Ironside Conflict

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The Ironside Conflict was a series of attacks on Vinátta by the Ironside Coalition, which was looking to take revenge on Vináttan refuge Glasgow.

Ironside Conflict

Date17 June 2013 — 28 June 2013
LocationNorthern Tides, Vinátta
ResultIronside Coalition is wiped out.


Ironside Coalition



Saul Stormbringer
Colibri Haki

1.  Summary

Note: See the Timeline for specific events.

In March of 2013, Glasgow sought security in joining Vinátta. A few months later, in June, the Ironside Coalition managed to track their former (forced) member down. They posed as concerned friends at the borders of Vinátta, hoping to have Glasgow in their clutches, but were denied -- and the conflict began.

After a few attacks on Vinátta members, one of the Ironside wolves infiltrated Jordheim to kidnap puppies as leverage -- an attempt that ultimately failed when the puppies were rescued. Saul Stormbringer, Vinátta's leader, ordered additional patrols and protection at the borders.

Preparations were made for medical treatment, Glasgow was interrogated, and a final attack was launched on the Ironside Coalition. The threat was neutralized with each of the Ironside wolves killed.

2.  Backstory

The Ironside Coalition is a nasty group of vengeful canines that originally targeted a non-Luperci pack in Mer Bleue that the leader, Jáskrim, was cast out from for being turned. They hoped to hurt the pack and make a living by preying off it, beginning with simple poaching and desecrating the borders of the pack -- also stealing from travelers to survive.

An opportunity comes for a more concrete revenge when Glasgow (then known as Jérôme Moineau) and his sister, Finch Moineau, join the non-Luperci pack. Finch is injured at the time and easy prey, so the Ironside members ambush Jérôme and demand that he betrays the pack or they'll kill his sibling. Because Jérôme has more loyalty to Finch than the pack, he agrees, and with his information helps Ironside by vouching for their disguised members as they infiltrate and destroy the pack.

Skrim decides that Jérôme is useful and steals him away from the pack, turning him Luperci and giving him his gruesome facial scars along with the moniker "Glasgow" to destroy his identity. Using Jérôme as their "pity card," they infiltrate other non-Luperci packs and work together to drive those little throngs of uninfected canines to extinction.

Eventually, Glasgow escapes from Ironside and heads to Vinátta for protection.

Ironside suffers as a result of one of their tactical, subtle members leaving -- but eventually they hear of Glasgow and the packs of Nova Scotia. Skrim desperately wants revenge for his facial injuries (a parting gift when Glasgow escaped), and the others see a great opportunity in pumping him for information on Vinátta. They hope to reap rewards from attacking the Norse pack before eventually moving on to the rest of Nova Scotia to continue their game of survival.

3.  Ironside Coalition

The Ironside Coalition is a group of outcasts from non-Luperci packs in Mer Bleue, many of whom had been turned Luperci then chased off from their original families. Banding together under their leader, they chose to seek revenge on the non-Luperci, relying on thievery and other means to survive in the meantime. They are a small group that specializes in trickery and more subtle attacks rather than outright warfare as means to an end.

3.1  Jáskrim

Jáskrim, or Skrim for short, is the leader of Ironside. Driven out of his old pack for being turned Luperci, he chose to seek revenge -- and now seeks revenge on Glasgow and his family.



Jáskrim is extremely scruffy, with a skeletal build, tousled and tattered fur, and a ton of scars. His coyote heritage is prominent in his proportions — skinny legs, narrow muzzle, large ears — but the strength of him is all wolf, as thin as he is. He is tan with darker markings and reddish accents, and has eerie yellow-green eyes. He is covered in scars, the most distinct being a tattered left ear, missing left eye, and scarring on his muzzle where the skin of his nose was also ripped away. He is usually covered in fleas, and has yellowed teeth.


Skrim is, in a word, unnerving. He is quite uncouth and perverted, and specializes in making males uncomfortable with overt homosexual behavior, even if he’s done the same to women in the past as well. He is an extremely vengeful creature, and this drives most of his actions, from targeting non-Luperci groups after being outcast for being turned, to pursuing Glasgow who ripped up half his face. While with outsiders and enemies he always seems half-mad, with his group he is more obviously cruel and driven.

3.2  Cavan

Cavan is the cunning second-in-command of Ironside. He was turned through a relationship with a Luperci, and was attacked by his father for carrying the disease. He chose to join the group and sees great opportunity in it for him to eventually take over, though he's content with playing second fiddle to Skrim until the crazy leader keels over on his own.



Cavan is a large and bulky wolf, though not overly so. He is well-muscled and handsome despite a multitude of scars, such as a chunk out of his left ear and various scars over his face and chest. His fur is a dark, rich grey bordering on blue, with a paler underside and reddish-brown accents between light and dark. He has captivating blue eyes.


Cavan usually gets what he wants. He is charming when he wants to be and a cunning manipulator as well -- but where that fails, he's good at using brute force. He has skills in various weaponry and has trained on his own for many years. When it comes to interacting with outsiders, he usually deals with the "friendly" negotiations. With the group, he's content to sit back and smirk at everyone, often playing the less intelligent members against each other.

3.3  Stein

Stein is the main warrior and bodyguard of the group, a wolf of Germanic descent. He is somewhat of a mercenary, glad to earn his keep doing what he does best.



Stein has the build of the warrior, sturdy and muscled and covered in all sorts of scars. His ears have been ripped half off, and his tail has been shortened (though not bobtailed) from various battles. Scars cover his squared muzzle and broad shoulders, and there are plenty more covered by his thick, black fur. Though mostly dark and shadowy, he is naturally lighter on his stomach and the backs of his legs -- and normally all one can see of him in the dark are his bright, pale gold eyes.


It is hard to get much of an impression of Stein because of his tough, silent front. However, this is likely because Cavan told him that he might seem smarter if he didn't open his stupid mouth, and he's taken the advice to heart. Stein isn't too bright, not able to think very much on his own and instead defaulting to orders -- as he does love to fight. Violence tends to put him in a good mood, and so he often laughs a deep and rumbling laugh, and screams things at people in German -- which heavily accents his slow, deep speech whenever he does open his mouth.

3.4  Erion

Erion is arguably the brains of Ironside, with the main task of keeping track of everything the group does and executing her orders perfectly. She was invited into the group by Cavan.



Erion is a lean but strong female with rich orange-tan and brown tones in her fur, and sharp fiery eyes. Her scars are mostly covered by fur, but she does have a few chipped teeth if one pays close attention.


Erion is shrewd and intelligent, but she is also quiet; she doesn't tend to speak her ideas unless she is pressed for them. She generally keeps to herself and is an extremely private Luperci, often refusing to speak at all to the enemies of the group. She has a good memory and uses this to keep track of what the group is doing and has done. As private as she is, though, others know that she was turned Luperci by Cavan and there are rumors of a continuing intimate relationship between them, which protects Erion from Skrim.

3.5  Rishi

Rishi is the underdog of the group, generally utilized for spying purposes. No one knows where he came from, but most agree that it has to do with his current position as Skrim's "plaything."



Rishi is clearly a hybrid, with a mixture of light tawny and grey tones in his fur and white markings like distinct eyebrow dots that mark his dog heritage, as do his dark brown eyes. He is small and rangy with a mangled tail.


Rishi is, despite being an omega, the best spy and thief in the group. He's usually the one sent in first to get details on the target, and is subtle and quick. He is generally quite nervous and energetic, with a nervous laugh of a tic that generally results in him getting beaten when he giggles at the wrong moment. He can be charming when needed as a way to sneak past other's defenses, and is a compulsive liar like the rest of the group.

4.  Timeline

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