Breadcrumb Drug Cartel Conflict

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Late-Summer Beach Party | The Aftermath | The Salesman | Race Against the Clock

The Breadcrumb Drug Cartel Conflict was a multi-part event between Sapient and Krokar and an unknown enemy up until the conflict's final month. What started off as a late-summer celebration of the two packs' cooperation during the Familia Sugit Conflict earlier that year, turned into a massive mystery that Sapiens and Krokarans needed to work together to get to the bottom of before their kidnapped packmates were killed, moved, or drug-muled beyond their reach.

Breadcrumb Drug Cartel Conflict


2nd August 2017 — 19th December 2017


Northern Tides, Serpentine Mountains, Sapient, Krokar


The cartel group was extinguished.


Drug Cartel


  • Drug Cartel: Unknown

1.  Summary

Note: See the Timeline for specific events.

When trouble struck Sapient during the early winter months of the year during the Familia Sugit Conflict, their allies, Krokar, came to their aide to help fight off the organized assault made by two ex-Krokarans with a revenge mission against Sapient's Adcredo (Subleader), Shaamah. Having never fully shown their gratitude for their ally for having coming to their aide in their time of need, Sapient decided to host a co-event celebration for their strong ties with Krokar. Members of Krokar were invited to come to Sapient's lands, move back and forth freely, and share some of their own traditions with their allies in Sapient. Two contests were held to promote mingling and to strengthen their bonds with one another. To prepare for the beach party that was to be held at the end of the festivities though, a few members of Krokar and Sapient alike met with a supplier in the area who was trading alcoholic goods for a steal of a bargain.

Both packs were blissfully unaware that they had traded for tampered-with goods, and were unaware of the suppliers marking them for future encounters.

In the days and weeks after the great celebration, neither pack realized anything was wrong, continuing to drink the booze and share it amongst their members in an attempt to get rid of the excess amount of it that they had. While not every bottle was tainted, there were a few members of either pack that happened to be unlucky enough to catch a few of the same, tampered-with batch. These members began to exhibit strange symptoms that many of their packmates--and themselves included--chalked up to be nothing but a mere bug. As the stash of goods became smaller though, these individuals began to experience signs similar to withdrawals.

The bottles had been laced with a highly-addictive drug, and the suppliers were merely counting the days until they knew either pack would need more.

These suppliers posed as wandering tradesmen, and were able to convince the parties that met them on either border to trade for their wares; more alcohol. Resupplied, the unknown-addicts continued to seek more and more of these precious bottles. Crude maps were tucked into the crates the beverages were transported in, a tantalizing clue for any that wished to find more, or, were simply too curious for their own good. A few Krokarans and Sapiens alike decided to pursue these clues, finding themselves heading out near the Serpentine Mountains. Of those that showed obvious signs of being affected by the hidden drugs, the suppliers struck their unsuspecting victims, kidnapping them and taking them back to their base. Their intention? To ship these drugged individuals down to their Portland location of operation, where they knew they could sell the members off on the slave market or use them as drug-mules.

While Kalila Damaichu was not one of the addicts these suppliers were looking for, she had followed their map and was alone. Her vigilance and attempting to fight off her assailants resulted in her being brutally murdered before being mistakenly dumped at Krokar's borders. The news rocked both packs, and both were put on high alert as more bodies (Itō Miwa and Marne Sadira) showed up on Sapient's borders and within their own territory. As the weeks drew by, and Krokar and Sapient noticed a few of their members mysteriously missing, they decided to launch a search of what might have become of them and why they had all disappeared roughly around the same time.

Through clues and finding scouting parties of the suppliers, the packs finally realized what kind of enemy they were up against; a drug cartel group -- one that was a branch to a much larger entity -- and they had been targeted.

Working together as they had in the past, the two allied packs made attack plans, mapped and scouted out the area in which their packmates were discovered being held at, and their attack began at first daylight on a cold, snowing, winter morning. They divided into two teams and struck. Their ambush gave them the advantage, not allowing the cartel members any time to really prepare or make use of their victims/hostages as the packs stormed in through the front and back entrances of the hideout. The assault was swift and successful, and the packs were able to locate their missing comrades. While inebriated and a little worse for wear, they were alive.

