Kerberos Lykoi


Kerberos Lykoi

Player:Ashley Mills?
Name Origin:Greek
Name Meaning:Demon of the Pit
Date of Birth:December 11, 2003
Age:9+ years
Subspecies:50% Canis lupus, 25% Canis latrans, 12.5% Canis familiaris, 12.5% Canis rufus
Birth place:Inferni

Previous Packs:


Joining Date:11 December 2003
SignificanceMember, birthpack

Jaded Shadows





Bleeding Souls History

Kerberos is the son of Kaena Lykoi and Zulifer Yfel. He and his littermate, Maeryn Lykoi, were neglected by Kaena for most of their early life, due to her depression over Zulifer's death, which had been caused by another of Kaena's lovers, Salvaged Eternity. In an ironic twist of fate, it was this very wolf who lured Kerberos from his home in Inferni to stay in Jaded Shadows, and it was this wolf who raised him and turned him against Kaena. For a long time, Kae and her son did not see each other, and upon his return, they fought brutally, and Kerberos is responsible for the slashmarks over Kaena's shoulder. When Kaena & Ahren de le Poer's litter was born, however, Kerberos settled enough to meet his siblings, casting his anger for his mother aside for the moment and forgetting about Salvaged Eternity. He stayed in Chimera for a short time before departing again, and has not been heard from since.

Off-board History

After leaving Bleeding Souls, Kerberos went north into Canada and eventually met a female coydog named Leticia. They mated up and had a litter of pups, three boys, one girl. As the pups grew up, Kerberos became increasingly distant from then and his mate. Soon the family was joined by some more canines including a purebred coyote girl named Valla. Kerberos and Valla began having an affair, but by this time Leticia had lost interest in her mate and focused completely on the pups. Both offended and enraged by this, Kerberos became increasingly violent towards Leticia and the children. Eventually they left and Kerberos stayed with Valla who gave birth to his second litter.


Mother: Kaena Lykoi
Father: Zulifer Yfel
Siblings: Maeryn Lykoi
Mate: Leticia Lykoi, Valla
Offspring by Leticia: Helotes Lykoi, Columbine Lykoi, Jacinto Lykoi, Ilusion Lykoi
Offspring by Valla: Elody Lykoi, Helena Lykoi, Lowry Lykoi.

Please see the Lykoi or Damaichu family page for more information about Kerberos's family.