Santiago Tejada

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    • Dutch, Grade horse
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OOC Assumptions

  • Del Cenerens may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:
    • Seeing Santiago performing regular house maintenance at the old mill.
    • Santiago hanging around communal stockyards, or working with his own horses.
    • Hanging around the Ugly Coyote - his face is rather hard to miss.
    • Brief and nondescript social interactions, such as greetings or small talk.
  • For more specific assumptions, please reach out to Despi.



05 Jan 2015


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Santiago Tejada is a seemingly lackadaisical member of Del Cenere, living out of Charmingtown's old mill with his mate Evelyn Escuella, and their four children, Calhoun de la Cruz, Rafaela Tejada, Luciana Escuella, and Remy Debois.

Santiago was born in a now defunct region between Nevada and Utah by the name of Rattler's Gulch to homesteaders Adelia Hartford and Julio Tejada. He and his brother grew up beneath the stern hand of their father, learning from an early age the art of ranching and rearing livestock animals; While Enrique took quick to Julio's teaching, Santiago approached his work with a lax effort. He often got into mischief, and at times instigated it, with friends Lawrence and Calhoun Escuella.

When a band of wolves, going by the Deadcreek Revivalists, crept in on the coyote-dominated settlement, and started their rampage at the Tejada homestead, slaying families and razing ranches. Santiago and his brother got caught in the chaos, and while their home was raided, the duo were bound, and dragged off into the desert behind horses. Enrique did not survive, and Santiago was left to fend for himself. Wounded and beaten, he stumbled along until he caught up with other survivors, Evelyn Escuella and her brother, Calhoun(Escuella. The trio later joined up with a group of coyotes, who called themselves the Drygrass Posse.

Santiago took to the life of relative crime - rustling livestock, thieving, and trading, in the name of this newfound family, easily falling in line with the Posse's lead and taking up a role of an older-brother/mentor figure to newer members. When the Posse ventured through Colorado, Jackie Munroe and a group of younger, greener members set fire and raided a homestead, and Santiago ran damage control to draw them back to safety. He kept this secret at the younger members' behest.

This set the end of the Drygrass Posse in motion. Self-proclaimed "law" chased the group, picking off the coyotes or splintering them apart piece by piece while driving them North, until the Rattler's Gulch trio were, once again, all that was left. The group came into contact with another coyote-dominated band called The Cartel, and the two stuck together for safety while the Posse, now bolstering in numbers once again, sought safety. When their past caught up with them, the two bands finally put an end to things, and stuck together to form the Del Cenere Gang.

With stability found, Santiago relinquished the outlaw lifestyle to instead settle down with his childhood friend, Evelyn, and started his family.

1.  Appearance




 Merlin (#44433F)
 Shingle Fawn (#654F31)
 Limed Oak (#AF815D)
 Tapa (#7E7770)
 Natural Gray (#8A867B)
 Bison Hide (#C0B49F)
 Silver Sand (#BEC0C2)
 Quincy (#58372C)
 Kabul (#66483F)
 Olive Green (#B3B461)

Aside from looking very stereotypically coyote, Santiago certainly looks... Rough hewn.

His body is worn, and a little ragged, but his average size is non-imposing and approachable, and his gestures are often grandiose. He's a serial hand talker, which lends credence to a charisma he tends to love to tap into. His eyes crinkle at the edges when he smiles and laughs - as he's aged, they've started developing crow's feet.


Distinctive Features

  • Fur: Tapa fading to Natural Gray towards the underbelly.
    • Markings: Merlin tail-tip, hood, framing on shoulders and hips, and ticking throughout his mane and back. Limed Oak nose stripe, shoulders, thighs, and ear tips. Shingle Fawn ears. Bison Hide patches around eyes.
    • Underbelly: Silver Sand.
  • Eyes: Olive Green.
  • Optime Hair: Merlin.
  • Nose, Scars and Paw Pads: Quincy nose and paw pads, with Kabul scars.

Saying that Santiago is beat up is an understatement, the man is a roadmap of scars and bumps and long-gone bruises that left the aches in their wake. The worst of his scarring looks to be the left side of his face - and, worst of all, the incident had left him with numerous chipped or missing teeth. He comes up with grandiose tales to compensate - after all, simply getting dragged behind a horse hardly plays such a striking chord.


  • Speech: Rambling, rough, and warm. A striking resemblance to one Danny Trejo. He has an infectious full, arid and rasping laugh.
  • Scent: Coyote, leather, horses, dust, cedar.
  • General Posture: Casual, perpetually laid-back. He may not have all his teeth, but very little can knock away his smile.

2.  Personality



Life of the party - Santiago is carefree and amicable with just near anyone.

Life is short, and sweet. Beneath his thick veneer of unshakable humor and smiles, there is an almost bittersweet sort of melancholy bottled up. Santiago hides this well, and deflects the prying gaze with humor and, instead, generosity with which he uses to aggrandize his own self-worth. All the doting and caring in the world can't shake the survivor's guilt, though, much less the secrets that tend to creep in at private moments. Santiago loathes loneliness, and has a high social requirement (much to wife Evelyn's chagrin), and he staves off his straying thoughts with moments in the now.

What You Are In The Dark, Trauma Button, The Fool, Farm Boy, Action Dad


Boisterous, warm, genuine, open-minded.


  • Chaotic Good
  • Based upon his alignment, Santiago is most likely to:
    • Not want to disappoint his family.
    • Support his family even if it means personal discomfort.
    • Take actions to aid others during times of crisis, even if unprofitable to do so.
    • Believe luck determines wealth.




  • Likes:
  • Dislikes:
  • Motivations:
    • Del Cenere Gang, furthering the good of his community, horsemanship, self-preservation, preservation of culture
  • Fears:
    • Wolves, being hunted, loneliness

Straight as Hell and All About Evelyn

A sappy, terrible, awful romantic at heart. He's sugary sweet, and just as damned stupid.

  • Wolves are bastards. The only good wolf is a dead wolf.


  • Vague Catholic leanings.
    • And by this, it's mostly that he says "Dios Mio".

3.  Relations

Key Relations


  • His wife is a shrike to your sharp and glorious thorn -- She balances him out, and Santiago's whole world revolves around Evelyn's fire-kissed face.
  • Santiago could not possibly be any prouder of Calhoun. His son is very strong. How did he get so tall?
  • Luciana may not be entirely there upstairs, but she's very sweet, and that counts just as much as anything!
  • On the other hand, Rafaela is a spitfire, and while she's combative, he finds her fiery spirit and attitude endearing (even if it pushes his buttons sometimes).
  • One fateful day, Evelyn brought home small Remy, and Santiago's embraced the boy ever since. While a little more (unintentionally) delicate with the boy, he strives to be patient and available whenever Remy's needed him.


  • We don't talk about what happened here :(
  • Nazario was able to take the reigns from him, even if the kid seems uncertain. Santiago thinks he's alright.
  • Waynescott is one hell of a drinking buddy, even if his horse constantly has the worst stomach upset he's heard (and smelled) in his life.

Minor Relations





1 50% Northeastern Coyote, 50% Mexican Coyote