so he could continue learning combat. Elsie's extended family slowly grew further apart as their trade routes expanded, although they kept in touch via letters with various birds.

One of the hobbies her family had when they gathered was story-telling, which included old family stories, such as one about Elsie's great-aunt, Esther Vernie Hennamin. The Elder kept in touch, and eventually Elsie decided that she wanted to go check on her. Her mother agreed that it would be a good idea, and so after sending a message to Esther, Elsie sent out to find this pack she lived in, as described by some of her relatives.

5.2  In Souls

Previous Packs and Ranks

Cercatori d'Arte (Jan 2014 - Present)

Elsie arrived in Souls in January 2014 with her llama, Carl; two sheep, Sage and Woolsby; and an owl, Arnold. She brought with her a cartload of supplies for the long trip and eventually arrived in Cercatori d'Arte. She began to get to know the area as well as her great-aunt, and eventually decided she wanted to stay. In February of 2014, she made it official.

Once she was accepted by Esmeralda Collins, Elsie immediately set about getting to know her packmates and doing some trading trips. She also met Lola from Casa di Cavalieri. Her first big trip was one where she went to Casa di Cavalieri and then Cour des Miracles one right after another. She was able to do some trading at each, including seeing Lola for some leather armor, and then meeting up with Faolan Kido, Mistral de l'Or, her former packmates. She was also able to teach Abigail Sadira about trading.

Afterwards, she spent some time in Cercatori d'Arte, getting to know her packmates a bit more and working with Esther to make more trade goods. Then in the spring, she and Skylee Foxleigh decided that they wanted to go to Freetown so that Esther could have a pony and come with Elsie when she went trading. The trip took them first to Vinatta and was successful. Since then Esther was able to accompany Elsie periodically as she continued building trade relationships with nearby packs.



  1. (NPC) At Last (24 Jan 2014)
    Elsie arrives in Cercatori d'Arte and meets Esther Hennamin.
  2. (NPC) The Illusion of Choice (25 Jan 2014)
    Elsie attends a pack meeting with Esther.
  3. Introductions (26 Jan 2014)
    Elsie and Esther meet Lola and Esther gives them a tour of Thornbury.
  4. Decisions Made (12 Feb 2014)
    Elsie is accepted to the pack by Esmeralda Collins.
  5. Carry On (22 Feb 2014)
    While outside the packlands, Elsie meets Valerie Rhiannon-Knight.
  6. Life is What You Make of It (26 Feb 2014)
    Elsie learns archery basics from Ares Knight.
  7. (NPC) Celebrating Spring Equinox (21 Mar 2014)
    Elsie goes to a pack celebration with Esther.
  8. Reap what you Sew (6 April 2014)
    After arriving, Elsie sets up shop in Casa di Cavalieri.
  9. Measure Twice, Cut Once (7 April 2014)
    While in Casa, Elsie meets up with Lola.
  10. Making the Rounds (13 April 2014)
    Myrddin dir Rhiannon comes to visit Elsie.
  11. A Chapter to Another World (14 April 2014)
    Elsie goes to visit Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii.
  12. Take me Back (17 April 2014)
    While in Cour des Miracles and meets up with Faolan Kido.
  13. Flute d'Amore (22 April 2014)
    Elsie is visited by Mistral de l'Or on her last day in Cour des Miracles.
  14. A Needle Pulling Thread (17 April 2014)
    Elsie arrives in Cour des Miracles and meets Abigail Sadira who trades for a couple of dresses.
  15. Knit One, Pearl Two (4 May 2014)
    Elsie and Esther discuss Esther's desire to go trading.

2014 Continued

  1. (NPC) The Journey Begins (23 Mar 2014)
    Esther, Skylee Foxleigh, and other d'Artesians leave for Vinatta and Freetown.
  2. One Flew Into the Cuckoo's Nest (1 May 2014)
    Elsie finds Feng, who seems upset.
  3. The First Stop (12 May 2014)
    Elsie and the other d'Artesians arrive in Vinatta.
  4. Wanna Come, Too? (12 May 2014)
    While in Vinatta, Elsie invites Ezra Vahn to come along to Freetown.
  5. [M] Target Practice (3 Jun 2014)
    While practicing her archery outside of Cercatori d'Arte, Elsie meets George Tibalt.
  6. It was Many and Many a Year Ago, in a Kingdom by the Sea (11 Jun 2014)
    Elsie and Esther attend a bonfire in Cour des Miracles at the beginning of a festival.
  7. All Along the Sandy Shores (17 Jun 2014)
    Elsie borrows Esther's pony and goes on a trail ride in Cour des Miracles, where she meets Silvano Sadira.
  8. All Night Long (5 Jul 2014)
    Elsie and Esther attend a bonfire opening the Festival of Colors.
  9. [[NSoulsThread:15215|Need a Reason to Celebrate] (6 Jul 2014)
    Elsie goes to the color fight.
  10. Sheep Shearing] (10 Jul 2014)
    Elsie meets [[Characters/Aowen Goldfield
    and shows her how to shear sheep.


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