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  1.   1.  History (Overview)
    1.   1.1  Foundation 2014
    2.   1.2  2015
    3.   1.3  2016
    4.   1.4  2017
    5.   1.5  2018
  2.   2.  Timeline
  3.   3.  IC Leadership
  4.   4.  Inactive Pack Relations

1.  History (Overview)

1.1  Foundation 2014

As the numbers of a small loner group began to rise, the space within the cabin quickly became insufficient. With no other options, they headed north toward the mainland, to where they then settled within the Government Estate, the sprawling construct located in the center of Bathurst. Time began to pass, their numbers still growing, until enviably their group formed into the pack known as Sapient; father and son combo, Nivosus Moineau and Ardoise Moineau took up leadership, with the founding members of Nivosus Moineau, Ardoise Moineau, Alessan Stormbringer, Constantine von Troy, Icarus de le Poer, Yelena Denikin, Maximilian Barnet, Tierney Brádaigh, Diarmid Ahearne, Ciellen Loreath, Leonardo Auditore, Aleski Glazkov, Chrysanthemum, Máire Brádaigh and Akantha.

Desiring a more civilized pack, their culture focused on humanized living; they reached out, began to establish relations and offering their services and trade to those around them. Several members extended a helping hand, aiding the re-forming pack Midnight Shores as they moved north to Prince Edward Island, with the promise of future trade established with neighboring packs.

Whilst things have certainly been productive, there's been a good share of tensions, fights and broken furniture within the Estate as the pack grows more and more familiar with each other. Sapient also had it's first litter born; Ruari Ahearne, the sole child of Tierney Brádaigh and Diarmid Ahearne.

1.2  2015

Sapient completed their part of a commissioned trade deal that had been struck with Krokar back in 2014 just as floods struck the lands, delaying delivery of what was otherwise a successful transaction to begin the groundwork of relations between these two northern packs. With water levels rising, those who resided within Bathurst at the time found themselves facing great difficulty traveling throughout the pack lands, for the rivers that dissect the pack lands and surround the main residential areas were quick to overflow. Thankfully, with quick thinking and preventative methods, Sapiens were relatively unaffected by the downpour.

Encouraged by this initial success of branching out to the packs, invites were set out to all other local packs, for the Sapiens intended to hold a grand ball. With the ball coming into play, relations with the secretive Salsola were ignited, their goodwill vital as things were quick to fall apart during the masquerade ball. Whether by design or accident, Lola, a member and diplomatic representative of Casa di Cavalieri found herself responsible for the death of Desiderio Auditore, to which she quickly hid her involvement. Holding to the white flag of peace that they extended to all who had come, despite her actions, Sapient allowed the culprit to leave unharmed, although bad blood was thus created between the two packs.

Casa di Cavalieri was not the only pack to find themselves subject to Sapient's displeasure! After a one night stand between Nivosus Moineau and Snapdragon Lykoi, it was revealed that the Inferni member had stolen from Sapient. But that was not all; the coyote female was also pregnant with Nivosus's children, resulting in the birth of Valentina Lykoi and Sybil Moineau, who later moved to join their father and live in Sapient. In addition to this litter, Diarmid and Tierney had their second, bringing Dareios Ahearne and Kadir Ahearne into the Sapient ranks, with Akantha expecting her first litter come January!

1.3  2016

Greed does seem to be our downfall and never had that been more apparent than during March this year. In retaliation for the theft of some prized horses and a small (just a small!) murder, a group of canines began to attack and infiltrate Sapient, seeking revenge. Whilst defending the borders, Diarmid Ahearne was the first and only Sapien to fall during the conflict, leaving behind many a soul behind to mourn the loss of one of our finest warriors.

Tragedy seemed to bite at Sapient's heels, for before they even had much of a chance to recover, the red star fell. Luck and good location protected the pack from extensive damage, allowing everyone to gather and offer aid to our allies in Krokar who were hit harder. When all the damage was repaired, the drive to create new things continued, with a training grounds plan put into place and completed, lead by Naenia Ortega, with Nivosus styled dummies for everyone to beat up included.

