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Del Cenere Gang's off-board outpost is an estimated 16 miles from Portland and operates as its own trade post. Long-term aNPCs will be moved here.

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Del Cenere


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Ashen, Del Ceneren

Dates Active 12 June 2019 – Present

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  1.   1.  Climate and Territory
    1.   1.1  Weather and Climate
    2.   1.2  Terrain
  2.   2.  History
    1.   2.1  Foundation and Membership
    2.   2.2  Yearly Summary
  3.   3.  Outside Relations

➵ Welcome to Del Cenere

Del Cenere Gang is a community predominantly comprised of coyote, coyote hybrids, dogs, and dog hybrids preceded by the loner bands The Cartel and Drygrass Posse. Their fundamentals revolve around frontiersmanship and enterprise – trade is a driving force behind much of the motivations as well as a staunch independence from the wolf-dominated societies around them. The Gang conducts itself with a basis of moral ambiguity towards the world at large whilst embracing a tighter-knit community amongst themselves: They are opportunists, by and large, and their shrewd sense of business and betterment colors their outlook on prospective allegiances.

However, within their own ranks, the Gang upholds the ideals of the whole and improving their society through tithe and ambitious work ethic as well as mutual support. Whilst more selfish individuals, wolf sympathizers, or moral puritans are not barred from joining, they may find difficulty assimilating into Del Cenere's culture or experience bias against them for their conduct.

» For more information, check our culture page.

Bias Note: Del Cenere has a strong anti-wolf bias. As such, wolf visitation is largely limited and prospective members must be below 50% wolf to join their community.

Interested in Joining? Please read over our joining guidelines for relevant information.

1.  Climate and Territory

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Sub Territories

1.1  Weather and Climate

For closest approximations on weather and climate, check out the closest approximate real-life location, Grand Falls, New Brunswick!

1.2  Terrain

» Check out the territories page for more in depth information.

» El Tramo (Western Border)
El Tramo encompasses the Western territory of Del Cenere and comprises predominantly of knolls, marshes, and floodplain ringed with deciduous woodland.

The Canaan Bog floods every year come spring and, come the drier months of summer, the water thins into varied oxbow ribbons. The trees are most commonly on higher ground, or undeniably ancient; it's difficult for fresh woodland to take root here and so much of the land is unassuming meadow or dense, emergent water reeds interspersed with shrubland, and the earth turns pebbly the closer the marshes reach towards Moosehead Lake. The Broke-Leg marsh never fully drains and experiences seasonal high waters.

Further north from the marshes, sparse woodlands and thickets, lining pockets of moisture that never seem to linger. Between these pocks of trees stretch grassland, meadows and wildflowers clear up towards the Parish, making for excellent free-range land for livestock. The uppermost stretch of this territory is host to thick forest and more severe dips in landscape, and encompass bluffs that wrap around the point of the lake.

» Tall Tree (Northern Border)
Tall Tree is the most densely forested region within Del Cenere.

Rivers and springs lace and through the verdant upper territories. The terrain is rough and rugged - pocked with caverns, rocky crags, and rolling, fumbling hills, all overgrown with deciduous trees. In higher altitudes, ground cover grows mildly sparser (if only just) as more coniferous trees take precedent, but this is few and far between. The shovels of dips of uneven ground create basins where early morning fog lingers. Tall Tree is a veritable maze to untrained eyes; scouts mark out trailheads with visual indicators to help keep individuals from getting lost in the privacy of the forests, and even then it's easy to get turned around. Game here is abundant.

Cliffs and waterfalls cradle the upper edge of Moosehead Lake. As the terrain slopes downwards further south, the trees thin and grasslands empty into the open range of the Debouille Reserve as the territory falls into valley.

» Trailside (Southern Border)
Edging the Burnt Church Mountains, Trailside encompasses the sloping hills and clear, open valleys and hosts much of Del Cenere's populace between Charmingtown and Irving. Game can be found outside the twisting mountain trails that spiderweb through this region of the territory. The sloping plain of the Debouille Reserve encompasses much of Trailside's region - as well as mild cliffs butting up against the lake.

The beaches are more accessible here between the stony outcroppings. Fishing here often proves fruitful.

» La Caída (Eastern Border)
The Eastern border of Del Cenere's territory stretch into the expanses of the Burnt Church Mountains and the rolling foothills leading up to it. A small gulch carves its way through the region, and most of the foliage here comprises of upland forests, pines, or scrubby bushes. A basin hovers on the cusp of the border, lined by higher rock and cliffs where moisture often collects, the few acres it encompasses ravaged by a once-fire. Much of the locality has not recovered - the bare trees bald and blackened. The marshy grasses here grow at the height of summer, hiding the pock-holes that litter the soil, but largely die back come winter and are too water-logged to flourish in spring.

