Haku Soul

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Haku Soul is the former Rosen (leader) and Lilium (sub-leader) of Dahlia de Mai. He is the son of Colibri Soul and Lisichka Sadira, and the father of many children through promiscuity and non-consensual encounters alike. He was a prominent figure in both the First Dahlian War and Second Dahlian War. He was killed by his archenemy Gabriel de le Poer on July 12, 2010.

Haku Soul

Haku, by Libri
Name Origin"Soul" - mother's surname.
Date of BirthMay 5, 2005
Date of DeathJuly 12, 2010[1]
Age5 years
Subspecies75% Arctic Wolf
25% Eastern Timber Wolf
Birth placeClouded Tears
Current packNone
'Souls Profile

Clouded Tears

Joining dateMay 5 2005

Lone wolf

Joining date?? 2006

Dahlia de Mai

Joining dateMay 10 2008
Co-RankHead Scout

Lone wolf

Joining dateApril 1 2010

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  1.   1.  History
    1.   1.1  Bleeding Souls
    2.   1.2  Offboard
    3.   1.3  'Souls and Dahlia de Mai
  2.   2.  In the eye of the beholder
  3.   3.  Relationships
    1.   3.1  Family
    2.   3.2  Love Interests
  4.   4.  Sins of the beast
    1.   4.1  Devoured by violence
  5.   5.  Appearance

1.  History

There's a lot that has gone out. Haku's history started in old Bleeding Souls in Clouded Tears, but because his rper is a lazy git, there is only a brief list of Haku's life.

1.1  Bleeding Souls

  • Born in Clouded Tears
  • Is attacked by a coyote in own packland as a puppy and loses one third of his tail.
  • Receives a strange and supposedly possessed necklace from his unknowing mother as a gift, which results in the birth of the demon (known as the voice at first)
  • Starts to become slightly attached to other wolves with dark personalities, and in the end results in the birth of the child (or rather, the original Haku, which is originally a combination of the demon and the child, which ends with the original child being locked away in his head for the demon to gain more influence).
  • Receives Clouded Tears' Omega rank as his first adult rank and abandons the pack to become a loner.
  • Leaves Bleeding Souls.

1.2  Offboard

  • Settles close to a religious pack and seduces a high ranked member (Milla Jolie), impregnating her. This results in a litter of stillborns, except for one daughter with his coloration. The parents names her Colibri Haki. The mother dies shortly after the birth, and Haku attempts to give the child over to the pack, but after two months she is returned to him because she is unpure and now able to survive without a female's milk, and Haku is banished from the area, never to return.
  • After having cared for his daughter for three months alone, Haku abandones her close to Clouded Tears borders.
  • One month later his daughter returns with a relative at the same age, Cercelee. Haku decides to raise them both, although always being more or less emotionally distant.
  • After Cercelee leaves at an age of approx one year, Haku and Coli have an argument that results in Haku beating up and raping his own daughter. He then leaves, following the same path as Cercelee.

