New Dawn and Amy Sunders Conflict

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  1.   1.  Overview
  2.   2.  Amy's Party
  3.   3.  Lead-In
    1.   3.1  December 21, 2011
    2.   3.2  February 24, 2012
    3.   3.3  April 13
    4.   3.4  April 20
    5.   3.5  April 25
    6.   3.6  May 21
    7.   3.7  June 13
    8.   3.8  June 28
    9.   3.9  July 8
  4.   4.  Conflict
    1.   4.1  July 10
    2.   4.2  July 31
    3.   4.3  August 14
    4.   4.4  September 3
    5.   4.5  September 19
    6.   4.6  October 10
    7.   4.7  October 13
    8.   4.8  October 14
    9.   4.9  November 1
    10.   4.10  November 14
  5.   5.  Aftermath
    1.   5.1  November 14
    2.   5.2  November 16
    3.   5.3  November 17
    4.   5.4  November 20
    5.   5.5  November 24

The New Dawn and Amy Sunders Conflict took place over the year 2012, concluding in November. The wolves of New Dawn, led by Zalen Damaichu, are pitted against the trader and assassin Amy Sunders and her slaves. It ends with Zalen executing Amy for her crimes.

Mature Artwork
by Rinermai

1.  Overview

Amy Sunders is a symbol of everything that New Dawn despises. She deals in human artifacts, sees the lives of other Luperci as nothing more than goods to be traded, and she feels no remorse for attacking others physically as well as mentally.

Amy’s first interaction with New Dawn was in the spring of 2012, when she came by the pack lands meaning to trade. But Zalen, seeing that she was a dog, peddling human filth, and toting a slave along with her, chased her off.

A couple months later, Amy attacked Fayne, scarring the woman and frightening her. At this point, no one knew much about the woman, and so any kind of retaliation on New Dawn’s part was out of the question. It was only after Aeron visited from Anathema that Zalen learned it was there that Amy was hiding. Zalen told Aeron of the woman’s transgressions, and was lead to believe that she would be punished rightly by Anathema.

However, any sort of punishment that might have been given out did not keep Amy away. Fayne was attacked for a second time. But when she returned to New Dawn, she spoke to them about the puppy that Amy had with her, and it was then realized that this puppy was in fact Kohaku, Kiara’s son that had been stolen from her months before. This was the final straw, and Zalen was pressed to take action.

2.  Amy's Party

Amy Sunders
Kohaku Amarok
  • The Dog
  • Amy Sunders: A vicious female. Pure dog, claims to be a trader. Talented in assassinations, negotiations, and fighting in secui form. Loves torture. Believes herself superior to all others. Emphasizes acting cultured and moving away from the primal behavior of their ancestors. Usually armed with knives.
  • The Puppies
  • Kohaku Amarok: The kidnapped puppy of Kiara. A hybrid wolf, he is fiercely loyal to Amy and what she has taught him. Ambitious, cruel, and dominant. Knows the basics of how to fight. Believes himself to be part of a superior group. Charming in his personality.
  • Lucias Sunders: Amy's infant daughter, whose existence was a secret to New Dawn until the final showdown. Kohaku has sworn to defend her in Amy's absence. She is largely innocent, but fiercely loyal to her caravan family, not understanding why New Dawn has a vendetta against her mother.
  • The Slaves
  • Adara is trained to be a belly dancer and prostitute. She is blindly obedient to her mistress, skilled in pleasing others and avoiding trouble. She watched Amy burn those that she had been bought from alive. Adara is timid and only speaks when directly spoken to.
  • Dirk is a brute in the most common sense of the word, he is large, lumbering, and stupid. His blows are like that of a freight train and it will take several members to take him down.

3.  Lead-In

3.1  December 21, 2011

3.2  February 24, 2012

3.3  April 13

3.4  April 20

3.5  April 25

  • Location: New Dawn
  • A bloodied and broken Fayne limps home after her ordeal, explaining to Tharin Lupei what happened. She then vows to get stronger and enact her vengeance.
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3.6  May 21

  • Location: Outside Ichika No Ho-en
  • Young Kohaku Amarok wanders from the safety of the den and meets Amy Sunders, who recognizes him as Kiara's son. She tricks him into coming with her, and decides to raise him to hate his birth family, as the ultimate revenge.
  • Thread Link: Take me Home

3.7  June 13

3.8  June 28

3.9  July 8

4.  Conflict

4.1  July 10

4.2  July 31

  • Location: Outside Anathema
  • Member of New Dawn and friend of Amy, Shadowfang comes to warn Amy Sunders about his pack's plans to execute her. She laughs off his words, too arrogant to cede them as a threat, though she fears for the safety of her second unborn litter.
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4.3  August 14

4.4  September 3

4.5  September 19

  • Location: Northern Tides
  • Amy talks with Kohaku and (slave) Adara about the pursuit. She insists Kohaku take the infant Lucias if they are ever pursued by the full force of New Dawn. Her pride prevents her from a full retreat, though, as she insists on fighting no matter what.
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4.6  October 10

4.7  October 13

  • Location: New Dawn
  • Amy is furious that her arm was broken by what she considers trash. A slave is sent into New Dawn to kidnap one of their puppies in retaliation, as proof that she’s not to be taken lightly. Instead of a puppy, one pregnant female (Adonia Demos) is secured, and the slave is chased from pack lands and injured.
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4.8  October 14

4.9  November 1

4.10  November 14

5.  Aftermath

5.1  November 14

5.2  November 16

  • Location: New Dawn
  • A grieving Lucias Sunders is approached by Shadowfang, whom she allows to comfort her. She sees the rest of the pack as heathens, echoing Amy's sentiments toward the traditionalist wolves.
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5.3  November 17

5.4  November 20

5.5  November 24

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