2011 — The Tenth Year

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2011 weathered the Snowstorm and the AniWaya Conflict, both destructive events that caused grief to numerous packs. Longtime allies Dahlia de Mai and Phoenix Valley combined forces to create Ichika No Ho-en. As the Luperci population continued to grow, new packs Salsola, Casa di Cavalieri, and New Dawn were formed.

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  1.   1.  January
    1.   1.1  16 January
    2.   1.2  21 January
    3.   1.3  25 January
    4.   1.4  28 January
  2.   2.  February
    1.   2.1  5 February
    2.   2.2  17 February
  3.   3.  March
    1.   3.1  1 March
    2.   3.2  5 March
    3.   3.3  31 March
  4.   4.  April
    1.   4.1  1 April
  5.   5.  May
    1.   5.1  2 May
    2.   5.2  7 May
    3.   5.3  8 May
    4.   5.4  21 May
  6.   6.  June
    1.   6.1  June 17
  7.   7.  July
    1.   7.1  July 15
    2.   7.2  July 18
    3.   7.3  July 24
    4.   7.4  July 26
  8.   8.  August
    1.   8.1  August 1
  9.   9.  November
    1.   9.1  November 11
  10. 10.  December
    1. 10.1  1 December
    2. 10.2  2 December
    3. 10.3  3 December
    4. 10.4  4 December
    5. 10.5  5 December
    6. 10.6  6 December
    7. 10.7  7 December
    8. 10.8  9 December
    9. 10.9  10 December
    10. 10.10  12 December
    11. 10.11  13 December
    12. 10.12  14 December
    13. 10.13  16 December
    14. 10.14  28 December

1.  January

1.1  16 January

1.2  21 January

  • Denali Reitzer meets Nuki Rakezael for the second time. This time, he asks her for help about Artemis' fall and she acts differently than she had the first time they met. She chases and torments him, finally killing him and cutting off his tail as a keepsake. [3]

1.3  25 January

  • Lolita Monroe makes the difficult decision to leave Dahlia de Mai and the 'Souls area entirely. She gives her three daughters the choice to either go with her or stay with their father, Niro Takekuro, in Cour des Miracles. Two, Poppy Monroe and Foxglove Monroe, choose to leave with their mother, while the third, Magnolia Monroe, chooses to remain in the 'Souls region. Lolita takes them to the beach where she first met Niro and the girls were conceived, and again where they met when she told him that the girls existed. Lolita explained that she was leaving and that the girls had made their own choices, and farewells were made. [4]

1.4  28 January

2.  February

2.1  5 February

2.2  17 February

3.  March

3.1  1 March

3.2  5 March

3.3  31 March

4.  April

4.1  1 April

  • Gabriel de le Poer was caught in a landslide that destroyed the path to Goldsglen Peak, resulting in permanent injury! [12]

5.  May

5.1  2 May

  • In a surprising turn of events, longtime Aquila of Inferni, Gabriel de le Poer, steps down from his position, leaving his son Ezekiel de le Poer in his place; for the first time in several years, Inferni's leadership is made up of new Lykoi blood. [13]

5.2  7 May

5.3  8 May

5.4  21 May

6.  June

6.1  June 17

  • Salsola gathers for its Last Supper feast. A slave interrupts the dinner and is soundly punished for his transgression. [18]

7.  July

7.1  July 15

7.2  July 18

  • Wematin Kuruk begins to recruit wolves for the Guardian rank in AniWaya, and scouts to search out the surrounding packs.

7.3  July 24

7.4  July 26

8.  August

8.1  August 1

9.  November

9.1  November 11

10.  December

10.1  1 December

  • China Rose Lykoi has wandered northwards. Her heart has been shattered, leaving her frozen inside and out. Due to this the girl stops eating, bringing herself near death. In the grips of a raging fever Itachi Lykoi shows up. He recognizes the girl he loves, and is worried about her condition. He chooses to help save her life. [20]
  • In Cour des Miracles, Terra and Princess Chance work together to help prepare the pack for winter. Terra doesn't know much about winter preparation beyond getting food. Princess Chance explains to her the use of clothes and blankets. Inspired the two set out to find some for the use of pack members with thinner fur. [21]
  • There's a new member on 'Souls! Tobias Castillo has joined. As a loner he could not function on his own, so he headed out to find a pack. Upon investigation Tobias decided that Crimson Dreams was the place for him. Congratulations on joining! [22]
  • A new pair of mates have formed! Ichika no Ho-en has reason to celebrate as two members unite in love. Aleo d'Lanri came to the pack following Shiloh Grant. Having fallen in love with her he endeavored to make Shiloh his. On this day Aleo puckered up his courage and asked Shiloh to be his mate. Shiloh agreed, and the two are now happily paired. [23]
  • Anathema has a reason to celebrate this month. Panda Behr and Venom have had a child. In the early hours of the morning Panda gave birth to a beautiful daughter named Lillith Alexandria Trombetta-Behr. The birth was celebrated by Venom playing music through the halls. Welcome to the new pup! [24]