1.3  'Souls and Dahlia de Mai

  • Meets up with his sister in 'Souls, learns of her miscarriage caused by a coyote.
  • Rapes the responsible coyote and leaves her close to the Inferni borders, only to come back later to slaughter a mother and her child on Inferni grounds. He leaves dahlia flowers at the crime scene, and the Dahlian War is born.
  • Is found by Iskata Sadira (his aunt) the day after the massacre, and the child comes forth for the first time in her presence.
  • Joins Dahlia de Mai and pressures his mother, Colibri Soul out of the pack, and is immediately promoted to second in command to lead the pack in the war.
  • Attempts to rape Deuce Rhiannon, but it ends up being consensual.
  • Colibri Soul attempts to kill him with the same dagger found together with the necklace he was given as a child. His mother believes he is possessed, but is not able to kill him, but gives him a long and visible scar across his chest and ribs. Haku takes the knife.
  • Hides the knife in the Church of Halifax, and is attacked by Gabriel de le Poer, Inferni's leader. He is already weak from the wound made by his mother, but is rescued by Iskata Sadira, and flees the scene while his aunt and the coyote still battle.
  • The war ends with hostage exchange, and a truce is born between Dahlia de Mai and Inferni.
  • Becomes mate to Firefly Sadira.
  • The packs Insieme, Labyrinth Glen, Twilight Vale, Shadowed Sun and Esper Hollow disband, but Dahlia de Mai stays strong.
  • Sleeps with Deuce Rhiannon, and she becomes pregnant, giving birth to a stillborn son and a daughter, Willow Soul, which shares his appearance.
  • Sleeps with a Dahlian member, Cwmfen nic Graine.
  • Sleeps with Tayui Aston, and she becomes pregnant, giving birth to Claudius Aston, Attila Aston, Ocèane Aston and Noir Aston. Has no knowledge of this litter.
  • Mate gives birth to the first litter of Dahlia de Mai, a stillborn daughter and two sons, Emwe Soul and Conor Soul
  • Trueborn sons are kidnapped by their own mother, Firefly, because she wants to punish Haku for being unfaithful. Ends with boys being found and their mateship ends.
  • Banishes Svara Thames from Dahlia de Mai.
  • Mistreats his sons. Conor and Emwe eventually move to the caretaker's home.
  • Starts to torment and/or kill wolves together with Lillith Stormbringer.
  • Meets Jael and finds out that he has a younger set of siblings in 'Souls.
  • Meets Kaena Lykoi and gets into a fight with her. Loses the fight yet survives. Find the hybrid woman intriguing and irresistible and starts to stalk her from afar.
  • Finds Tokyo Chance's unknown son on Dahlia borders and gets hold of Tokyo's darkest secrets.
  • Finds and rapes Kaena Lykoi, believes that he sees his God and Saviour when he reaches climax.
  • Blackmails Tokyo Chance and takes her against her will.
  • Eats all of Tokyo's children except for the only healthy puppy in the litter, King Chance.
  • Chases off Cwmfen nic Graine, Dahlia's sub-leader at that time and her family.
  • The "child's" personality is murdered inside his head and Haku's two remaining personalities merge. In other words, Haku goes mad.
  • Threatens Cercelee to give him the leadership and steps up as the new Alpha of Dahlia de Mai.
  • Throws Dahlia into its second war.
  • Makes a large number of people miserable in general.
  • Is exiled from Dahlia by Conor Soul, his own son.
  • Kills Noir Aston so that the madwoman Eris Lykoi can read his future in Noir's blood. Then he has sex with Eris on top of Noir's dead body. Omnom, he's such a great daddy.

2.  In the eye of the beholder

Haku is a strange one. Most would refer to him as a notorious psychopath, but this is not the case, kind of. Haku is schizophrenic, and has three different personalities that clash together and make up who he is. These three are the demon, the child and the original Haku. The different personalities have a different grip of his body at different times, so he can go from being a so to speak pure psychopath to a weeping child, although it is very rare that one personality alone is in full control. Usually he is a combination of the original and the demon, although the child is often the source of emotion. The demon and the original know about eachother’s existence as well as the existence of the child. This often leads to a cooperation between those two personalities, creating a slightly disturbed and definitely dark, but not insane character that is most often present. The child is unaware of both of its co-personalities, and will rewind back to the last point when it was fully present whenever it manifests.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

Please see the Sadira or Soul family for more information.

3.2  Love Interests

Past lovers

Past mates

4.  Sins of the beast

4.1  Devoured by violence

Win count

Draw count

Loss count

Rape count

Kill count


β: "Unofficial" wins

5.  Appearance

Fur in the unique color of warm chocolate, except for light whipped cream painted muzzle along with throat, belly and legs. Eyes in the most vibrant and beautiful blue one can think of. Haku's tail is only 2/3 of its original length as a coyote once took a mouthful. He has numerous cuts on his forelegs (and in luperci form they will be a more obvious evidence of longtime self harming by cutting his own wrists), plus one one under his left eye, and two slashes on his left shoulder. Placed immediately under the scars on his shoulder, a larger visible scar starts from left shoulder across his chest down to the right side of his ribcage after a dagger. On his right side he has scars after claws running half way down to his leg. On the lower left side of his throat, he has a black pentagram burned into his flesh. Haku is usually seen in his secui (halfling) form, big framed with slightly over sized paws and fangs, faster and stronger than both of his other available forms. He has gathered several fresh scars during the last war, and so is a large, furry beast with scars and marks of various sizes and forms scattered all over his body, though the majority of it is located on his front.