Orazio del Sandeo da Roma

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    1.   2.1  Trade Pricing: Very Good
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1.  Location

Orazio is one of the beloved traveling traders of Portland. The del Iva family receives a large quantity of vinegar each time he visits, and they return the favor by giving him all sorts of containers. He also trades off his scavenged alcohol to the Mullen family.

When he stays within Portland, he is generally given a dry place to sleep under the Ambre family cabin overhang, beside the pottery wheel. He does not have a tent of his own, and typically just spreads his wares out on a few pelts beside the cabin's overhang. He packs them up each night and sets them out again in the morning.

2.  Trade Information

2.1  Trade Pricing: Very Good

  • Orazio shows up approximately once every even-numbered month (February, April, June, etc).
  • His negotiations, difficult they may be to understand, are usually to the favor of the other trader.

2.2  Items Wanted

  • Anything that can be used to hold liquids -- e.g., bottles, jars, etc.. Prefers plastic to glass for the reduced break-ability and gives higher trade value for plastics, but will accept any watertight container. (highly valued)
  • Anything with sugar -- e.g., honey, syrup, etc. (highly valued)
  • Quantities of any liquids listed as for trade (middling value)

2.3  Items for Trade

  • Vinegar
  • Animal based oils and fats -- flammable
  • Vegetable and plant-based dyes in liquid form; no powdered dyes
  • Neatsfoot oil (leather conditioner), whale oil
  • Teas (flavored rather than medicinal) and sweetened/flavored water
  • Various scavenged pots, pans, cooking items and utensils, etc. Mostly metal -- some appear to be Luperci-made clay

3.  About




3.1  Rie van den Eilene

  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Coy-dog (50% coyote)
  • DOB: 2008

Orazio, a coydog hybrid, is from the Texas gulf coast. He is small, slim, and sharp-angled everywhere, seemingly possessing some strange dog mixture along with his coyote heritage. His fur is dark in coloration, gray over a lighter undebelly, and he has a scar on his side from an attack on his caravan.

He speaks very broken English, though he is warm and rather friendly to any engaging him in trade and smiles a lot. Gesturing and motions make up a lot of his interactions with others. When he encounters a Spanish speaker, he typically becomes far more animated and becomes something of a Dashing Hispanic -- smooth, conversational, and usually a hit with the ladies.

4.  History

Orazio is not a permanent trader of anywhere. He travels everywhere, a team of four sturdy mules pulling his large covered wagon. He always rides with at least one other trader or traveler, as he thinks it's too dangerous to travel alone.

4.1  Threads


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