The Witch's Cauldron

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This area is defunct!

This territory or sub-territory has been partially or completely destroyed; it is no longer a playable area.

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The Witch's Cauldron


Size ?? square kilometres
?? square miles

The Witch's Cauldron was a former sub-territory in 'Souls; however, the 2016 meteor strike destroyed the land.

1.  Description

This small sub-basin sits in the larger Mahoney Bay on the Atlantic Ocean. Surrounded by jagged peaks of limestone rock, The Witch's Cauldron gained it's name from the tiny cove's ever growing circular shape and the dark sands that line the shore. While it seems difficult to gain entrance to, exploration of the rocks and hills surrounding the cove may yield the discovery of a small path of sand leading into the cove. While the name may imply danger, The Witch's Cauldron is not incredibly dangerous.

At first glance the sands of the cove seem like a miracle of nature, a beach of glistening black. This sand is artificial, placed by humans to make the area more of a tourist attraction. Though the sand has steadily been turning gray over the years, it is still far darker than any other surrounding sands. The beach is comprised of twenty feet of sand from the water until the point that a wall of jagged rocks rises, forming headlands along the coast.

2.  History

  • The Witch's Cauldron was been claimed by Cour des Miracles from 2008 to its destruction in 2016.