Jacquez Trouillefou

Jacquez Trouillefou

Jacquez, by Kiri
Name OriginBleach character, king of thieves from the novel Hunchback of Notre Dame.
Date of Birth14 February 2006
AlignmentChaotic Neutral
Subspecies100% Canis lupus familiaris ortus
Rough Collie, Smooth Collie, Irish Setter, Belgian Malinois Shepherd, other
Birth PlaceTampa Florida, USA
Previous packCour des Miracles
'Souls Profile

Previous Pack

Cour des Miracles

Joining date27 May 2009[1]
Leaving date30 April 2010[2]
Joining RankKing
SignificanceFounder and leader

Jacquez Trouillefou is one of the founders and first leader of Cour des Miracles, as well as the patriarch of the Trouillefou family. He is best known for having no left arm and inventing wild stories to explain how he lost it. He is also remembered as a male chauvinist, severe alcoholic, sex addict, and French speaker, as well as displaying delusions of grandeur and extreme arrogance and narcissism.

In the 2009 'Souls Yearbook, Jacquez was awarded the superlatives "Biggest Flirt", and "Best Friends Forever" with Ruri Aceline.


  • Always Optime form, missing his left arm. Stands around 6'11" tall.
  • Pelt colors include: Tamarind (#291010) Red Stage (#CE6908) Vesuvius (#AA3F09) Macaroni (#FCB67A) Mango (#DF6E01) Alabaster (#FAFAFA)

Jacquez, by Kiri

Jac is lean, hard-muscled, and tall, with folded ears and a long narrow muzzle. His eyes are shiny black. His mottled colors are probably a result of sable merle, a collie pattern that most of his children inherited.

As a true mongrel, he has a colorful pelt sporting rich gold and terracotta red, with a dark brown mane and widow's peak marking, light cream stockings on his legs and patch on his chest, and his strong right arm has the only pure white on his body. Overall it gives Jac a tawny sable appearance, with longer feathering on his arm and legs. Most of his fur is silky but thin, poorly suited for the Canadian winters.

His left shoulder socket is a knotted mass of scar tissue - fur never grew back to cover it. Wears his dark mane back in a ponytail, tied with a little piece of twine. Sometimes he plays with human jewelry or accessories like hats, but usually goes all-natural to show off his muscular frame.


Highly egotistical and deluded, Jacquez believes himself to be a king and becomes highly insulted when others don't play along. He is not the best of role models - he loves to drink, gamble, brawl, and chase tail. Despite this, he is a good judge of character, and looks after those who need it, such as his long-term blind companion, Ruri. He is a survivor, fierce in battle and believing that danger makes one feel alive.

He enjoys having fun more than responsibility, though, and often dumps his work upon others, expecting them to take care of it. He's a self-proclaimed bachelor that loves to sleep around. He can also be quite chauvinistic, believing that pregnancy is the woman's fault, making childcare entirely a "womanly duty". He has not officially recognized any of his children, nor does he desire to be a father. One must earn his admiration with deeds, not blood.

Jacquez consistently speaks a mixture of French and English - "Franglais", if you will. In a sense, he's not truly fluent in either language, since he borrows adjectives back and forth. It's a product of his damaged mind, since he often does not realize which dialect he's using. He uses phrases like "commoner" or "peasant" to describe those beneath him.


"Jac" was born in what used to be the state of Florida, Tampa now overrun by decay and mongrel Luperci. The dogs there frequently abandoned their pups, finding it easier to scrounge for food without little mouths to fill. As a young orphan, had an accident involving old farming machinery; this was when he lost his leg. The experience of dragging his tiny frame through the filth of sewers, begging for food and being completely isolated, was enough to drive him mad. Once he learned to shift, he never again assumed his three-legged form. He deluded himself into repressing the memories, giving birth to the "royalty" we see today. He does not remember how he lost his left arm, and often invents wild stories to explain it.

