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Del Cenere Gang's off-board outpost is an estimated 16 miles from Portland and operates as its own trade post. Long-term aNPCs will be moved here.

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  1. For any and all general inquiries involving Del Cenere Gang, please direct private messages towards the OOC Pack Account.
  2. Any maintenance needs can be addressed in our Maintenance Thread - these include, but are not limited to: points updates, cashing in on rewards, occupation or syndicate submissions, and the like!
  3. Our #questions channel in our discord is always open - if leadership is urgently needed, players may ping the @El Faro role. If your question is something more in-depth and requires further discussion or you'd prefer to keep your inquiry private, please refer your message to our Pack Account.
  4. We pride ourselves on being approachable - if you'd like, we can and will answer private dm's if any of the above methods do not work.
IC/OOC Leader
Forum Profile OOC Account
Discord Hraesvelgr#9537 (Preferred)

Howdy! I'm Despi, otherwise known as Teeth, founder and leader of this here cowboy simulator! Since 2019, I've been puttering around and waving my mighty fist as its IC leader, Nazario del Bosque, as well as a litany of other characters to offer a smorgasbord of archetypes with which I use to heckle my fellow cowpokes and charlatans~

I am most frequently found on Discord, quietly lurking and spying on Del Cenere as a whole. Given my utter lack of a sleep schedule, I am relatively easy to reach - however, it is very also very easy for things to fall through the cracks for me! It is simplest for me to engage in DCG's discord at large over private dms, where they can be peeped at (and subsequently forgotten) as I go about my scatter-brained day.

IC/OOC Leader
Forum Profile OOC Account
Discord Adellee#1097 (Preferred)

Howdy doody y'all!! I'm Adel, otherwise known as Ade, to some. I have been piddlefooting around in Del Cenere since 2020, and have joined the team as co-leader in 2022 with none other than Peony Braithwaite. waves my tiny little hands in the air

I am oftentimes found scouring the Discord chats, like the heathen I am, and blabbing about the wonduberous cowboys. I'm able to be easily contacted between the hours of 5am and 10pm on Discord, someone in this house needs to sleep. Generally I am pretty easy to reach, on Discord, and unfortunately forget that DMs exist on forum sorry folks. Simpler to reach out on Discord, to negotiate plots, and other random questions and theories, I do forget sometimes so I make notes, and try to remember with mom on the brain.

Nazario del Bosque
Rey Salvaje
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The first leader of Del Cenere, Nazario, has had divisive appeal amongst his own people thanks to his predominantly fickle and suspicious nature. Ever bordering on the line of caution, his analytic approach most often wins out over the passion of the moment, making him impassive and stubborn to a fault and lending an almost impassive air to the Rey Salvaje. He is shaped by his own apprehension and criticality. Much of his decision making lies in his status as a survivor to the Inferni-Salsola War and its fallout; groomed into a formidable confidant by the defunct Aquila and having learned from her mistakes, he identifies her faults in his actions, and allows his process to be slow, and his will to be stalwart and bull-headed. His unchecked leadership has lead him to a profoundly inflated sense (and weight) of importance.

Peony Braithwaite
Bella Dama
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She's small, she's poised, and predominately Fiesty. Peony's charming personality and bossy, bullheaded attitude are sure to win folks over. The third leader in Del Cenere Gang, proved her point of "women can do anything men can do better". Picking up on the fickle nature and caution- due to trauma and Nazario's ever wavering voice in her ear perhaps even becoming a mother- the coyote woman shoots first asks questions later. Although she relies on Nazario for their mutual agreeance, involving pack affairs, the femme fatale takes it upon herself to take the lead, and has been known to bolster relations without command. Friendly; but judging others with criticism and scrutiny, thanks to Meredith, Peony enjoys spying on others and growing a likeness by assisting with day to day activities. Becoming a leader has inflated her ego, and made herself a pleaser and prover.

➵ IC Leader Timeline
2019 2020 2021 2022
Nazario del Bosque
Jun 2019-Present
Boone Winthrop (né. Lykoi)
Jun 2019-Nov 2020
Peony Braithwaite
Jan 2022-Present

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