The Cartel

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  • Location: Northern Moosehead Lake
  • Icon: Flame
  • Demonym: Cartel
  • Languages Spoken: English, Spanish
  • Scent: Coyote, smoke, tobacco and cannabis, livestock, Lykoi
  • Player Count: 8/10
  • NPCs: 4
  • Total Characters: 12/15

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  1.   1.  History
    1.   1.1  Early Foundations
    2.   1.2  Growing Members
    3.   1.3  Dawning Realisation
    4.   1.4  War Rages
  2.   2.  Membership
    1.   2.1  Current Members
    2.   2.2  Former Members
    3.   2.3  Thread Log

The Cartel was a small, coyote-run drug cartel, presently a group of ex-Infernians and ruffians down on their luck, banded together for companionship and survival. They later joined with the Drygrass Posse to form the pack, Del Cenere Gang.

1.  History

1.1  Early Foundations

Formed in the aftermath of Inferni's disbandment, the Cartel has its origins in the thoughts and ideas of dissenters under Vicira Tears' rule -- including her own children. As the clan suffered from flooding, illness, and famine, discontent spread. Boone Lykoi declared his desire to overthrow his mother or desert Inferni, but the idea remained only an idea for some time.

On August 1st, 2018, Vicira disbanded Inferni. That night, she unexpectedly abandoned the remaining coyotes, with her mate Redtooth leaving in search of her. When neither returned, the small group (many of whom intended to part ways with the other stragglers) properly banded together. They crossed the mountains into The Dampwoods in search of security and better hunting grounds, only for the lean times to follow them.

In early November, 2018, the Cartel suffers a heavy blow when Merari Tears and Laurel del Bosque take off on their own to parts unknown. Shortly after Jethro Lykoi and Marlowe de le Poer also disappear without a trace. Magpie Trouillefou and Ichabod Bertram vanished shortly after, leaving the infant-staged Cartel to struggle. Mid November, 2018: Tamara de le Poer arrived and is taken into the Cartel's ranks as La Águila, The Eagle. Briarblack is also spotted, and roped back into the fold under the title El Halcón. Johnathan Winthrop finds young Larka - around the same time Rozenn is found, shortly by her companion, Noel Priyantha, and they're brought into the Cartel's fold. Bolstered with new numbers, the Cartel moved to Searsport that winter.

1.2  Growing Members

Dahlia de le Poer starts making regular visits to the Cartel, after discovering them, despite being tied to Salsola at the time. After a time, she joins up with their ranks, at the expense of their feeling of safety, and urges the group to move north, where they then settle at the northern point of Moosehead Lake. Lyssa Fontaine meets Cartel members in the search for the defunct Inferni, and they gradually welcome her in.

After settling in with The Cartel, Dahlia later returned to Inferni's old territory in The Waste to convince her half-sister, Hope Lykoi, to join the band. Hope agrees.[1]

Dahlia also points Skeleton Key and Carnivore Creed toward The Cartel in early 2019, but it takes until April for Skeleton to finally join. He parts ways with his longtime traveling companion and sister Carnivore following a bitter disagreement.

1.3  Dawning Realisation

In late April, to celebrate the changing of the seasons, and newfound allies, members of The Cartel hold a dinner to get to know the Drygrass Posse. Members collect the snacks[2] [3] and prepare for the party.[4] [5] [6] During the dinner, members of the two groups realize that strange occurences have been popping up throughout the territory.[7]

Strange things start to unfold throughout the week while members of the two groups investigate. Members discover a horse, still in full-tack, wandering through the woods,M [8], a camp is discovered, evidence of fighting in the newly-discovered camp are uncovered,M [9], a dead coyote-looking woman is found hanging from a tree,M [10], a loner is chased off in a rainstorm,M [11], and a wolf is interrogated.M [12] These uncomfortable events all precede the final horrifying message: Calhoun Escuella's body is lashed to a horse, beheaded, and then his head placed in the saddle and sent to The Cartel and the Posse as a warning.M [13] The two groups host a funeral for Calhoun.[14]

1.4  War Rages

Still reeling from Calhoun's cruel murder-turned-warning, Solomon James and Pippin Hamer strike again to set the camp aflame.[15], [16]

2.  Membership

The Cartel does not have ranks or hierarchy -- rather, characters are titled by their animal nicknames. The names arose as a joke made by Laurel and caught on, and may in the future serve as code names.

2.1  Current Members

  1. Boone Lykoi, El Gallo (The rooster)
  2. Nazario del Bosque, El Zorro (The fox)
  3. Dahlia de le Poer, La Paloma (The dove)
  4. Larka, La Alondra (The lark)
  5. Lyssa Fontaine, La Cierva (The deer)
  6. Johnathan Winthrop, El Burro (The donkey)
  7. Skeleton Key, El Guyo (The weasel)
  8. Clover, La Perra (The dog)
  9. Vesper, La Abuela (The grandma) (NPC)
  10. Ronald Winthrop?, El Perezoso (The sloth) (NPC)
  11. Briarblack, El Halcón (The falcon) (NPC)
  12. Hope Lykoi, El Conejo (The rabbit) (NPC)

2.2  Former Members

2.3  Thread Log



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