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  • Family Contact: Tammi (Owner, creator)
  • Species: Wolf-dominant
  • Family Origin: Lac Sakami, Quebec
  • Surname: French, eston east town; ash tree settlement
  • Archetype (Group): Family-oriented, passionate
  • Archetypes (Individuals): Scholars, teachers, crafters, strong-willed, migratory, dependable, trouble-makers

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  1.   1.  Adoptable Characters
  2.   2.  Members
    1.   2.1  First Generation
    2.   2.2  Second Generation
    3.   2.3  Third Generation
    4.   2.4  Fourth Generation
    5.   2.5  Fifth Generation
  3.   3.  Adoptive Members
  4.   4.  Defining Features
    1.   4.1  Physical Features
    2.   4.2  Mental and Emotional Features
    3.   4.3  Names
    4.   4.4  Skills and Abilities
  5.   5.  Influence and Influences
    1.   5.1  Families
    2.   5.2  Packs
    3.   5.3  Affiliations

The Aston family descends from Nunavummiut arctic wolves from Auyuittuq National Park, in Nunavut. After the virus, they moved to Québec and integrated with the culture, assuming French names; many speak Québec French. They have remnants of a German history, preserved only in some of the names that have been passed down.

The family settled permanently in the Baie-James area, near Lac Sakami. However, most second- and third-generation family members have made their way to 'Souls or are currently living in 'Souls. For more information, see the information on their birthplace, Lac Sakami.

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1.  Adoptable Characters

Amoux Aston
A rule-bending kid who wants to adventure, but doesn't know how

War Lykoi
Son of Amorette Aston and Kentaro Lykoi

Haku Amarok
Son of Amorette Aston and Kohaku Amarok

2.  Members

Δ marks an open character that is currently up for adoption.
indicates littermates where it would cause an extraneous generation.
indicates a multi-father litter where offspring are littermate, but not necessarily full siblings

2.1  First Generation

2.2  Second Generation

2.3  Third Generation

2.4  Fourth Generation

2.5  Fifth Generation

3.  Adoptive Members

4.  Defining Features

First- and second-generation members of the family are 90% arctic and 10% tundra luperci; white, heavy coats are common, attributable to their heritage. Later generations reflect their parentage, and have a varied array of coat colours.

4.1  Physical Features

Members of the Aston family are often either large or slightly above-average in terms of size.


Attila and Andira demonstrate pale and bright blue eyes, respectively

Eye colours tend toward strong, rich colours; but there are exceptions to this. The most typical Aston family eye colours are a rich sky blue or a pale green. Gold and yellow eyes are also common. Most members show one of these three eye colours, although there is a broad variety of eye colours, especially in later generations.

Conforming eye colours

Non-Conforming eye colours


Aurèle and Beatriç demonstrate two variations
of rich, off-white coats
  • Characters tend toward having White (#ffffff) and Silver (#C0C0C0) coat colours owing to their northern heritage. Many with white coats also tend to smatterings of colour, such as lighter shades of Tan (#D2B48C), including Pearl Bush (#E2D8CA) and Ecru White (#F3EFE2). Seen in Tayui, Aurèle, Barthélémy, Attila, Honoré, Éloise, Carya, Siginik, Asik, and Amoux
  • Gold (#FFD700) and Brown (#964B00) coats are also common among wolves, especially in the third generation and beyond. Colours can range from rich Brown Rust (#B2633B) and Muddy Waters (#B68E59) to paler Chalky (#EEC39C) and Sapling (#DCD1A2) and less vibrant Hurricane (#8D7F7C) and Comet (#5E6275). Seen in Anatole, Noir, Myrtle, Sébastien, Allegro, Mésange, Andira, Auguste, Valérian, Beatriç, Francesch, Timmiak, Tuktu, Danaë, and Laurentin
  • Darker-hued coats emerged most recently in Océane and was passed down to her two daughters: Amorette and Olivia. Oce's coat is a Dark Chocolate (#433016) and her daughters' coats are a similar Mocha (#3F3029) and Bistre (#3A2B1E). Two of the three children from Amorette's first litter also have dark coats, seen in Lust and Greed.

