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  1.   1.  Detailed history
    1.   1.1  Trouble is brewing
    2.   1.2  Winter creeps closer
    3.   1.3  Tensions and familiar faces
    4.   1.4  Arrival of Maska Ahote
    5.   1.5  Fall of Raven Warriors
    6.   1.6  Rebuilding AniWaya
  2.   2.  Leadership History

1.  Detailed history

The pack began as a migration movement; Ayegali Kala and her siblings sought a new home free from persecution. They put together a scouting party to go ahead of the rest of the tribe, consisting of among others Kalona and her brothers, Dawali Amara, Asha Amara, and Dohi Ulagahasti. Upon their arrival in early 2008, they sought out the ideal location for a tribe, with intentions of settling as a unit in Serena Reserve.

When it was finally decided to settle, a few wolves who had originally lived in the area were brought in as members of the tribe, and the five who then formally formed the tribe were then Ayegali Kala, Dawali Amara, Asha Amara, Tayui Aston, Pilot Haddon, and Ember Phoenix.

Quite quickly members poured in, and while some stayed and others left, there was no doubt that the tribe's new settlement was a success. Not long after the tribe's forming a litter was brought to them as well, by the "widow" Tayui Aston. She is in reality no widow, although her and Dawali settled quite quickly that in order for no odd questions to be asked, she creates this excuse to explain why she is a single mother. The children's father is unknown to all but Tayui and Dawali. The tribe was thriving despite its small size, but the absence of the larger bulk of AniWayans was concerning. The leadership was given to Dawali Amara, the Kalona wishing to retire. As they continued to grow, the silence from the others grew heavier and heavier on those of the small settlement who had relatives among them, and eventually, in March 2009, Asha Amara took on a journey to find them. Months passed, and when she returned in June 2009 she had interesting news to tell.

The majority of the tribe left behind had at first been caught in bad weather, and then strayed from their path to find safety and settle elsewhere, the urgency of an illness among them forcing them to. Now, the illness had claimed several lives, and rendered others insane or broken, the medics, headed by Asha's sister and Dawali's second daughter Aiyanna Amara, slowly finding a treatment. The recovery was slow, but it was not unlikely that those that were healed would seek out the new settlement after the crisis had passed.

1.1  Trouble is brewing

In the summer of 2009 a loner, Brennt, appeared on the borders of the tribe, seeking to feed on their young. Having chased him away, the Chief could not entirely shake this experience off of his mind. Later on, he finds that Noir Aston and Océane Aston, two small puppies which he caresd deeply for, had been attacked by the very same loner, and he then travels to speak with all the leaders of all the packs he knows to warn them of this threat. He learns that Phoenix Valley has lost a puppy to the cannibal, and that one member of Dahlia de Mai, Cwmfen nic Graine, also has encountered him. He learns from her that the loner's name is Brennt, and several other aspects of his mind that Dawali could do without. The packs decide to wait, and do nothing, fearing the end result; Brennt's death. Finally, though, he makes another attempt at devouring yet another puppy, and Cwmfen takes action. She wounds him, but is unable to continue, at which point Dawali hunts him down and finishes the ordeal. Returning heavily wounded to the AniWayan borders, Dawali calls for help and is found and cared for by Ember Phoenix; an event that would lead to the femme's promotion into the Council of Elders, as a sub-leader. Asha leaves once again for the Great Tribe in July, following a recurring premonitions and ill omens that haunt her dreams.

1.2  Winter creeps closer

The winter moves closer, and Hemming and Dawali together construct the Town Hall, a building to make their pack meetings somewhat more pleasant during the cold half year. The stable is also improved, and one day as the Chief wanders to fix fences around the packlands, he discovers a lone bull grassing peacefully just outside the enclosure. With some help from his own wits, and a good deal of luck, he manages to lure the bull into the enclosure, closing the gate behind him. AniWaya now holds 4 horses, and a bull. Dawali doesn't entirely know what to do with it, but it could prove a very useful storage of food, if no other use is found for him.

In September, the tribe receives an unexpected visitor; Aiyanna, the Chief's youngest daughter. She confirms Asha's information on the Tribe's wellbeing, and as Asha came there, the two agreed that Aiyanna would travel to Dawali's tribe to visit while Asha remained in the Great Tribe. Her visit, however is short, and after a mere month she leaves again, feeling the pull of her obligations to the Great Tribe.

1.3  Tensions and familiar faces

January 2010: War again erupts between Inferni & Dahlia de Mai[1]. Now, AniWayan leaders have no connection with the wolves of the conflict, though Dawali had met with Kaena Lykoi on a diplomatic mission some months before. The idea of getting pulled into the war is not at all tempting, and finally, after some weeks' consideration, Dawali calls for an urgent pack meeting, where he (without consulting Ember) urges everyone to work hard to stay out of the conflict. As of that time, the tribe would not be able to withstand a war, and he asks members to forget about their obligations to family and friends; no AniWayan is to fight in this conflict, nor do anything that could possibly provoke any action towards them from either side. Still, the Chief wanders restlessly in worry, waiting for the conflict to end and waiting for its shadow to disappear from over his mind.