1.1  Casualties

The Villains

Member 1 [M], Member 2 [M], Member 3 [M], Member 4 [M], Member 5 [M], Member 6 [M], Member 7 [M], Member 8 [M]


Kalila Damaichu, Itō Miwa*, Marne Sadira*


Lilith Fairbreeze


Rowtag, Kaimu (Hibiki), Oscar Morelli, Reluceo Vela, Thiago Vela

* Not actual casualties of the conflict, but were related/the individuals took advantage of the situation, and these characters died during the duration of the conflict as a result

2.  Timeline

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PHASE 1 : Late-Summer Beach Party

  1. 02 - 26 August 2017 - The month-long celebration begins. Krokar and Sapient meet up in Sapient's territory and begin partnering up with a member of the opposite pack for either the Fishing contest or the Sink-or-Swim contest.
    1. Creation: Team Swim A - Asura Creo and Lilith Fairbreeze
    2. Creation: Team Swim B - Derek Winter and August Cormier
    3. Creation: Team Patchwork and Brindle - Dareios Ahearne and Norah Morelli
    4. Building: Team Swim A - Asura Creo and Lilith Fairbreeze
    5. Creation: Team Kids' Menu vs. College Menu - Oscar Morelli and Nivosus Moineau
    6. Creation: Team Wasp - Rowtag and Milos Parhelion
    7. Creation: Team Sink A - Lucille and Nivosus Moineau
    8. Creation: Team Big Dog - Tierney Brádaigh and Lucille
    9. Creation: Team Steam Punk - Kalila Damaichu and Lilith Fairbreeze
    10. Creation: Team Sink B - Kadir Ahearne and Elva Kai
    11. Creation: Team Dark Mouth - Kadir Ahearne and Palaydrian Soul
    12. Creation: Team Introvert - Elva Kai and Leonardo Auditore
    13. Building: Team Sink C - Malcolm and Kalila Damaichu
    14. Creation: Team Swim C - Tierney Brádaigh and Calrian
    15. Creation: Team Swim D - Oscar Morelli and Naenia Ortega
    16. [M] Creation: Team Bitter and Sugared Apple - Ramoth Lykoi and Nellie Cormier
    17. Creation: Team Sink D - Nellie Cormier and Nieve Ortega
    18. Building: Team Sink E - Dareios Ahearne and Norah Morelli
  2. 27 August 2017 - Participants of the Fishing contest are called back in to weigh in their catches and to decide a winner.
  3. 29 August 2017 - Contestants of the Sink-or-Swim canoe-building contest but their builds to the test.
  4. [M] 29 August 2017 - Thiago Vela has to rescue his sister, Reluceo Vela when her canoe sinks.
  5. 30 August 2017 - Members of both packs bring the month-long festivities to an end with an all-you-can-eat-or-drink cookout.
  6. 30 August 2017 - Oscar Morelli takes care of a drunk Elva Kai.

PHASE 2 : The Aftermath

  1. 31 August 2017 - In the aftermath of the beach party, Oscar Morelli convinces Elias Blueridge to have a food-eating contest with him instead of cleaning up the beach.
  2. 31 August 2017 - Asura Creo and Sebastien Stone work to clean up the beach.
  3. 31 August 2017 - Asura Creo treats Nivosus Moineau for a hangover.
  4. 31 August 2017 - Asura Creo and Elva Kai help clean up the Estate after the beach party.
  5. [M] 31 August 2017 - Rowtag and Dareios Ahearne wake up after the beach party.
  6. 04 September 2017 - Krokar hosts another feast to get rid of some of the excess fish
  7. [M] 12 September 2017 - Sapient whittles down their surplus of alcoholic beverages in a fun game of beer pong.
  8. Early September - Kaimu decides to go visit Krokar amidst the moving of goods between the two packs in the the aftermath of their celebration. Oscar Morelli accompanies him.
  9. Early September - Oscar Morelli shows Kaimu his home, Krokar.

