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  1.   1.  All-Saints Church
    1.   1.1  The Belfry
  2.   2.  Graveyard
    1.   2.1  In Memoriam

Surrounded by thickets of verdant growth at the height of summer, and skeletons of branches in the dead of winter, The Parish rests just beyond the fringes of Moosehead Lake, but within proximity to Lover's Leap, and lays claim to the old, weathered All-Saints Church. The church's belfry houses the Ashen's avian companions and its graveyard provides the final resting place for their dearly departed.

Even though its location is well beyond the shores of Moosehead Lake, and embraced by the softness of forest and brush, visitors to The Parish will still find themselves surrounded by the auditory ambiance of water crashing endlessly against stone. Those of open heart and of open mind may find that the white noise of the waterfalls is conducive to thought and meditation. However, some may find this place, and the constant sounds of rushing, pounding water, maddening or sinister and may take great lengths to avoid it.

Those who do not, however, will find peace in this place of ancient worship.

1.  All-Saints Church

It is unknown how long this old Anglican church has been standing within the expanse of The Parish but there remains an air of pride and confidence surrounding the ancient structure. Despite its fading facade and decaying decor, the structural integrity of the church itself seems surprisingly sound, though repairs have been needed in some places, and additional bolstering in others.
Once undoubtedly beautiful and inviting long ago, with an ivory facade, now weathered and stripped, and stained glass windows, long broken out and cast away, All-Saints Church is now little to look at. Unremarkable and drab, it blends in relatively well with the surrounding foliage, particularly in the umbers and siennas of autumn and winter, but for one structural magnificence: the belfry.
Credt: swainboat@Flickr Credt: bedwards@Flickr

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1.1  The Belfry

Rising tall and proud above the peaked roof of the All-Saints Church, The Belfry has been repurposed into a rookery to house Del Cenere's ravens and raptors. Dry and surprisingly spacious, with plenty of vertical height, The Belfry provides a safe and quiet place for paired and communal avians alike to rest and socialize with members of their own kind.
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2.  Graveyard

Once overgrown and hidden away, the graveyard on the grounds of the All-Saints Church has since been cleared from brush and vines and saplings at the behest of Resurrection de le Poer. Weathered, stained, and eroded, most of the headstones are impossible to read but those that remain standing serve as a testament to those who came before.
Mixed in with the ancient headstones are wooden grave markers, adorned symbolically with antlers or horns and lined with wildflowers, set into the earth to mark the final resting places of those beloved Del Cenerens who have fallen while holding rank within the Gang.
Credit: dex1138@Flickr Credit: timon91@Flikr Credit: dolgin@Flikr, edited by Mandi

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2.1  In Memoriam

The following are Del Cenerens who have died while holding rank within the Gang. Unless specified otherwise, everyone listed here has buried in the All-Saints Graveyard.

In Memorium




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Calhoun "The Reverend" Escuella

12 February 2015

~4 May 2019

Calhoun died shortly before Del Cenere's official formation. He is buried outside Ojo del Diablo. His grave is marked with a wooden cross, and the Tejada customary marigold flowers.

Thiago Escuella

3 July 2020

22 August 2020

The son of Santiago and Evelyn - his short life was rife with health troubles, and he passed away in his mother's arms. His grave is marked with a small wooden cross and antlers, and the Tejada customary marigold flowers.

Ronald Winthrop

11 May 2014

30 September 2020

Brother to Andrew and Johnathan, Ronald passed away in defense of his fellow packmates in the final fight between the Del Mar family and Del Cenere. His grave is marked with a chiseled stone, a carved moose antler, and wildflowers.

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