His charismatic personality quickly led him to becoming a leader amongst the Florida mongrels, often organizing raids for supplies and winning territory. Eventually he became bored with his success, and gathered his favorite packmates to form a sailing crew. This included his "pet", Ruri Aceline. They sailed north to Canada, eventually becoming shipwrecked and washing ashore in the 'Souls territories. Most of his crewmates drowned, although a band of survivors is later discovered along with one of his daughters. Jac and Ruri found a new kingdom on the beach, Cour des Miracles.

Vigi is holding the camera. ;) Early packmates!

The Court is very successful and soon attracts a wide variety of dogs, wolves, and coyotes. Jac is reunited with his old friend Firefly Sadira, whom he eventually becomes romantically entangled with, although not after several other trysts with packmates including Finn Fidh and Svara Thames. Ruri falls in love and takes a mate, something that upsets Jac greatly and leads to him becoming disenchanted with the north. He grows bored again of being stuck in one place, and abandons his kingdom and the land of 'Souls.

Jacquez and Firefly, by Shannon

Firefly is quick to follow him, and the two sail off to her homeland of Ireland. While staying there, the two have a daughter together, and the closest thing to a mateship Jac has ever known. But Firefly is drawn to return to 'Souls, and Jac is not one to wait. He sets sail again, traveling the world fearlessly and alone. Without aid of a map or compass, the king drifts south of the equator and finds his way to Australia. Native dingo tribes welcome him as their ruler, and he is once again a king... until he gets bored of his loyal subjects and their adoration of him. Lately it is suspected that he has found his way back to the southern US, but such sightings are unconfirmed.


Key Relations

  • Ruri Aceline was rescued in Tampa, and Jacquez treated her like a little sister (with some less-than-brotherly feelings he kept secret). He was bitterly jealous of her mate, and her growing independence made him bitter toward the pack he created.
  • Refused to trust Heath morte dre Soul, Ruri's hybrid mate. This drove a wedge between Jacquez and Ruri, something he could not cope with.
  • Befriended Firefly Sadira in his past, lived with her in Cour des Miracles, and eloped with her to Ireland. She was a humbling influence, and he was faithful to her for a year before finally leaving.

Family: Trouillefou

Minor Relations

  • Claims Haku Soul is his mortal enemy, though they only fought once.
  • He met his daughter Jontae de l'Or when she was little, and neglected her.
  • Kaena Lykoi is an ally and a lover, possibly considered his intellectual equal.
  • Susquehanna was a fling from AniWaya; he meets their daughter Désirée Noëlle years later in New Orleans.
  • Yindi was his loyal consort in Australia, and Jacquez treated her surprisingly well.

Former Relations

  • Vigilante Haskel and Haven Aatte were his right-hand men in Cour des Miracles.
  • He liked Finn Fidh's attitude enough to mate with her, though he didn't understand why she left.
  • Svara Thames was his trusted partner despite her temper, and they shared a night of passion before her suicide.
  • He lived with Éponine Fauchelevent in New Orleans, and she bore his children after she convinced him she was Ruri. Once he learned she was actually his daughter, he drove her out of the city, and she committed suicide.

Arm Tally

  • honorable war wound [svara]
  • alligator attack [halo]
  • lightning strike [heath]
  • chewed through it [kaena]
  • rabid bear attack [ayita]
  • ship's mast fell [seanain]
  • arrows pinned to a tree [conor]
  • knife wound in a fight [finn]
  • sacrificed it to a serpent [orin and niro]

Sexual Relations

Had on-board "relations" with Kaena Lykoi, Svara Thames, Susquehanna, Finn Fidh, and Firefly Sadira. He brags about these conquests and invents many more. He is most attracted to strong women who take charge, and those with scars to show a fighting past.

Former NPC

As of August 3rd, is sometimes followed by a filly (young female horse) named Rue. Rue is a paint: white coat marked with chestnut splotches. She is mischievous and needy, since Jac is her parent figure. When he left CdM in the summer of 2010, he left her in the stables where she still resides.