Branta Stretch

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  1.   1.  Description
  2.   2.  Subterritories
    1.   2.1  Canaan Bog
    2.   2.2  Serpentine Mountains
  3.   3.  Landmarks
    1.   3.1  The Murkwood
    2.   3.2  Hallow Crossing
    3.   3.3  The Parish (Del Cenere)
  4.   4.  Waterways
    1.   4.1  Saint John's Chokehold
    2.   4.2  Limerick Triplets
    3.   4.3  Moosehead Lake
  5.   5.  Islands
    1.   5.1  River Dog Island (aka Fiskö)
  6.   6.  History
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Region Western Forefront
Subterritories Canaan Bog

Serpentine Mountains

Major Waterways
Size ?? sq km / ?? sq mi


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1.  Description

The territories of Branta Stretch consists of lowlands and marshlands, populated with sparsely scattered forests of balsam fir and spruce trees. The northern sections of the peninsula are elevated into largely barren mesas. The area becomes more mountainous towards the far north, with scattered clusters of old cabins and tiny, rural communities along the mountain base.

2.  Subterritories

2.1  Canaan Bog

Flat terrain and poor drainage have led to the formation of a bog in the lowlands of southern New Brunswick. Interspersed with a complex network of forested islands, this wetland is of high importance for biodiversity and provides for a distinctive assemblage of flora and fauna. Although the bog itself is extremely wet, the surrounding lowlands feature long, dry summers that often spark forest fires.

2.2  Serpentine Mountains

Winding along the northern section of the peninsula loom the Serpentine Mountains. Balsam fir and spruce trees dominate the base of the mountain but all vegetation quickly thins the closer to the summit one goes. This is due to an unusual bedrock known as serpentine, the soil of which few plants can grow. As a result, the summit of the Serpentine Mountains is nearly flat, largely barren, and looks like an alpine tundra. At first glance the mountains might seem worthless but more creative Luperci may plenty of uses for serpentine.

3.  Landmarks

3.1  The Murkwood

An ill-sounding name for an unfortunate area. Thanks to its proximity to a variety of water sources, this area is prone to heavy flooding, with standing water likely present at all times during the spring and fall months. A great many fruit and berries, particularly cranberries, may be found for the picking throughout the summer and fall. Herbs are also abundant and may be rewarding for those cautious enough to traverse through. Caution is advised during the winter, when the area becomes covered in thin ice and is rendered particularly dangerous. (Created by Gen and Rat during Krokar's territory contest)

3.2  Hallow Crossing

During the spring melts, the river runs heavy beneath one of the major bridges that span the rivers of Krokar. Though sturdy in construction, decades of unattended wear and tear has caused the bridge to crumble and collapse in some places although it has held up quite well for its age. Because of the swift river beneath it, Hallow Crossing can be a dangerous spot to be swept away, so caution should be kept during those stormy times. (Created by Gen during Krokar's territory contest)

3.3  The Parish (Del Cenere)

Surrounded by thickets of verdant growth at the height of summer, and skeletons of branches in the dead of winter, The Parish rests just beyond the fringes of Moosehead Lake, but within proximity to Lover's Leap, and lays claim to the old, weathered All-Saints Church. The church's belfry houses the Ashen's avian companions and its graveyard provides the final resting place for their dearly departed.

Even though its location is well beyond the shores of Moosehead Lake, and embraced by the softness of forest and brush, visitors to The Parish will still find themselves surrounded by the auditory ambiance of water crashing endlessly against stone. Those of open heart and of open mind may find that the white noise of the waterfalls is conducive to thought and meditation. However, some may find this place, and the constant sounds of rushing, pounding water, maddening or sinister and may take great lengths to avoid it.

Those who do not, however, will find peace in this place of ancient worship.

4.  Waterways

4.1  Saint John's Chokehold

Unique in its appearance, Saint John's Chokehold is the result of a meander or an anabranch forming two small river islands before reconnecting with the main stem of the Saint John River. The islands themselves are sparsely forested, with vegetation and thickets of trees capable of surviving the flooding that this area frequently endures. The watercourse at Saint John's Chokehold is generally tranquil, and allows for decent fishing, though this can change quickly during the spring melt and periods of heavy rain.

4.2  Limerick Triplets

As the name suggests, Limerick Triplets is a trio of small lakes situated to the north of Saint John's Chokehold. Sitting in the low-lying plains of Branta Stretch, the land surrounding the lakes is relatively marshy and soft. This provides an abundance of diversity in the types of plants and animals that can be found in this area.

4.3  Moosehead Lake

Moosehead Lake is the largest and most prominent body of water located in Branta Stretch. Stretching nearly 50 miles (80.4 kilometers) north from Saint John's Chokehold, Moosehead Lake (along with the Saint John River to the south) marks the border between the Western Forefront and the Northern Tides. It is a clear and peaceful lake, with a plentiful population of fish for those inclined to hunt its waters. In the southeastern quadrant of Moosehead Lake sits a small, round island called River Dog Island for the family of otters that can be found there.

5.  Islands

5.1  River Dog Island (aka Fiskö)

River Dog Island is a small island located in the southeastern quadrant of Moosehead Lake. Quiet and serene, the island is easily accessible by raft or canoe and is the perfect place to fish, swim, or simply relax. A family of otters has taken up residence here and are a frequent sight in and around the island. Though occasionally a nuisance, the otters are generally a welcome presence and may be taught to help anglers herd fish into their nets. It is the regular appearance of the otters that gives this island its name.

6.  History

  • Prior to the board expansion of April 2017, Branta Stretch was not a playable region of 'Souls.
  • A portion of Branta Stretch is claimed by Del Cenere Gang as of June 2019.

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