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'Souls Map
'Souls Map -- see the Maps page, too

1.  Editing

  1. Members are not permitted to add new territories of their own creation to the 'Souls playable game area. Clean-up of the landmarks and flora/fauna sections can be done, but the description of the 'Souls territories themselves should be left alone unless you're fixing discrepancies between the Wiki and the official territory descriptions in the forums (assume the forum is the updated version).
  2. Landmarks can be added, but use your better judgement, please. A huge city is not an acceptable landmark. A small storefront is.
  3. Likely encounters mark different NPC characters that may be encountered in areas of 'Souls, as well as active characters -- note that these lists may be pruned of inactive or non-essential NPCs after some time has passed.
  4. Flora and Fauna can be edited, but make sure you adhere to the Flora guide on the Wiki.

2.  More Information

2.1  Detailed Overview

The Areas Detailed page can give you a broader overview of 'Souls playable areas -- the land's geography and history, as well as climate and weather information can be found here.

2.2  Maps

We have a large collection of Maps available for players -- everything from canine subspecies maps to pack maps are listed on this comprehensive page.

2.3  Flora & Fauna

Find information about the plants and animals found within the 'Souls playable area here. Some exotic and non-native species traded into the game are even covered here.

3.  'Souls Territories

3.1  Current Playable Areas

Western Forefront

Saint Croix Highlands

The Borderlands

Branta Stretch

Northern Tides

Miramichi Wilderness

Wabanaki Coast

Frost Reaches

Cape Acadia

Sticks and Stones

Prince Edward Island

Isthmus of Chignecto

Aelcrest Shore

Halcyon Mountain

Drifter Bay

The Waste

  • N/A

Primeval Memories

Concrete Jungle

The Blacklands

Seabreeze Brink

The Dampwoods

Quartz Shoreline

Whisper Beach (CdC)
Overgrowth Sunrise (CdC)

Shattered Coast
Ethereal Eclipse
Shiloh Hills

Broken Occident

3.2  Other Resources

3.3  Other Landforms

4.  Defunct Areas

4.1  Former 'Souls Territory

Western Tangles

Eastern Realms

  • Devils Shoreline
  • Death Mountains
    • In September 2020, over the course of several days, these mountains gradually sank into the sea!
  • Black Rock Islands
    • These islands still exist, but as of September 2020 are no longer contained within Playable Territories.

Sticks and Stones

  • Stellarton Mines
    • On the far western end of the mountain, humans gouged deep into the rock, creating long and deep tunnels that were in use until the virus struck. Although most of the mine shafts are horizontal, there are a few instances of sharp vertical drops that required the use of now-inoperable elevators. There is no natural light in the deeper parts of the mine. Even with light though, canines are advised to tread very carefully, as a fall into a vertical mineshaft is certain doom -- if the fall itself isn't fatal, there isn't a way back up and out of the mines. A collapse in 2018 sealed off a section of the mine, and further damage occurred when the 2020 earthquakes struck, eventually blocking it completely.
  • Howling Caverns

4.2  Bleeding Souls

These territories were the former locations of Bleeding Souls, destroyed in the 2008 fire. Starting in summer of 2011, the old territories began to be reopened, albeit vastly changed. The territories listed herein no longer exist in this form, though they may be reincorporated in part or in whole in the Withered Realms territories.

5.  Beyond 'Souls: World Territories

These non-playable locations outside of the active game territory are useful for creating new characters or noting information. Again, please note: the World Territories are all outside of 'Souls playable, in-game area. They do not show up in-game except perhaps in LASKY.

6.  See Also

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