Yet this year wasn't all just loss for the pack. Three litters graced us this year: Akantha became a single mother to Solomon, Lucian and Odalis. Nivosus and Naenia became parents to Nieve Ortega and Sloan Ortega, whilst Miwa and Shaamah had their luck in threes, with Jamaigo, Kaimu and Zetsubou being born.

Whilst many members have climbed those ranks, filling in some rather large shoes has been Shaamah, taking up the rank of Adcredo in Akantha's place. Not only that but as our ranks expand; increasing from three tiers to now four, along with esteemed Concili ranks, Sapiens have also gained their first Primor ranked member, Naenia Ortega.

1.4  2017

Phew, this year has been a bit of a roller coaster, with ups and downs! Sapiens didn't have what could be described as the best start to the year, with long-standing member Shaamah's past catching up on him, bad blood only made worse with the addition of some accidentally wronged traders. With tensions rising, Sapiens entered into the Familia Sugit conflict with the aide of our allies, Krokar. With them, came out victorious but not unscathed, for, regretfully, Vedetta Auditore and Emory Pearce perished amidst the various conflicts.

In light of these events, changes were made to Sapient's territory, the pack's borders stretching out north, allowing for greater defense of their home base in Bathurst. As well, Sagire Ardoise Moineau left the pack to head and provide leadership to the Portland location with Shaamah and a few others in tow.

There wasn't much time to mourn the dead, for hot on the heels of this conflict reaching its conclusion, strange things started happening across the lands - a sickness took root, affecting livestock and Luperci alike. With diligence and teamwork, the medics and all of Sapient banded together, coming out from this disaster with minimal losses. In light of both these bad times, it seemed someone within Sapient had taken it upon themselves to break the solemn atmosphere, igniting a dare and prank war (with some dreadful and hilarious results), finally helping everyone once more break free from the darkness that had been clinging to everyone.

Spirits renewed and summer coming to an end, Sagax Nivosus Moineau decided it was high time to thank our allies for helping the pack for their support during the Familia Sugit conflict. Sapient hosted Krokar in a month-long celebration event, ending it with a party that few could remember after the night's festivities. When it was all over, the last of the party's supplies were rationed and consumed, individuals returned home and started to prepare for the colder weather, and trades were made to replenish the pack's diminished stores. Things had started to return back to normal in the Estate...or, so, the Sapiens were foolishly led to believe.

A handful of Sapiens began to come down with mysterious symptoms that spooked some into believing that the spring sickness had returned. To make matters worse, members started to randomly show up dead. Kalila Damaichu was one of the first, her body being placed at Krokar's borders in, perhaps, an eerie sort of warning. Itō Miwa's body was found murdered just outside Sapient's, and, moving too close to home, Marne Sadira's was found well within the pack's borders. And as if that wasn't enough, Rowtag and Hibiki (née Kaimu) were now missing, and their whereabouts unknown. The results of all of this caused Nivosus to fall into a stupor that led him to be unfit to lead the pack during such a tense and chaotic time, and, so, Naenia Ortega and Tierney Brádaigh temporarily took over in leadership.

After sharing information with Krokar, and finding that some of their own had mysteriously vanished, the two packs began working together once more to find their missing packmates. Individuals came forward with valuable information, clues were found, and shady, rogue groups were discovered and questioned outside the packs' borders. At the end of it all, they had painted a clearer picture as to what had been going on. The two packs, unwittingly, had had some of their members fall prey to a drug trafficking cartel group, made possible by the clues left on some of the traded items for the packs' late-summer party and follow-up trade to replenish their stocks.

It was a race against time to find and rescue their packmates before the cartel moved them. Sapient and Krokar found the group's hideout within the Serpentine Mountains, and launched a coordinated, surprise attack in the midst of snowfall on an early winter morning. The two groups fought their way inward, navigating the elaborate tunnel network, and eventually finding their lost packmates. Their friends liberated and with a plethora of loot to be scavenged for their troubles, the two packs returned home, victorious once again.

