The Sequoia Alliance

Founded byTayui Aston
Founded onAugust 14, 2011
Defunct onFebruary 1, 2012

The Sequoia Alliance was a group of loosely-affiliated luperci in the 'Soulsverse. It was not a pack, but an In Character assortment of characters with like-minded interests. Initially, they were founded to bring wrongdoers to justice, but this proved to be a much more heady task.

Members within the Alliance still retained allegiance to their pack (if they had one), but participated in Sequoia when they had time. It was a temporary allegiance and as a result, the group gained and lost members fairly rapidly. The group emphasized loyalty to one another while in the group so as to complete their 'missions.'

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  1.   1.  History
    1.   1.1  Pre-Sequoia Planning
    2.   1.2  Mission #1: Attack Salsola
    3.   1.3  Aftermath

1.  History

The Sequoia Alliance truly began with the death of Noir Aston, daughter of Tayui Aston. Her death was the catalyst for a year of change and metamorphosis within Tayui. Noir, who had been murdered by her absent father Haku Soul, was one of four children to Tayui. She kept their birth a secret hoping it would protect them.

Following Noir's death, Tayui left her pack at the time, AniWaya, and joined Anathema. There, she met Eris Eternity. She did not suspect anything, but nonetheless developed an unhealthy curiosity with the other female. Tayui followed Eris from Anathema and joined Salsola as it was created.

Tayui lapsed into apathy and after months of membership in Salsola, she sought out Eris again. This is where the story truly begins...

1.1  Pre-Sequoia Planning

Sequoia began with Tayui's reunion with her son, Attila. She broke the news to him and they agreed to work together to avenge Noir.


  1. the meek with blood in their eyes (Aug) Tayui is reunited with Attila and outlines her plans for vengeance to absolve herself of sin and do good of her deceased daughter, Noir.
  2. For good or for evil? (Aug) Tayui meets Zalen and recruits him to the cause.
  3. venom at the door (Aug) Attila meets Drizzt and later asks him to come to one of their gatherings.
  4. Between angels and insects (Aug) Tayui meets Vesper and recruits her to the cause.

1.2  Mission #1: Attack Salsola

Raid Against Salsola

Date30 January 2012
ResultDecisive Salsola Victory




Tayui Aston
Zana Avaya Lykoi

Eris Eternity
Sirius Revlis




Casualties and Losses

Total: 7

  • 7 wounded

Total: 9

  • 1 killed
  • 8 wounded
  1. The water won't spare us (Sep) Tayui holds the first Sequoia meeting to discuss their attack on Salsola. A newcomer, Jaden, arrives and the group is initially hostile, but accepts him as a member of the plot against Salsola. They discuss how to go about it and Zalen points out a number of flaws in their too-optimistic plan. Attila, Jaden, Lucia, Zalen, Drizzt, and Vesper attend.
  2. Scouting threads — Tayui hires a number of wolves to scout out Salsola and record their scouting and patrol patterns:
  3. Lead our woes asunder ‘neath the proud veins (Dec) Tayui reconnects with her sister, Éloise, and recruits her for the cause
  4. a fortress of your heart (Dec) Tayui gathers more friends and allies to plan their attack on Salsola. She has also recruited a ghost to help them scout. In this thread, they will divide up the attackers into two to three teams and launch their attack on Salsola.
  5. Attack Salsola:

1.3  Aftermath

  1. the sound of letting go (Jan) Tayui washes up on the beaches of Arachnea's Revenge. Jazper Rhiannon-Knight finds her and takes her in to Casa di Cavalieri to help her recover from her wounds and hypothermia.
  2. Foster (Feb) Regner Vilhelmsen helps Tayui recover from her wounds.
  3. I know promises fade away (Mar) Tayui reconnects with Vesper, who informs her of Verusha's death. Tayui tells Vesper what happened and why she attacked Salsola, revealing that it wasn't for the sole intention of freeing the slaves.
  4. grasped so delicate by one's eye (May) Tayui meets up with Jaden and he is disappointed that their mission did not go well.
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