Winter Festival 2012

Winter Festival 2012

DateJan 20 - Feb 20 2012
LocationArachnea's Revenge

A winter festival was held in the beginning of 2012, on January 20 to February 20. A subforum was created for the event, in which members could post freely.

The festival had two main parts - the market and the pack activities. For leaders, a third activity (leader's feast) was available.

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  1.   1.  Dates
  2.   2.  Formal things in the festival
    1.   2.1  Catacombs and prizes
    2.   2.2  Policies for participation and prizes
  3.   3.  The market
  4.   4.  Ichika no Ho-en
  5.   5.  AniWaya
  6.   6.  Cour des Miracles
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  8.   8.  Cercatori d'Arte
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1.  Dates

  • Festival lasts: January 20 - February 20
  • Opening feast: January 20
  • Leader's feast: January 25
  • Forum stayed open for posting: March 20

2.  Formal things in the festival

2.1  Catacombs and prizes

  1. Participating in all pack activities and trading ICly in the market awards you this IC catacomb: Completed all activities and traded during the 2012 Winter Festival
  2. Completion of all of the pack activities with one character awards you this 3-month title: Winter Festival Champ
  3. Completion of 3 of the pack activities (not including your character's pack) with one character awards you 50 points in your character's pack game. Alternatively, if you're a loner, you are awarded 15 WotD points.

2.2  Policies for participation and prizes

  1. All players are welcome, loners included. All activities are hosted in the festival area, and does not pose a problem for loner participation.
  2. For pack activities that differ in the day/evening, only one of the options must be completed (though you can do both if you wish). You do not have to do both the day and evening activity in order for it to count towards prizes.
  3. In order to be valid, threads must be completed and with a minimum of 3 posts made by all participants.
  4. Threads must be completed within March 20th, when the forum closes.

The invitation

All pack leaders have in the past days been approached by a messenger on behalf of a band of traveling merchants. They formally invited the packs to winter festivities hosted by them in the Sugarwoods:

Come one, come all! We, The Merchants of Vadoma, welcome you and yours to the first of many a festival to grace these lands. We bring a vast array of goods from this and every other continent, both common and rare, beautiful and practical. We invite all to bring their goods and join us for merrymaking; we shall make camp from this full moon and until the moon grows full again. On this first night of our camp we shall prepare a feast for all those who wish to join us, so come and see what may catch your eye while you fill your belly!

The festival is to last from January 20 - February 20, and all packs and loners are invited to join them. Eager to establish themselves for trade in this area, draw potential customers, and to create business contacts, the merchants set up a feast on its opening day.

Festival Area

The area is set up near the unnaturally blue lake in Arachnea's Revenge, so access to water is made easy. A clearing has been chosen, and large tents set up.

The merchants have set up in close proximity to one another along the southernmost alleyway. A corral for their livestock animals -- not available for trade -- runs behind their tents. A larger, public gathering tent is on the lakeside of this southern alley, and is open for relaxation, eating, and general comingling, where market visitors may simply hang out and enjoy the fruits of their trades.

The central areas of the marketplace have been given over to the packs for their various set-ups. Mahavites and his merchants have set up various tents according to the wishes of the pack leaders, as some packs require outdoor space, and others preferred tents.

The northernmost alley of the marketplace contains a large hosting tent, the location of the initial feasting as well as the leader's meeting. If packs wish to hold "seminars" of a larger nature, they may do so in this tent.


Many of these merchants travel across North America (or so they say) throughout the year. All dress wealthily: skins, furs, and good accessories bear witness to their success in trade. Especially the messengers, who invite the packs, are well-equipped in order to tempt canines into joining their festival.

The merchants have no apparent hierarchy that participants can immediately spot, although they do have a prominent leader: Mahavites. He is never seen giving orders to his fellow traders as a true leader; however, he seems to speak for the group, and the others of the merchants appear complacent with this arrangement.

Merchants are not interested in monetary value, but trade on an item(s)-for-item(s) basis. Their idea of wealth is based on a standard of living: plentiful food and comfortable clothing, adequate housing. They use carts and work horses to store their goods, and temporarily reside in large, quite advanced tents that have been set up for the duration of the festival.

3.  The market

A large portion of the festival circles around the market. Here, anyone can trade their unwanted items for new ones, provided they find an interested customer. A character can set up a little stall, or simply wander around to see what's available. Foodstuffs, weapons and livestock - anything, really! - may also be traded here. Note that most trades must be played out in order to be valid - only some OOCly determined trades will be valid (below).

A Winter Festival Character Services topic was created. Players could announce their character's tradeables and find a fitting trading partner there.

The merchants have a healthy supply of merchandise. Your character can freely acquire these items through "assumed" OOC trades. The merchandise available for OOCly determined trading is:

  • Skins and pelts
  • Wood items and crude wooden tools (no exotic wood)
  • Various bones and bone items such as ornaments and beads
  • Spices and salt, gathered sea shells & similar
  • Flint and stone items, crude stone tools (no exotic stone)
  • Animal- and vegetable oils (also flammable)
  • Alcohol and commonplace foodstuffs

The merchants would not sell weapons, but may accept weapons as payment for other items. The merchants had not brought livestock, and would not take livestock as payment for other items.