Distinct Markings

  • Skunk stripe fur pattern. Seen in Tayui, Océane, Auguste, and Amorette.
  • Spots are seen prominently in Claudius and Honoré and less prominently in Andira and Valérian
  • Dog influence is seen in later generations from non-Aston parentage.
    • A wolfdog helped conceive the litter between Tayui and Anu. He was 50% Eastern Timber Wolf and 50% dog, comprised of primarily Australian Shepherd and Koolie, with a bit of Australian Kelpie in his family. Auguste and Andira both inherited a merle coat pattern as a result.
    • Amorette Aston and Olivia Tarasova inherited their dog genes from their father, who is a mix of many dog breeds

4.2  Mental and Emotional Features

For the most part, members of the Aston family lean toward the 'good' side of the alignment spectrum with many leaning toward Neutral Good and some Chaotic Neutral.


Spirit Guides

As many members of the Aston family have resided in AniWaya, they often have found a spirit guide. It appears as though birds are the most common representation of a spirit guide for members of the Aston family.

  • Attila's spirit guide, Markku, initially appeared to him as a grizzly bear; but later changed his form to that of a barn owl after the barn owl Attila was caring for died.
  • Aurèle's spirit guide is a pied crow.
  • Anatole's spirit guide is a golden eagle named Donoma.
  • Noir's spirit guide, Kinigisdi, was a bluebird.
  • Claudius's spirit guide, Iman, is a gerenuk, also known as a Waller's gazelle, a type of long-necked species of antelope indigenous to the horn of Africa.
  • Océane's spirit guide is an albino cobra snake named Aedus.

Religion, Irreligion, Spiritualism, and Beliefs

There is no set religion for Aston characters and many are guided by internal belief systems. If they follow a form of spirituality or religion, it is often individualistic and personal to the character. The best determinant of whether a character follows a religion is their pack affiliation. Members of AniWaya are exposed to Cherokee forms of spiritualism, while members of Vinátta are exposed to Norse religious beliefs from Solbjorg Valley.

Members hailing from Lac Sakami are often either irreligious, hold Cree-based belief systems, and/or believe in a loose form of nature-based spiritualism.

Forms of religion, irrelegion, spiritualism, and beliefs include:

  • Cherokee Spiritualism: practiced mainly by Laurentin, Danaë, Claudius and Océane.
  • Norse Religion: practiced mainly by Tayui's mate, Anu, and passed on to their children; however, they are still developing their beliefs.
  • Agnostic and nature-based spiritualism: Tayui is for the most part agnostic, believing that spirits exist, generally, and doesn't subscribe to one religion or set of spiritual guidelines.
  • Irreligious: Barthélémy had no knowledge of religion or spriritualsm and neither did his sons, Myrtle, Sébastien, or his grandchildren, Beatriç and Francesch

4.3  Names

The most common surnames are Aston or Bélanger. However, and Tayui was born as Tayui Aston-L'leh. When she left her birthpack, she went by Tayui L'leh, but later changed her name to Tayui Aston after the fire destroyed Bleeding Souls.

It is not uncommon for family members to change their surname as they age.

When Tayui and Anu had their litter together, they decided to give two of their children the surname 'Aston' in honour of Tayui and the surname 'Coeur' in honour of Anu, as she does not bear a surname, but wanted to give the children a family name nonetheless.

Both of Myrtle Hammerkop's children (Beatriç and Francesch) took on their mother's name, del Fraysse, as they were born and grew up not knowing their father.

4.4  Skills and Abilities

There are certain professions, skills, abilities, and weaknesses that are shared among Aston family members. For example, members of Lac Sakami and descendants tend to be bi- or tri-lingual; a consequence of a multicultural pack.


Some Aston family members share a love of or a predisposition to certain skills.

