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  • Species: Dog and Hybrid
    • Dog (Collie, Irish Setter, Belgian Malinois Shepherd, et al)
    • Arctic Wolf (Arctic Wolf et al)
    • Dingo (Dingo)
  • Family Origin: Tampa
  • Surname: French, "scared crazy"
  • Archetype (Group): royalty, chaotic alignments, bad parents, addictions & obsessions, promiscuity, instability
  • Archetypes (Individuals): survivors, alcoholics, amputees

The Trouillefou family are predominantly dogs of mixed heritage, originating from collies and other herding breeds; they are known for their chaotic alignments and mental instability. Wandering king Jacquez Trouillefou is the founding member of the Trouillefou family, and his descendents are scattered across many countries. Interestingly enough, though it is likely he has siblings and other relatives in Tampa, his lineage cannot be traced past him because of his unique mental state (he invented his name and cannot remember anything prior to adulthood).

The name is an homage to a literary character from the French novel Hunchback of Notre Dame, Clopin Trouillefou[1]. If the surname is broken into two French elements, Trouille is a word for fear with strong connotations, so that to use it in a phrase would be more like "scared to death." Fou is both a noun and an adjective. As a noun, it means 'fool'. As an adjective, it means something idiotic, crazy, or foolish. Trouillefou as a name would in essence mean "scared crazy".


The parent that contributes the Trouillefou gene is bolded.
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  • Tampa, Florida — Jacquez's birthplace, where he first rose to power as a troupe leader, and where his oldest children Éponine and Gavroche? hail from.
  • Halifax, Nova ScotiaJontae set up residence in the city. Her children Jehan and Mistral were born here.
  • Sonnerie, OntarioOdysseus passed through here, resulting in the conception and birth of Domovoi. Cosette and Clopin spend a long time here, and when Dom's illegitimate daughter Liuva is born, they end up fostering her.
  • Lac Sakami, Quebec — Dom's illegitimate daughters Amorette and Olivia were raised here.
  • Ireland — In the summer of 2010, Jacquez abandons his kingdom and elopes with Firefly to her home away from home, Ireland. Their daughter Asota Sadira is raised here.
  • Australian Outback — In 2011, Firefly left Ireland to sail back to Nova Scotia, and during her absence Jacquez sets sail without her. He finds his way to Australia and loves the desert climate. An aboriginal dingo tribe worships him until he departs. Jindabyne and Joondalup are conceived here.
  • New Orleans, Louisiana — In 2012, Jacquez sails back to the southern United States and comes as far as New Orleans. At this point he is deep in the throes of alcoholism, and when he meets his oldest daughter Éponine, he mistakes her for his old friend Ruri Aceline and mates with her. This produces Cosette and Clopin, who live with him for a time until he kicks them out. Désirée also traveled here to meet him.
  • The Great Tribe, Minnesota — in 2015, Olivia left her role as sub-leader of AniWaya to join the parent tribe to learn more about Cherokee culture.


  • Dog — Jacquez's genetic makeup is 100% Canis lupus familiaris. The breeds are well mixed, including Rough Collie, Smooth Collie, Irish Setter, Belgian Malinois Shepherd, and others. His descendents all look varied due to their mixed heritage. Some traits do seem to be dominant, namely black eyes, semi-prick ears, and merle fur patterns.
  • Small Litters — Jacquez's children are usually born in small litters, never more than two live pups per pregnancy. His first litter with Firefly Sadira was miscarried. (It is likely that small litters are not a family trait, but rather an effect of steady alcohol consumption lowering Jac's sperm count and therefore affecting the rate of fertility.)
  • Fixations — Mental instability runs in their family. Jacquez was well known to have an obsessive fixation on his blind companion Ruri Aceline, citing her romantic relationship with another man as the reason he abandons Cour des Miracles. Later in life he finds a substitute for her in Éponine Fauchelevent, who happened to have an unhealthy obsession with him (her father) as well. Their children Cosette and Clopin are inseparably close, and will not trust anyone besides each other. Twins Jindabyne and Joondalup also appear to be fixated on each other, remaining codependent. Jontae had an obsession with royalty as well as her father's legacy, driving her to attack her relatives to ensure her place as rightful heir. Domovoi obsessed over killing Kharma Asylum to avenge his mother's death, despite it being his own fault. Princess Jontae de l'Or was obsessed with ruling Cour des Miracles, a trait passed onto her daughter Mistral, who went on to usurp the pack as Queen and was later executed by its members for her manic, obsessive behavior.
  • Addictive Personality — Jacquez had a litany of addictions, including heavy alcoholism, gambling addiction, and sexual addiction. It is unknown if any of his children have inherited these exact traits, but many of them have chaotic tendencies and actively seek risks, possibly making them adrenaline junkies (addicted to endogenous epinephrine). Addiction may also describe their tendency to fixate on one person important to them.


The name Trouillefou is most likely made up, since Jacquez Trouillefou cannot remember anything prior to his first shift. As an orphaned puppy, Jacquez lost his left foreleg in an accident. The experience of dragging his tiny frame through the filth of sewers, begging for food and being completely isolated, was enough to drive him mad. Once he learned to shift, he never again assumed his three-legged form. He deluded himself into repressing the memories, giving birth to the "royalty" we see today.

(This also led to his extreme chauvinism and narcissism, since he believes he was never born to a mother, but rather came into existence as an adult through some divine means.) Very few of his children have even met him, and he does not accept any of them as his own, since they were born in a traditional way and therefore must be of a lesser stock than him. This is why few of his offspring carry on the Trouillefou name -- rather, there are several distinct branches of his descendents, such as the French-speaking Benoît Fauchelevent dogs, the Tarasova gypsies, and the diminutive de l'Or hybrids.