Board NPCs

Board NPCs (bNPCs) are NPCs that created and owned by the 'Souls Assemblage. They typically exist for very specific purposes or plots, but may occasionally be more developed and fill multiple roles.

Active bNPCs

Please see our current NPC list for more info!


Oglethorpe is a band comprised of travelers (settlers??) from Savannah.


These messengers are available for hire!

Portland Traders

These are various traders stationed in Portland, an off-board area.

bNPC Quests

In June 2021, monthly quests involving bNPCs were introduced. :O

Former bNPCs

Former Oglethorpians (November 2020+)

Past members and guests of Oglethorpe.

Goodbye, Death Mountain (September 2020)

After the fall of Death Mountain, several loners from the Eastern Realms fled the area, passing on news of what they'd witnessed to those they encountered.

Portland Traders (2012-2020)

Traders from Freetown who relocated to Portland after the meteor, but who have now passed on or retired.

Freetown Traders (2012-2016)

These were various traders and trader families that were stationed in Freetown. They were either killed or dispersed following Operation Meteor.