Hopefully, Lady Luck and Mother Nature will be kind to Sapient in this coming new year, and will bring about a time with less conflict and chaos to befall upon the pack.

1.5  2018


In the aftermath of the Breadcrumb Drug Cartel Conflict, Sapient saw peaceful times ahead. After experiencing a year full of conflict, Sapient sought to better their relations with others rather than continuously finding themselves on the receiving end of someone else's hatred or nefarious ways. They tri-hosted a Scavenger Hunt comprising of their ally, Krokar, and a pack with whom they had previously rocky relationship with, Inferni. With members co-mingling and striving for the rights to boast as winners -- or, perhaps, simply wanting to get the event over with sooner -- things were looking up for Sapient in their tentative start to trying to take on a more diplomatic way of doing true Sapient style.

By February, plans had been made to start a new tradition. Spurred by the problems caused by the Breadcrumbs Drug Cartel Conflict, Domus Faber Asura Creo and Cessavi Colton Gray came up with the idea to do a large feast, using samples of every food item the pack had in storage. In theory, the sampling would help find food or alcohol that were tampered with in less lethal doses, and before they became a huge problem or left packmates vulnerable to poaching by devious cartel individuals. Food and drink looked to be the best way to a Sapien's heart, as the feast was a hit! The new tradition was named, Venenum Testis.

Come spring, Sapient sought to even further their sophisticated ways, and members were encouraged to write books and help the wealth of information the pack had in its library -- newly named the Mads Ibsen Memorial Library (no, Mads was not dead) -- grow even more so. Books on fighting, on certain skills sets, on livestock, medicines, and more Luperci-documented accounts were added to the library for future generations and new members' benefit.

Along with this, Sapient began a new diplomacy program, which took off in June with two envoy groups; one destined for the new pack, Mistfell Vale, the other, to better Sapeint's budding relationship with Inferni. Each were met with varying levels of accomplishment, as neither were turned away. Minor trades between the packs' members and the envoy groups were made and neither envoy party reported back with anything less than hopeful promises that things might continue to grow in their favor should the Sapiens try to pursue something more.

Summer came, and there had been no major conflicts, no crazy pranks or dares posted around the Estate, no mysterious illnesses, no giant stars falling from the sky, no miserable weather to make a muck of things. Things had been, generally, peaceful, but such an adjective had never been a synonym of Sapient. It had been too quiet within Sapient for too long.

Children of resident hoarder, Tierney Brádaigh, decided that enough was enough when they stumbled across their mother's mess of a room. They performed an intervention, and eventually agreed to the hasty decision to take their mother with them down to the pack’s Portland location, the University of New England, in an attempt to stop her from undermining their efforts to get rid of the piles and piles of various items that she had collected in secret in her room. Her belongings -- collected, pilfered, and bartered from all around -- were free to whoever happens upon them. In the midst of this clean up though, something peculiar -- a letter -- was dislodged from its long-forgotten resting place of many months. The yellowed, crinkled-edged, dirt-spotted letter was picked up by an individual, and a ball was set in motion.

Some time after the commotion of cleaning Tierney's room, Leonardo Auditore was found by his apprentice, Nieve Ortega, mysteriously strangled to death in his workshop in Oxley. Asura was called, and the young medic and blacksmith apprentice discovered a treasonous note hidden on Leonardo's person. Spurred by the contents of the aged letter, Asura howled for an emergency pack meeting, where it was revealed that Sagax Nivosus Moineau lied to the pack and falsely led them to believe that the Dark Horse Conflict was started by greedy, aggressive Loners rather than by a result of his own actions. The unexplained deaths that took place during the Breadcrumb Drug Cartel Conflict, were brought up, some members wondering if it were possible that Nivosus had lied or tried to cover those up as well. Nivosus' very late arrival to the meeting only caused further suspicion, and he was immediately incarcerated by his own pack.