10.2  2 December

  • Amy Sunders and X'yrin Exultare get off on the wrong foot when they meet. While Amy is practicing her fighting skills X'yring interrupts. Displeased with this Amy asks X'yrin to be her practice partner, planning on teaching her a lesson. After a few blows X'yrin backs down, unwilling to fight against the violent dog. Angered by X'yrin's parting words Amy chucks a knife at her, giving X'yrin a wound on her muzzle. [25]
  • Gathering food supplies is important as winter settles in. While prey grows weak, other sources of food are getting scarce. Dixie-May Jackson heads out to gather food for her pack, Casa di Cavalieri. The new pack seems to be well on it's way for surviving it's first winter. [26]

10.3  3 December

  • Halifax is now a dangerous place to wander through. Always on the lookout for new ways to have fun Terra arrived in Halifax to set up traps for various pranks. Several ambush places have been set up, including an alleyway with a rope running across leading to cars blocking the way out and a manhole set to collapse once you step on it. Travelers beware: Terra doesn't always check on her traps. You may be stuck for a while. [27]
  • Another new character has moved into town. A smooth talking lady's man with prejudices against any who aren't wolves, Thoirní Síondaite has come into the territory. Unwilling to remain alone he has approached Crimson Dreams as the pack for him to live in. Keep watching for further drama to unfold. [28]

10.4  4 December

  • New love is in the air, warming the chilly weather. While on a hunting trip outside Inferni Vesper has her hunt spoiled. Planning on running down the wolf who did that, she's surprised to see a new friend sitting there. Blind had become a luperci, and was enjoying the weather. Pleased by the reunion Blind confessed her feelings to Vesper. [29]
  • Initiation tasks in Ichika no Ho-en remain as prominent as ever. Their new member, Indira Youroukelis has set out to carve a place for herself. She gathers firewood for the pack for her initiation task. With her on the task there is no fear of them running low this winter. Into the Woods

10.5  5 December

  • Noah has made a reappearance. The past month he's spent hiding in his house, doing drugs and drinking alcohol. Jace Wolfe discovers her adopted brother while checking out his house. Having thought he had disappeared Jace is shocked and angered by his appearance. She drags him out and works on shaking him from the addiction and curing him of his ways. [30]
  • Zalen Damaichu and Titania Moonsong are starting their life together. After Titania left Cercatori d'Arte she came to visit in Crimson Dreams for a while. She didn't remain alone for long, though. Following his heart Zalen came to Crimson Dreams to collect her. Together they start their lives of voyeurs of the wild. [31]

10.6  6 December

  • Titania is living as a loner. Her mother, Orin Takekuro is unaware of this, however. The entire pack has been alerted to her panic. Her daughter, Juliet Moonsong finally tells her what happened to Titania, leaving Orin sad and frustrated. She's...gone...
  • Yet again Salsola has to deal with trespassers. Their secretive nature and clear broadcasting to stay away keeps most canines away, but troublemakers still find their way there. Terra proves this to be true as she tracks down the pack, wanting to learn the secret of how to disguise one's scent. Her brush with the pack leads her to meet Liliya Russo, a wolf struggling to accept slavery. Angered at the reminder of her old pack she tries to enslave the coyote, only to have Terra escape with a new scratch on her muzzle. [32]
  • Inferni is going through some major changes this month. Sage River Lykoi, the co-leader, has permanently left the pack. Ezekiel de le Poer is now leading the pack on his own for the first time in his career. Chapel Morte is dead, having failed in her plan. Several new cultural changes are announced in the pack. [33]
  • Fischer has arrived in 'Souls, and is going through some pretty big changes. Born a non-luperci, he was captured by slave traders and infected through their bites. The shock of the change lead him to manage to kill his captors and escape. Convinced that he's some kind of monster, he curls up, afraid of passing the infection and killing others. Terra, on one of her many searches for trouble, comes across the scene. With some patience and explaining Terra teaches Fischer that being a luperci is nothing to fear, and that he can change back into a normal wolf form. [34]
  • Nayru, the leader of Ichika no Ho-en is pregnant and homeless. This ends though when her pack member, X'yrin Exultare steps in. Concerned about her leader's health, the dubious warrior offers to let Nayru stay in her home during the course of her pregnancy. Despite the differences and the potential move-in of X'yrin's love, the leader agrees. [35]
  • On the same day X'yrin gains a roommate, Saluce Tremblay proposes to X'yrin that they become official mates. Her dream coming true and having fought through the inner conflict X'yrin says yes. Now they merely need to talk to their leader and their mateship is official! [36]

