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1.  Editing

Each IC year has its own page. There is a current month page, which can be updated by the players throughout the month. At the end of the month, these compiled edits can be shoved into the relevant year (or, the especially lazy editor can simply add a new header on the current page for the following month -- someone will clean up after you, no worries :P) for cleanliness and ease of updating.

  1. Keep dates in chronological order. If a thread has been forward or backdated, make sure it appears in proper order in the timeline.
  2. The header of each section should be the date, and lists/bullet points should be used for each individual event on that day.
  3. Each event on should be written in paragraph form with a link.
  4. Link the character's name at least the first time the name appears on a page.
  5. Great things to add: births; deaths; plots that affect more than three or four characters; interesting, funny, or unusual threads (adding your own is fine, but make sure you're not noting the inane -- e.g., a regular meet and greet has no place here). Board-wide plots and pack plots, duh!
  6. Major plots are listed separately on their own pages, although major events from said plots may be repeated on the monthly or yearly pages.

2.  General Game History

'Souls was initially established in northern Nova Scotia as Bleeding Souls. The game was founded on November 18, 2001. Initially, it encompassed three founding packs: Storm, Shadowed Stars and Silent Dawn. As the years went by, a number of other Packs were established. The packs were primarily for wolf luperci and wolves, however Inferni was established almost a year after, and was the only pack (more appropriately named a clan) to restrict joining to coyotes and coyote luperci.

In March of 2008, the lands were set on fire, and the packs moved South to escape the flames. The new land was called 'Souls in memory of the previous territory. There were many packs founded and disbanded, with a few wars in between, but life steadily began to flourish. Luperci have become the dominant species.

The years that followed saw packs come and go, territories thrive and expand, tensions between neighbors and outside factions rise and result in violent conflicts, and the endurance of severe weather conditions and widespread illness. Nothing was more terrifying nor capable of so much dramatic change than the meteor that struck the ocean between Freetown and the Western Tangles in 2016. The shockwave and subsequent aftermath of the impact damaged many structures in the surrounding territories and downed large swaths of forest. To this day, the land continues to shift and change, with a new landbridge forming across the Bay of Fundy in 2018, connecting the Northern Tides and Seabreeze Brink. Occasional earthquakes still occur in the area, some drastic enough to move mountains.

3.  Current Month

Keep the Current Month page up to date with what's happening around 'Souls!

4.  Major Plots

4.1  Bleeding Souls

4.2  'Souls


5.  Historical Pages

5.4  Other

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