The pack dispersed for the evening, agreeing to come back the following morning when everyone's thoughts might be more clear for the grave decision they would be forced to make with the evidence that had been placed before them regarding their own leader. When they sought to bring Nivosus out to be questioned and to defend himself though, they found the Sagax gone, having escaped in the middle of the night before any formal judgement could be placed upon him. The pack hunted him down, but, it was to no avail, their leader had, effectively, abandoned them, and his running away only further brought question to his character and his actions. Sapient, now leaderless and without any wanting to take on the responsibility, found itself unofficially disbanding on its own. Members slowly dispersed over the following days and weeks until there were none left. Some sought a new home, others sought the pack's ex-Sagire, Ardoise Moineau, who still led the pack's Portland location, the University. When news reached the outpost of the Nova Scotia branch disbanding, so too did the Sapient members at the University disband.

By July 30th, Sapient was completely disbanded in both locations.

2.  Timeline

July 2018

May 2018

April 2018

February 2018

January 2018

December 2017

November 2017

October 2017

September 2017

August 2017

July 2017

June 2017

May 2017

April 2017

February 2017

January 2017

December 2016

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April 2016

  • The Red Star has fallen off of the western coast of Nova Scotia! An air blast, earthquakes and tsunami's threaten destruction in Sapient's lands. Krokar suffered greater damages, and Sapient offered aid to help rebuild.
  • Sloan Ortega and Nieve Ortega were born to Naenia Ortega and Nivosus Moineau.

January 2016

December 2015

November 2015

October 2015

September 2015

August 2015

July 2015

June 2015

May 2015

February 2015

  • With the theft discovered, Sapiens lost all trust in Inferni and members were thus actively encouraged to spy upon, sabotage and gain intel on the dishonorable clan, leaving the rift between the two packs unresolved. 'Cause your presence still lingers here

January 2015

December 2014

November 2014

  • During the foundation of Midnight Shores, Sapient provided aid to help the pack move as part of a trade for horses.

October 2014

September 2014

August 2014

July 2014

3.  IC Leadership

2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Nivosus Moineau 2014-Present
Ardoise Moineau Oct 2014-Feb 2017

4.  Inactive Pack Relations


Aniwaya and Sapient had a neutral relationship born form distance; their few interactions were genereally positive.

OOC ASSUMPTIONS: SP previously made contact for trade attempts with the southern pack.

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  • September 2015: Akantha journeyed to the south after meeting Galilani Adahy and being invited to visit their home. She joined in on their celebration of the Green Corn Festival and stayed for a few days to meet their members and other southern delegates. 'Danalisdayvhvsgv

New Dawn

OOC ASSUMPTIONS: SP disliked the culture and beliefs of New Dawn.

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Midnight Shores

The two packs have had multiple mutually beneficial engagements, resulting in friendly ties.

OOC ASSUMPTIONS: MS/SP share charge over the Wildwood horses.

Relevant Threads

  • November 2014: Sapient traded manual labor from Tierney and Leonardo and a small rowboat in exchange for a horse and her foal during Midnight Shores's foundation.
  • January 2016: Shaamah brings firewood to the Shores, and Skana Creo acts as his sponsor during his stay.
  • June 2016: Sapient and Midnight Shores work together to capture horses from Prince Edward Island's horse herds.
  • December 2016: When Midnight Shores is disbanded, acting leader, Skana, gives half of the pack's communal livestock to Sapient. As well, Sapient accepts a good handful of their members into the pack.


OOC ASSUMPTIONS: SP was largely neutral towards Vinátta.

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After the devastating attack on New Dawn and it's following disbandment, Sapient members were warned to be on their guard with any Anathema members.

OOC ASSUMPTIONS: Sapiens have been warned to be wary of and overall avoid Anathema members; trade is actively discouraged.

Relevant Threads

  • October 2015: Sapient were informed by Casa di Cavalieri member, Luca Knight, regarding Anathema's attack against New Dawn. Subsequently, they discourage engagement with the pack.
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