Miramichi Valley

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Region Northern Tides
Territory Miramichi Wilderness
Major Waterways
Size ?? sq km / ?? sq mi


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1.  Description

The shallow Miramichi Valley is situated next to Mount Oromocto; the Little Miramichi River, the valley's namesake, snakes through the valley. Much of the valley was untamed wilderness prior to humanity's destruction; while land was privately owned, few people chose to reside here, instead, most maintained gardens and firewood lots. A few human villages remain scattered in the southerly half of the valley; however, more evidence of people is slowly washed away with each year's spring. While most rivers freeze solid in winter, the springtime brings considerable flooding to the Miramichi Valley.

2.  Waterways

2.1  Miramichi River

The Miramichi River refers to a collection of rivers: there are Little and Big Miramichi Rivers, as well as the Northwest Miramichi and Southeast Miramichi. Many tributaries are in the Miramichi Watershed areas, but several streams and one Miramichi River (perhaps the Southeast or the Little Eastern -- no one is quite sure) cuts through the Miramichi Valley. The thickest part of the river takes a turn into the flatlants of the River of Fire and finally meanders south to the larger Saint John River. It is a meandering river, with very slow-moving waters. Much of its downstream waters are muddied, thickened with the silt and sediment picked up throughout its vast headwaters.

3.  Sources

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