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1.  Member Guides

Member-written guides for various aspects of 'Souls. These can be rather helpful and illuminating -- best of all, you can participate to make them better. o:

2.  Resources

Various off-site resources useful to roleplayers and useful in general!

3.  Advertising

You can help 'Souls by checking out the Advertising page!

4.  Synonyms

There are many synonyms commonly used around 'Souls to denote various things. You can get acquainted with some of those here.

5.  Games and Fun

  • See the page for more.

'Souls always has various Out of Character and In Character things going on—there are numerous ways one can earn prizes, win things, or otherwise contribute to 'Souls via games. A huge part of the OOC community deals with having fun with your fellow roleplayers. :D

5.1  Ongoing Games

6.  Off-Board Stuff

'Souls has a lot of things going on spread across all over the internet! Here's a list of all the fun things related to 'Souls, but hosted elsewhere!

6.1  Pack Twitters



Ever wonder where your fellow 'Soulsters are in terms of the wide internets? Yeah, you can always check out someone's profile to see if they have AIM, YIM, MSN, ICQ, or a website, but 1) who uses ICQ anymore and 2) what about all the other crap? Now there's Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Formspring, Tumblr, and a gazillion other places you can connect with people, amirite? Now there's a directory for just such purposes as stalking your fellow 'Soulspeople: introducing Whar U At 'Souls! :D

6.3  'Souls Chat

Yes, we have a chat! The 'Soulschat is an AJAX, in-browser chatroom that can be used by members. How awesome?! To join the chat, you must have a registered chat username - and to register for a chat username, you must be a current member at 'Souls! Sooo.. START CHATTING!