Pack activities

These activities were hosted by participating packs that desired to do so. They were run by PNPC's, which could be powerplayed by participating canines. You could not have a thread with only your character and the PNPC.

Players were, of course, welcome to plot with members from other packs to have them instruct them rather than PNPC's.

4.  Ichika no Ho-en

  • Mornings: Guided meditation
  • Evenings: fortune telling

Every morning as the sun rises guests are invited to meditation along the shores of Arachnea's Revenge Lake with Marcarius. Seated facing the water, this is an excellent opportunity to clear one's mind before an eventful day at the festival. In the evenings Marcus will be seated in a small tent suitable for only a small gathering of canines. Here, he will read cards, runes and tea leaves for any curious soul. The advice he gives may be vague or confusing but Marcus rarely reads the future incorrectly.

  • PNPC Host: Macarius (Male)

Macarius is an old dingo/wolf cross. Though he moves slowly and with the aid of a tall walking stick, Macarius's wit and memory has not faded with his years, and even despite his age he is sharp as a tack.

5.  AniWaya

  • Archery training

A series of stationary and moving targets have been set up in an allotted pit to the east of tents, where arrows can be fired safely. AniWaya provides arrows and bows, and if you're lucky you might catch some of them repairing or building bows on the spot, and pick up on this craft, too.

  • PNPC Host: Simcha Fletcher (Male)

Simcha is a skilled craftsman/archer, whose hobby it has been to create ornate bows and bows for war or hunting for most of his life. He is 5 years old, a gray and tan wolf with muscular arms due to his archery training. Blye-eyed, his dark grey fur gives way to a smoke and cream mask, echoed in a similarly colored belly and socks. While Simcha may not be the cleverest of wolves, he is loyal and trustworthy, and greets anyone with a kind face and friendly smile.

6.  Cour des Miracles

  • Ballroom Dancing Lessons & show

In the evenings, gather in the tent of Cour des Miracles, lit brightly with candles, for dancing lessons hosted by one of hte kingdom's couples, Princess Chance and Haven Aatte. Come as pairs or singles to be taught a variety of dances. Participate if you wish, or simply lean back and enjoy the dancing show.

  • PNPC Host: Princess Chance (Female) & Haven Aatte (Male)

Princess and Haven are a picturesque couple in her floor-length emerald green gown of silk and his light green tunic. He is noble and she is flirtatious and beautiful, and both are skilled on their feet.

7.  Crimson Dreams

  • Ice fishing

Fish through the solid ice layering the Arachnea's Revenge Lake, and then roast your catch over an open fire on the shores. Spend time huddled together on the ice, telling stories while waiting for a nibble.

  • PNPC Host: Shamus Tetheram (Male)

Shamus is a shaggy Arctic wolf that looked very much like he belongs in the tundra. His coat is longer then a typical wolf’s and pale white with gray flecks. He has soft eyes, golden brown in color, and match his easy going and calm nature. He is an experienced fisherman, specializing in Ice Fishing.

8.  Cercatori d'Arte

  • Mornings: Drawing/painting/crafting
  • Evenings: writing/storytelling by a fire

In the mornings, Draw will be in his tent with charcoal, twigs, paints, and pencils as well as an abundance of onion paper to draw on. Inexperienced artists will get help and instruction, and more experienced ones will be able to freelance draw whatever they wish. When finished, the art will be hung inside the tent, providing a colorful collage of work, unless the artist wishes to bring their art home. In the evenings, outside the tent will be a fire that Draw will set up, and anyone can sit by the fire and tell a story.

  • PNPC Host: Draw d'Merchant (Male)

Draw, when he is in pack lands at least, will always meet a passer by with a smile. Being a trader by nature he is always friendly by default and is willing to look for things for individuals if asked. He has typical grey fur, a fresh cream base topped with dustings of various shades of grey. Around his eyes and ears are patches of tan. His eyes burn a deep amber colour.

9.  Casa di Cavalieri

  • Sparring/Self-Defense Lessons

Come and join us for a light and friendly environment to test your fighting skills or learn some basic self defense. Experienced fighters are welcome to use the area for friendly sparing matches between themselves and Lex or a friend. Those with less experience or no experience will be taught by Lex individually on how to use swords or daggers in a self defense manner.

  • PNPC Host: Lex Acheson (Male

Lex is a middle-aged male who has quite a bit of experience fighting with and without weapons. He stands a tall 7”8 and is very broad across the shoulder and chest with noticeable muscles. Timber wolf colors make up his coat with a mix of soft browns, white and grey. Lex often uses humor to make others more comfortable and to defuse tense situations.

Leader's feast

Leaders and subleaders were invited to a special feast on January 25th. The merchants were eager to establish themselves and keep good business contacts, so that they may add this area to their route. The exclusive feast was held to promote collaberation, friendship & familiarity, trust and diplomacy between packs. This meeting holds promises for future friendships - or conflicts?

Official host to the feast is the merchants' leader, Mahavites

Leaders and subleaders were individually expected to bring an item of food of their choice, or other fitting contribution to the event. Still, the majority of the feast was hosted by the merchants.


10.  Blah


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