The 2009 Rumour Mill

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  1.   1.  January
  2.   2.  February
  3.   3.  March

1.  January

  • 26 January: Barthélémy Aston stumbles across a murder on December 30, but does not begin to spread the word until January. He sees Aurèle Aston fleeing the scene...[1]

2.  February

  • 11 February: Barthélémy meets Onus and shows him those murderered in the lighthouse, but is chased away...[2]
  • 11 February: Onus discovers splinters of wood at the scene of the murder: "None of the floorboards were cracked or missing and all of the wooden fixtures on the wall were intact. Perhaps he had broken a weapon he had been using during the slaughter".[3]
  • 12 February: Barthélémy attempts to show anyone he can what has transpired and begins to spread the word of the murder.

3.  March

  • 24 March: A few tufts of orange fur were discovered at the site of the murder, some covered in blood. How curious, one might say, for there is other fur near the doorway and seems to bear the scent of Inferni. This fur is black and brown, perhaps with some lighter shades in between. But how ever did that happen?