Magpie Truffles

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by Songbird

Magpie Trouillefou is the daughter of Jehan de l'Or and the late Cartier Inferni, born in the coyote clan of Inferni in 2016 and still residing there. A spunky, obnoxious coydog with a heavy lean to her domestic genetics, Magpie is a known thief and hoarder of sparkles and glittery things.






  • Date of Birth: 02 Jun 2016
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Mate: None!
  • Family: Trouillefou, de l'Or, Lykoi
  • Birthplace: D'Neville Mansion, The Dampwoods
  • Species: Hybrid
  • Subspecies:
    • 55% Dog (Spitz, collie, terrier, et al.)
    • 31% Coyote (Northeastern, Plains)
    • 14% Wolf (Eastern Timber, Red)
  • cNPC: --
  • yNPC: --
  • Minor NPCs:

Pack Information

Plot Potential & OOC Assumptions

  • Pack: Inferni
  • Join Date: 02 Jun 2016
  • Residence: Moving (Inferni)
  • Co-Rank Ideas:
    • Falconer, Nursemaid, Jester, Commissary, Vanguard
  • Inferni members may reference seeing Magpie doing the following:
    • Checking the clan's store of items.
    • Pestering pNPCs.
    • Fussing at Boone Lykoi.
    • Skulking around suspiciously.
    • Scowling at her raven 'friend'.

1.  Appearance

1.1  Essentials


There's really no denying it: Magpie looks more like a dog than she does a coyote, with a thick coat of coarse fur and thicker body. She managed to inherit the sharp, 'yote-ish angles that her father has, with coyote ears but a broad muzzle, blending her heritage into mostly obvious parts. Her body, usually on two legs, is stout and a bit stocky; she's more pear-shaped than svelte, with good muscle tone and a bit of extra fat to indicate she keeps quite healthy. Her hair is worn wild and thick, with a single white stripe in it, left to spill around her shoulders in a riot of curly waves. Magpie has a couple of piercings, in her left ear and nostril, and is undeniably fond of anything that looks shiny or pretty: jewelry is abundant on her, even if clothing is not.


Dune (#362F2B)
Kabul (#564B3D)
Mercury (#E9E8E8)


Casablanca (#F8BA4F)
Mountain Meadow (#1EA98F)

22 lbs (10 kg)
22 in (56 cm)

115 lbs (52 kg)
37 in (94 cm)

141 lbs (64 kg)
5ft 5in (65 in / 165 cm)


  • Speech: Loud, with very little tone control and quite a bit of yelling (especially as she grows excited).
  • Scent: Spices, oils, metals, rabbits, coyote, rotting wood; Inferni, Clover, Cartier, Jehan
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: She fidgets a lot with whatever jewelry she's wearing.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Incredibly prone to lazy posture.

1.2  Images

2.  Personality

TL;DR: Coming soon.

2.1  Traits



  • --


  • --


  • Likes: Shiny things, her daddies, bothering her brother, ravens, horses, rituals and superstitions.
  • Dislikes: Getting caught, people who look at her funny for being a doggy, being cooped up inside, not having shiny things, black cats.


  • Packs: Raised pro-Inferni, distrustful of other packs.
    • Salsola is basically the devil, thanks to the events of the war in 2017.
  • Species: No species bias; one father is pure dog, and neither are hateful toward wolves.
  • Color: Intrigued by mostly-dark or black canines, like her. Leery of lighter-colored wolves.
  • Sexuality: Zero sexuality bias; has two daddies and one of those daddies had two mommies.
  • Blood Relation: Magpie has a unique outlook on family, as she's not related by blood to one of her fathers, her sister, her aunt, and her grandmother. She would be contemptuous of anyone who says that blood matters in family.


