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Del Cenere Gang's off-board outpost is an estimated 16 miles from Portland and operates as its own trade post. Long-Term aNPCs are moved to Palisade.

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Del Cenere has an active Discord group - Links are in our Acceptance post, or PM Leadership for your invite!
Only present or past players of a Del Ceneren character may join the DCG Discord Chat.

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Ashen, Del Ceneren

Dates Active

12 June 2019 – Present

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  1.   1.  History
    1.   1.1  2019
    2.   1.2  2020
    3.   1.3  2021
  2.   2.  Territory
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Welcome to Del Cenere

Straddling the boundaries of Northern Tides and the Western Forefront, Del Cenere makes its claim nestled just northwest of the Burnt Church Mountains, wrapping the tip of Moosehead Lake and stretching clear to the Canaan Bog. While most may find themselves welcome among the coyotes and dogs here - many of the members carry a strong prejudice against wolves and wolf-heavy hybrids. The morally gray, rough-and-tumble ways, and strong sense of community are enticing to many, though the strict policing on species often deter sympathizers.

The founders of Del Cenere were a motley group of coyotes with a few dogs among their ranks; Initially two separate bands (The Cartel and the Drygrass Posse) bound together over like-minded ideals with value placed in tight-knit community and hard work. Their bond was tempered in conflict when a band of wolves targeting coyotes sought to scatter the two groups - the fledgling alliance won out, and in their combined strength, Del Cenere was born. Together, the group strives for more than just meager survival, but quality of life, desperate to thrive whatever the cost.

  • SCENT: Woodsmoke, dust, ash, horses, pine, coyote (and to a lesser extent, dog), leather
    • WELCOME: Coyotes, dogs, freemen, traders, homesteaders, and the self-made and disenfranchised
    • UNWELCOME: Wolves, moral puritans, selfish hucksters, the unambitious, those lacking work ethic, freeloaders

While DCG has been created with the ideal of welcoming roleplayers of all skill levels, aspects on strict IC prejudice, a work-tree promotion system and other cultural quirks may not be for everyone. If you're interested in being a part DCG, it's required that you look over all our relevant Joining Information, and if you have further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to Leadership! We're more than happy to chat with you!

1.  History

  • Please see our History page for in-depth details!
Del Cenere Gang was founded on the basis for safety when two loner bands, The Cartel and Drygrass Posse fell under threat from a band of southern wolves lead by Solomon James with the intent to eradicate the "coyote infestation". With the threat eliminated, they stuck together due to the mutually beneficial community and lay claim to their territory.

1.1  2019

After months of hard work, the pack's trade hub, Charmingtown, was cleaned up and established. As life began to prosper for the Gang, a trade route was established between DCG and Palisade, run by the Del Mar, with fair split of profits. Del Cenere Gang participated in the summit hosted by Casa di Cavalieri, and tentatively opened up a trade agreement with neighboring pack, Mistfell Vale. Come late fall, a snowstorm swept through Charmingtown, and collapsed the half-built storage, ruining the pack's stores and setting the Gang up for a lean winter, when the Del Mar sent in aid (for a hefty price).

1.2  2020

Casa di Cavalieri hosted a tournament in the spring which the Gang participated in.
Disagreements came to a head in regards to the trade agreement between Del Cenere and the Del Mar, leading to a schism in Leadership. Tensions culminated in the kidnapping of a pack-mate and, ultimately, a conflict between the Del Mar and Del Cenere turned bloody. The Gang emerged victorious, but not without loss - and in the wake of their win, DCG has stepped in to oversee Palisade.
Del Cenere hosted it's first meager trade event - The Lancaster Stock Show, in September.

1.3  2021

Casa di Cavalieri hosted the first 'Souls Olympics, which the Gang participated in.
The Polvo de Oro Horse project took shape and subsequently launched, and the Irving Gardens project set up was completed early summer. After a long trade excursion, followed by the garden's completion, the Gang got its first Ashen Ring members, Peony Braithwaite (La Oreja) and Morrigan Archeron (El Corazón).
In the fall a third Ashen Ring member proved their mettle, Fredrick Knight rising to the position of El Diente as he acted to protect the Gang from a planned raid, succeeding in preparing Del Cenere ahead of time due to his diligence.

2.  Territory

2.1  Quick Maps

El Tramo

Tall Tree


3.  Outside Relations

Outside Relations

-- Actively warring or recently warring or otherwise experiencing conflict.
-- Poor relationship. It's pretty clear these guys don't like each other much.
-- Neutral.
-- Good relationship, but no official alliance.
-- Officially allied.

Active Packs

Active Bands

Salsola and Del Cenere have no official interactions but lingering ill will is still prevalent from the Inferni-Salsola war.

  • Notable Interactions:

Del Cenere and Casa Di Cavalieri have had positive relations and made mutual discussions on trade. Del Cenere has also had participants in Casa's events.

  • Notable Interactions:
  • Casa allowed members of The Cartel to use their ship to cross Loch Fundy.
  • Aldora Knight brings goods to the Ashen in the spirit of friendship in September 2019.
  • Nazario, Boone, and Lyssa attend the Diplomacy Summit hosted by Casa in October 2019.
  • Various members participated in the Spring Tournament of 2020.
  • Peony, leading a small posse, visited Casa on a trade venture late spring/early summer of 2021.
  • Various members participated in the first 'Souls Olympics hosted by Casa in 2021.

Del Cenere and New Caledonia haven't had any official interaction and remain neutral at this time.

  • Notable Interactions:

Del Cenere and The Troupe haven't had any official interaction and remain neutral at this time.

  • Notable Interactions:

Del Cenere and Bête Noire haven't had any official interaction and remain neutral at this time.

  • Notable Interactions:
  • Check out the history page for relationship information on defunct packs and bands.

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