  • Crafting: Claudius and more recently Attila are crafters in AniWaya.
  • Warriors: Tayui initially became a warrior out of a joke to herself when she was a member of Anathema, but it stuck. She continued on her role as a warrior in Vinátta. Her daughter, Andira is a warrior in the pack. While a member of AniWaya, Tuktu was ranked as a warrior. Auguste Aston is a warrior-monk type; while he pursues the scholar ranks in his pack, he is also skilled in armed combat.
  • Trading: Carya is a highly-ranked trader in Vinátta. Francesch was recruited by members of Lac Sakami to remain in the pack as a trader, and although he was quite skilled, he found the expectations to be too stifling. Although not intentionally, Claudius has struck out on a number of trading trips for AniWaya. And while not a trader, Tayui was always interested in trading information.
  • Fire Tenders: Océane has been ranked as a Fire Tender in AniWaya and Attila held the Fire Tender and Firestarter ranks in AniWaya and Anathema, respectively.
  • Teaching and Learning: Tayui has been interested in history her whole life; while in Jaded Shadows, she held the Baird co-rank and later went on to found the pack Shadowed Sun, which was based on the premise of learning and sharing knowledge. Olivia was formerly ranked in AniWaya as a teacher. Auguste Aston is able to read and write and is ranked in Vinatta's Scholar tier.


5.  Influence and Influences

5.1  Families

Although there are links between the Aston family and other families, neither have been officially publicized.

5.2  Packs

'Souls and Bleeding Souls Packs

  • AniWaya — Tayui and Aurèle both bore their children while members of AniWaya. Attila's son, Orléans was also born in the tribe. Tayui was a founding and consistent member of AniWaya. Claudius and Océane were both long-time members of AniWaya. Claudius and Laurentin were both leaders in AniWaya prior to its disbandment.
  • Vinátta — Tayui was a member of the pack until its disbandment. With her mate Anu, they had a litter of four puppies: Andira, Carya, Auguste, and Valérian
  • InferniSébastien was murdered while a member of Inferni. Tayui also maintained good ties with Inferni and was a bit of a fangirl for the coyote clan. She became good friends with Vesper, a former leader.
  • Anathema — Tayui and Attila both joined Anathema during its early days as a pack. Amorette joined to be with her then-mate, Kentaro, with whom she is mother to many children. She also bore children to Kohaku. Many of her children and grandchildren remained in Anathema until its disbandment.
  • Salsola — Tayui was a member, but betrayed it when she abandoned the pack. Alongside her son Attila and her sister Éloise, she led an attack against the pack during the Sequoia Plot.
  • Phoenix ValleyAllegro, Honoré and Barthélémy were all members of Phoenix Valley at some point. Honoré later joined Aniwaya.
  • Dahlia de MaiMyrtle was a member of Dahlia de Mai, and was a participant in the Dahlia-Inferni Conflicts.
  • Jaded Shadows and Shadowed SunTayui was a member and later, a leader of Jaded Shadows, and a founding leader of Shadowed Sun. She took her mate, Shaeniire in Jaded Shadows.

Loner Bands

  • The Order — Following Kentaro's attack on and the disbandment of Anathema, many of Amorette's line went on to found The Order. The group includes Wrath, Greed, Abaddon, Banshee, and Imp. The Order disbanded in 2019.
  • Bête NoireCarya and her daughter, Aani joined the loner band shortly after their return to 'Souls in 2020.

Offboard Packs

  • Lac Sakami — many of the first- and second-generation Aston descendants were born in Lac Sakami or lived there at one point in their life. Viola, Aurèle, and Anatole currently live there.
  • The Great Tribe — Both Laurentin and Danaë were born in and raised in the Great Tribe, the founding tribe of AniWaya, in Minnesota, USA. Laurentin travelled to AniWaya to meet his father while Danaë remained behind with her mother, Saqui.
  • Auclair — Following the disbandment of AniWaya, Laurentin founded Auclair in Rivière-du-Loup, where he currently resides.
  • Rivière-aux-Graines — the strict, conservative birthplace of Francesch del Fraysse and Beatriç del Fraysse, born to Ysabet del Fraysse and sired by Myrtle Hammerkop. Francesch later made his way to Lac Sakami and both Francesch and Beatriç now reside in Auclair.
  • SalluitBarthélémy Aston currently resides in the northern Quebec town of Salluit.

5.3  Affiliations

  • Sequoia Alliance — Tayui, Attila, and Éloise were all a part of the Alliance and worked together in their first (and only) mission to attack the pack of Salsola in an act of vengeance against Eris's murder of Noir with Haku.
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