  • Demisexual, panromantic.
  • Sex is not something that comes to the forefront of Magpie's brain. If she could identify as a shiny-sexual, she probably would. That said, she accepts all genders as potential romantic partners, even if she doesn't go looking for romance. She's more likely to experience sexual interest in males for procreation purposes, but only after she's grown attached to them, and doesn't consider sex to be a necessary part of her relationships.
    • Relationships are likely to be difficult for people seeking to attain one with Magpie. She's high-maintenance, enjoying presents and fast to turn petulant when things don't go her way.


  • Not devout, but Versace and Cartier are; she has some exposure to their faith.
  • Definitely believes ghosts exists; is more attuned to the "spirit world" than most, taking after Jehan.
  • Enjoys the more lighthearted superstitions of Jehan and the Ceniza Valley coyotes; most of her trinkets are good luck charms, and she marks herself in ash.


  • None, yet.

2.2  Skills


  • Theft (Journeyman): Magpie has always been attracted to shiny things. In her lifetime, she's become quite good at snaking them from where they rightfully belong to her own hoard of them. No one has really taught her – she's self-taught, and willing to teach.


  • Arrogant: Her level of vanity causes her to often be short-sighted, thinking that Things Can't Happen, or that they won't.

3.  Connections

3.1  Family

  • Family: Trouillefou, Lykoi
  • Notes: Though Versace Inferni is her biological mother, Magpie views her as an aunt; similarly, though her half-siblings are biologically her half-siblings, they are considered cousins rather than siblings. Serenity is viewed as a full sibling, rather than an adopted one.
  • Aunt: Clover
  • Grandmother: Vesper

3.2  Relationships

Key Relationships

  • Jehan de l'Or is Magpie's pops, her biggest (bad) influence on her. She has taken after him in most things and follows his interests, from trading to superstitions to generally not taking life seriously.
  • Cartier Inferni was Magpie's daddy. His death during the Inferni-Salsola war of 2017 left her less happy-go-lucky, and less trusting that her family will always be there.
  • Oriole de l'Or is Magpie's brother -- nicknamed "Oreo". Despite their different hobbies, she still leans on him when she needs a rock.
  • Serenity Inferni is Magpie's slightly older adoptive sister, brought into the family a couple months after the puppies' birth. As Magpie's only sister, 'ren is well-loved and doted on by the younger girl.

Positive Relationships

  • Clover is Magpie's "aunt," more of a big-sister figure. Clover taught Magpie many things: how to stand up for herself, various superstitions, and a lot of swear words.
  • Vesper is Magpie's meemaw through Cartier's adoption, an often-present and a sort-of-scary figure. Magpie likes to test her boundaries with Vesper and often tags along after her to see what she's up to.

Awkward Relationships

  • Redtooth was (and still is) Magpie's first romantic figure. It's awkward. It's so awkward. He's a dad and stuff, and it's just really awkward, and Magpie would never admit any feelings at all. BECAUSE IT'S AWKWARD.
  • Vicira Tears is the one who took over after the Inferni-Salsola war, and the one who decided they would move. Magpie isn't sure how to feel about her.

Notable Associations

  • Sexual partners: Newp
  • Violent encounters: None

4.  Property

4.1  Residence

  • Currently moving.

Residence Inventory


  • Wardrobe References
  • She prefers to eschew clothing and instead likes jewelry. Literally, her entire wardrobe is made out of jewelry of some sort. Ropes of pearls. Silver. Gold. Brass. Anything shiny she can get her hands on that makes her look pretty.


  • --

4.2  Trade

Offered Goods

  • Nuffin'.

Requested Goods

  • Literally anything shiny.

5.  NPCs

Character NPC

Youth NPC

Minor NPCs





Can be Referenced...

NPC Name (species)

credit: CREDIT

  • NPC Type: Minor NPC
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Common Raven
  • Date of Birth: --
  • Onboard?: Yes
  • Appearance: Black. All black. No variation on black except darker black black.
  • Personality:
    • Stubborn.
    • Greedy.
    • Willing to steal from anyone.
    • Builds shrines of shiny things.
    • Fights with Magpie over shinies.

Around Inferni:

  • Building shrines of shiny objects.
  • Pestering Magpie.