PHASE 3 : The Salesman

  1. 11 October 2017 - Lucille and Aenan Pyr meet two male Loners at Krokar's borders looking to trade.
  2. 20 October 2017 - Rowtag develops strange symptoms, and Asura Creo gives him a remedy.
  3. Late October - Reluceo Vela finds a map and asks Milos Parhelion to see where it leads with her.
  4. 26 October 2017 - Kaimu develops strange symptoms, and Asura Creo gives him a remedy.
  5. 28 October 2017 - Asura Creo, Sabrael Vela, and Kalila Damaichu try to investigate a peculiar map that was found on one of the crates the pack got their booze from for the beach party.
  6. 30 October 2017 - Kalila Damaichu is found dead at Krokar's borders.
  7. 01 November 2017 - News of Kalila Damaichu's death is announced to Sapient, and its members are told to be cautious and alert when patrolling or going out of the territory.
  8. [M] 03 November 2017 - The idea planted by Kalila's death, Kaimu takes advantage of the unknown and kills his mother, Itō Miwa
  9. [M] 04 November 2017 - To keep the ruse, Kaimu (now Hibiki), calls for aide as he "discovers" his mother's broken body at the pack's borders.
  10. 05 November 2017 - Rowtag, Hibiki, and Bartolv Moineau decide to check out a map they found, only for things to turn south.
  11. [M] 24 November 2017 - Marne Sadira discovers a note that incriminates her father for being the cause of the Dark Horse Conflict, when she tries to confront him for the truth though, Nivosus Moineau kills her to ensure her silence.
  12. [M] 25 November 2017 - Naenia Ortega goes to inform her mate of his daughter's recently-discovered death, and Nivosus Moineau blows her off.
  13. 26 November 2017 - A pack meeting is called in Sapient when Rowtag and Hibiki are discovered to be mysteriously missing.
  14. [M] 28 November 2017 - Drugged and kidnapped members of Krokar and Sapient, Reluceo Vela, Rowtag, Oscar Morelli, Hibiki, and unfortunate bystander, Eva Northstar, try to figure out what's going on.

FINAL PHASE : Race Against the Clock

  1. 01 December 2017 - Milos Parhelion brings it to Lucille's attention that her son's absence may deserve a second glance.
  2. 01-04 December 2017 - Asura Creo, Sabrael Vela, Nieve Ortega, and Sylvestre Acosta investigate clues in an attempt to figure out where their missing packmates might be.
  3. 04-06 December 2017 - Elle Cormier, Chetan, Norah Morelli go through Reluceo and Thiago Vela's houses in an attempt to make sense of where the two siblings might have gone.
  4. 05-06 December 2017 - Milos Parhelion and Lucille investigate her son's, Oscar Morelli's, home in search for clues of his whereabouts.
  5. 08-15 December 2017 - Shaamah, Elias Blueridge, and Elle Cormier are searching for possible clues about their missing packmates when they find three members of the Cartel.
  6. [M] 08-15 December 2017 - Sebastien Stone, Brandy Blackrust, and Tzila Napier come across a group of four Cartel members. In the battle that ensues, three are killed.
  7. 17-19 December 2017 - Having finally discovered the Cartel's base of operations in the New Brunswick region, Krokar and Sapient make preparations to attack and liberate their kidnapped packmates. They strike in two teams, hoping that they'll find their packmates still in the area, and still alive.
    1. [M] Front Attack - Asura Creo, Shaamah, Naenia Ortega, and Sebastien Stone
    2. [M] Back Attack - Lucille, Brandy Blackrust, Milos Parhelion, Tzila Napier, and Malcolm
    3. [M] Back Attack (side thread) - Amidst the final attack, Lilith Fairbreeze dispatches one of the Cartel members at the cost of her own while protecting a packmate. Milos Parhelion and Malcolm are witness to her untimely demise.
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