Almost at the exact same time, Asha Amara returns once more from having visited the Great Tribe. Only days later does another original member appear, and so the numbers of "true" AniWayans grows. Soothed by these two's presences, the Chief is more relaxed, though the possibility of war, though marginal, still haunts him.

1.4  Arrival of Maska Ahote

On July 14, 2011, Maska Ahote, his right-hand man Wematin Kuruk arrive in AniWaya.[2] The next day, Maska holds a meeting to announce that he is taking over as an interim leader while Dawali Amara and Ralla have been removed from their posts as leaders.[3] Dawali was demoted to the Itawamba rank and publicly shamed for taking up the post of Kalona, Chief, which rightly belonged to Aacha Ahote, the leader of the Great Tribe. Maska and Wematin then began preparing AniWaya for war, first by recruiting warriors and scouts.[4] Maska also asks Liliana Vess to trian horses for war, but she refuses and Maska banishes she and her mate, Nayati Utina from the tribe.[5] They take their children with them, which Maska believes belong to the AniWayan tribe.

Maska and his supporters attack Crimson Dreams, the pack to which the Utina family fled, which was the beginning of the 2011 AniWaya Conflict.[6] During the raid, AniWaya captures Anu[7] and Fia Marino-Knight and Crimson Dreams captures Claudius Aston.[8] The next day, the leader of Crimson Dreams negotiates a prisoner exchange: Anu and Fia for Claudius.[9] During the discussion, warrior Thel Solitaire is killed and Maska refuses to turn over Anu. In the confusion, Crimson Dreams wrest Fia from Maska's control and Claudius is left with the AniWayans. Maska also holds Foxglove Monroe, a member of AniWaya, captive.

In the aftermath, AniWayans begin to plot against Maska and hold the first of many counter-intelligence meetings.[10] Later, Vigilante Haskel, leader of Cour des Miracles, raids AniWaya to rescue his daughter Foxglove.[11] During the raid against AniWaya, Ayasha lures some warriors away from the raid.[12] Ralla and Dawali free Anu in the beginning of October.[13]

On October 17, Cour des Miracles and Crimson Dreams join forces to raid AniWaya.[14]

1.5  Fall of Raven Warriors

At the end of October, Maska and his supporters are imprisoned as a result of the raid, and are kept in the prisoners' cabin. All prisoners formerly kept there were released. Leadership in CD and CdM are considering what to do with the situation, while members who had fled from or been exiled from AniWaya are encouraged to return. A tentative attempt of diplomacy is made, but Maska refuses it. Savina and Vigilante occupy AniWaya as occupying forces and Claudius is made the temporary 'leader' (but definitely not Kalona) to act as an intermediary between Cour des Miracles, Crimson Dreams, and AniWaya.

In the beginning of November, Ulilohi Ehn arrives in AniWaya to check up on Maska, but is greeted by Claudius and informed of Maska's arrest.[15] Maska, Dawali, and their remaining supporters are sent back to the original AniWaya tribe and Ulilohi assumes the rank of Councilwoman: Anasgayv.[16] It is revealed that he has directly disobeyed the orders of Chief Aatu in the Great Tribe, and was never given the right to assume leadership in AniWaya. In need of a leader, Claudius, Vigilante and Savina appoint newly arrived Ulilohi Ehn, who will report to them regularly. Claudius is relieved of his interim leadership duties. AniWaya is not allowed warriors in their tribe for as long as Crimson Dreams and Cour des Miracles deem necessary.

The traitors are not the only ones to depart AniWaya. Ayasha, with her obligation to defend her tribe and adoptive family completed, leaves to be Liam's mate.[17] Together, they join Anathema.

1.6  Rebuilding AniWaya

AniWaya is quiet following the conflict. In March 2012, Ulilohi asks Claudius to become AniWaya's subleader, recognizing his familiarity with the tribe would be an asset.[18] Although Claudius is uncertain, he reluctantly accepts. In May of the same year, Ulilohi promotes Io Berlin as her second sub-leader. Later that month, the tribe initiates the AniWaya Agriculture Project to begin utilizing the lands in a more concrete and organized fashion.[19] They till and plough the fields,[20] gather the seeds and prepare the tools,[21] and sow the seeds.[22]

2.  Leadership History

2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Ayegali Kala
Aug 2008 - Mar 2009
Dawali Amara
Mar 2009 - Nov 2011
Ulilohi Ehn
Nov 2011 - May 2012
Claudius Aston
May 2012 - May 2016
Laurentin Aston
May 2016 - present
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