6.  History

6.1  Post Log & Archives


Still a young puppy, Magpie spent most of 2016 toddling around the grounds of Inferni's D'Neville Mansion, pestering the clan and generally being an obnoxious puppy as she grows up.


  1. all around the mulberry bush
    Magpie annoys her brother.
  2. louder, louder, louder
    Magpie gets lost in D'Neville Mansion and calmly screams for daddy. He and Ren come to her rescue.
  3. escape!
    Evading the watchful eyes of her nursemaid, Magpie meets Fang in the Forest of Nod after being "bit" by a tree.
  4. pretend, suspend, read me like a fable
    Belle de le Poer leaves young Magpie enamored with her prettifulness.
  5. Quickly, look busy!
    Magpie and her pops clean up the storage room. Magpie comes away with a sparkly prize.
  6. What's to feed a child's dreams?
    Meemaw takes Magpie to meet the ravens for the first time.
  7. they about to see us glow [M]
    Trinidad Casales gets to meet Magpie in September.
  8. and someone buy me roses
    Magpie shifts for the first time, in the cold snow of December, and meets Virue - who can't shift at all!

January 2017


February 2017

February, the month of love. Magpie meets Redtooth for the first time and steals the best treasure of all: a diamond engagement ring.


  1. thread title
    Magpie meets Redtooth for the first time, and begins to harbor desire for the engagement ring he carries.
  2. way down we go
  3. love in the time of human papillomavirus
    While Redtooth is sleeping, Magpie enacts her plan to steal the engagement ring.

March 2017


April 2017

While other people were sick, Magpie made new friends, including Diego del Bosque's sassy coati. She didn't get sick herself, unlike some of her family members.


  1. happiness is a simple game of lost & found
    Magpie and Clover play a prank on Pops by hiding one of his good-luck charms.
  2. Strike a match, lit the fire, shining up the sky
    After running into him physically, Magpie meets Diego del Bosque and his sassy coati, Hocico. She also learns a bit about pyromancy.
  3. now it's raining bones
    Magpie meets Eire Lykoi while trying to save the ravens from eating tainted meat during the Spring Sickness.
  4. i'ma say all the words inside my head

May 2017

The sickness ends, and Magpie loses possession of her precious diamond ring. She also helps someone scatter frogs all over the mansion. Go mischief.


  1. I'm OK. How are you? Thanks for asking. Thanks for asking.
    Magpie goes to see sick people, and finds Redtooth. They argue, and she ultimately loses possession of the ring she stole from him.
  2. Everything's better with frogs
    Travis and Magpie loose frogs in the mansion.

June 2017

Magpie's birth month! She had no threads, but it's safe to assume she did typical Magpie things.

July 2017


  1. Martyrs never last this long
    Magpie and Redtooth have an awkward encounter in mid-summer.

August 2017


  1. Carrion Meetith Eater
    Magpie meets sickly Jhiral and Maja, his raven friend.
  2. Hath thou clothed his neck with thunder?

September 2017

War sits on the horizon for Inferni and Salsola, and breaks out fully by the end of the month.

October 2017

The war is in full swing. Magpie is taken hostage by Grievous Eternity and Luigi Benedetti and kept in Salsola's "Captivity Cabin".


  1. blood lust in a holy war
    Magpie thinks on the death of her cousin, Omar.
  2. a sucker for pain (Ongoing.)
    Seeking comfort, Magpie goes to Redtooth; the two talk, and Magpie cuddles Boone.
  3. don't let me die with that silly look in my eyes
    Magpie is kidnapped by Grievous and Luigi.

November 2017

As the war comes to an end with the burning of D'Neville Mansion, Magpie is returned to Inferni. The coyotes move from Drifter Bay to their ancestral homeland, led by Vicira Tears.


  1. think of all this fleeting world (Ongoing.)
    Grievous returns Magpie to Inferni.
  2. He who has a why to live can bear almost any how. (Ongoing.) Joiner
    Magpie comes across Arsinoe as the clan moves over the mountains.