10.7  7 December

  • Crimson Dreams has a reason to celebrate this month! Two of their pack members have fallen deeply in love. Asking permission of their leader a mateship ceremony has been arranged. The entire pack has been called together to watch over the couple as Silvano Sadira and Giselle Fantasia pronounce their love and start their new life together. [37]

10.8  9 December

  • An emergency strikes in Halifax. Swentzle Byström and Caspa Al-Fateh meet in the ruined city when Swentzle's cat tries to bring him to a church to be healed. Inside the building the cougar startles another wolf. In a panic the man turns to flee, causing a minor collapse. Working rapidly they manage to free the man from the debris. Despite being blind Swentzle's skill as a healer is still firm, and the wolf's life is saved. [38]

10.9  10 December

  • Helotes Lykoi is one of the best fighters in Inferni. That doesn't mean he stops working though. He comes to Halo Lykoi to test his worth, as Halo is the master warrior of the tribe. A pitched battle proves Halo still superior, though Helotes proves his worth in her eyes. Losing his temper costs him, and he asks Halo, as the better warrior, to train him to overcome this lack of discipline. [39]
  • Aniwaya? has grown larger again as Ahiga Nishant joins the pack. Greeted by the spirited scout Ayasha Ahiga learns about the pack before calling the leaders. Pleased to be near family once more Ahiga settles in. [40]
  • Change is happening in Salsola. The last Crone has been demoted, thrown out by her failure to appear during an important ritual. Disgusted by this Siv Helsi steps up to take her place. Siv has secretly been working for power inside Salsola, and seizes this opportunity to birth Salsola with her magic, the old gods at her command. Dripping blood the land is reborn under a new power. [41]

10.10  12 December

  • Terra went out to practice using her stolen dagger when a surprise struck. Deirdre tries to steal her dagger. Catching the thief Terra is amused by her clear inexperience. With nothing better to do Terra decides to pass the time teaching Deirdre some of the tricks of the trade. A short lesson becomes a heist as Terra leads Deirdre to a raid on a loner. [42]
  • Darkness follows Liam Rhiannon. His schizophrenia gets the better of him, leading him to kill his adopted sister. Beaten and cast out of the pack the memory of this battle is lost to him. Ayasha, worried about her love, sets out to find him. She rescues him from disappearing into his darker half with her kindness, reminding Liam of the previous events. After patching him up Ayasha offers to take him back to Aniwaya, but Liam declines, wanting to wait until he's ready to be her mate. [43]
  • Cour des Miracles grows again with the addition of Augustus. Following the directions of a pack member Augustus has met, the wolf has come to the pack in hopes of finding a safe home. [44]

10.11  13 December

  • A new evil is stirring in 'Souls. Not for the firs time Amy Sunders finds herself at odds with a pack wolf. While stopping by Cour des Miracles for a trade Amy meets Caspa. Caspa is interested in the furs she holds, and Amy agrees to give them to her in exchange for information about the pack and a guided tour to the merchant pack. During the trip to the other pack Caspa discovers that Amy is a slave trader, and a fight ensues. Amy ends up beating Caspa, and leaving her half dead. [45][46]
  • Leon Hughes's life got more complicated again. Living as a loner he struggles to care for his younger brother Trigger after rescuing him from their abusive father. Only a short time has passed before his father tracks him down. Two puppies are given to him, too young to have a chance to survive on their own. Not willing to turn away siblings Leon takes them in, promising to care for them. [47]
  • Ichika no Ho-en takes in another new member. Swentzle has heard about Ichika's peaceful reputation, and carrying an injured man decides it's best to join the pack. There the man will be cared for, and Swentzle will begin learning to live life again with his partly blinded sight. [48]
  • Ichika no Ho-en is not the only pack with a new member to join this day. Inferni welcomes Ángel Fàbregas i Reus to it's ranks. [49]

10.12  14 December

  • A new pack is born. Titania Moonsong and Zalen Damaichu, new mates, have come together in the northern mountains to make a place for wolves to return to their wild heritage. The lands they have chosen is the valley where they first met and fell in love. Right away Zalen works on marking their borders as Titania checks for the ghost that lead them. The new pack is first called Avalon, but is renamed New Dawn in honor of Silent Dawn. [50]
  • A sad day has arrived in Cour des Miracles. Shandom Qi'Vaex has chosen to permanently leave the pack. Unable to adjust to the humanized life the wolves live there, he struggled to find a place. At last unable to stay any longer Shandom left, heading north to see if he can find a better place for him to stay. [51]

10.13  16 December

  • New excitment for Ichika no Ho-en! Shiloh Grant has discovered that she's pregnant. New puppies will be arriving in the pack in 2012. A great way to herald the new year. That is, if mother and pups survive the pregnancy... [52]
  • Another member joins Inferni. Omni Cadeaux has found her way there, looking for a place to call home and others who share coyote blood. [53]

10.14  28 December

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