2.  History

» Please see our History page for in-depth details!

2.1  Foundation and Membership

» Current Leader(s)

Reina Dama: Peony Braithwaite

La Vástaga: Calliandra Braithwaite

» Former Leader(s)

Comandante: Boone Winthrop (2019-2020)

Rey Salvaje: Nazario del Bosque (2019-2023)

» Current Members

» See our membership directory for current members.

» Former Members

Deceased: Thiago Escuella, Ronald Winthrop, Luciana Escuella, Ash Del Mar, Fernando, Resurrection de le Poer, Nazario del Bosque


2.2  Yearly Summary

» 2019

Del Cenere Gang was founded on the basis for safety when two loner bands, The Cartel and Drygrass Posse fell under threat from a band of southern wolves lead by Solomon James with the intent to eradicate the "coyote infestation". With the threat eliminated, they stuck together due to the mutually beneficial community and lay claim to their territory.

After months of hard work, the pack's trade hub, Charmingtown, was cleaned up and established. As life began to prosper for the Gang, a trade route was established between DCG and Palisade, run by the Del Mar, with fair split of profits. Del Cenere Gang participated in the summit hosted by Casa di Cavalieri, and tentatively opened up a trade agreement with neighboring pack, Mistfell Vale. Come late fall, a snowstorm swept through Charmingtown, and collapsed the half-built storage, ruining the pack's stores and setting the Gang up for a lean winter, when the Del Mar sent in aid (for a hefty price).

» 2020

Casa di Cavalieri hosted a tournament in the spring which the Gang participated in.

Disagreements came to a head in regards to the trade agreement between Del Cenere and the Del Mar, leading to a schism in Leadership. Tensions culminated in the kidnapping of a pack-mate and, ultimately, a conflict between the Del Mar and Del Cenere turned bloody. The Gang emerged victorious, but not without loss - and in the wake of their win, DCG has stepped in to oversee Palisade.

Del Cenere hosted it's first meager trade event - The Lancaster Stock Show, in September.

» 2021

Casa di Cavalieri hosted the first 'Souls Olympics, which the Gang participated in.

The Polvo de Oro Horse project took shape and subsequently launched, and the Irving Gardens project set up was completed early summer. After a long trade excursion, followed by the garden's completion, the Gang got its first Ashen Ring members, Peony Braithwaite (La Oreja) and Morrigan Archeron (El Corazón). At the end of summer, the Gang celebrated it's first successful, much larger-scale Lancaster Stockshow.

In the fall a third Ashen Ring member proved their mettle, Fredrick Knight rising to the position of El Diente as he acted to protect the Gang from a planned raid, succeeding in preparing Del Cenere ahead of time due to his diligence. In the latter quarter of the year, Rafaela Tejada, dutiful and diligent and hardworking as ever, uncovered a nearby band of horses outside of Del Cenere's territory, and after offering to nurture the small-sized herd, she stepped into the role of La Carne, just in time to assist in uncovering a strange happening as winter set in with a group of fellow Ashen.

» 2022

Stuff happened!

3.  Outside Relations

Outsider Relations
Enemies - Actively warring or experiencing conflict Poor - Poor relationship Neutral - Neutral relationship Friendly - Good relationship Allies - Officially allied
Active Packs

Salsola and Del Cenere have no official interactions but lingering ill will and mistrust is still prevalent from the Inferni-Salsola war.

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Del Cenere and Casa Di Cavalieri have had positive interaction with reciprocal participation in events, as well as discussions on trade.

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  • Casa allowed members of The Cartel to use their ship to cross Loch Fundy.
  • Aldora Knight brings goods to the Ashen in the spirit of friendship in September 2019.
  • Nazario, Boone, and Lyssa attend the Diplomacy Summit hosted by Casa in October 2019.
  • Various members participated in the Spring Tournament of 2020.
  • Peony, leading a small posse, visited Casa on a trade venture late spring/early summer of 2021.
  • Various members participated in the first 'Souls Olympics hosted by Casa in 2021.
  • Del Cenere and Casa officially allied in January of 2022.

Del Cenere and New Caledonia have interacted minimally, and while beneficial trade has been conducted, their relationship remains neutral at this time.

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Active Loner Bands

Del Cenere has had no official interaction with Oglethorpe at this time and remain neutral.

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  • No interaction.

» Check out the history page for relationship information on defunct packs and bands.

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