Krokar Catastrophe

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The Krokar Catastrophe was a series of misfortune that ultimately lead to the destruction and disbandment of Krokar on October 31st, 2018.

Krokar Catastrophe


1st October 2018 — 31st October 2018


Fiskebyn and Aster's Fields, Krokar


Disbandment of Krokar



Krokaran Casualties

1.  Summary

Note: See the Timeline for specific events.

Word from the Old Ironsides Trade Depot has arrived that the trading post is in need of supplies, animals, and aid, prompting Lucille to lead a large group of members, along with goods and livestock, from New Brunswick to Portland. Krokar has enjoyed seasons of harmony and prosperity, instilling within its members a sense of tranquility, confidence, and security. It feels as though nothing could disrupt the peace that has embraced them.

Ah, but nothing lasts forever. For, from the shadows of harmony lurks discord, and of peace, chaos.

A new group of loners has surfaced within the neutral territories and their intentions are far from wholesome. After an attempt to evangelize the pack is wildly unsuccessful, the desire to enact retribution leads to a nefarious scheme. The large band of travelers departing from Krokar – animals and wagons filled with goods in tow – had not gone unobserved by these loners and, with such an expansive territory, it is reasonable for them to conclude that the security of its borders would be lacking. Taking advantage of a perceived weakness, the Eyes of Omni steal past poorly protected borders under the cover of darkness and set Fiskebyn alight.

The flames spread rapidly, consuming the sleepy little village and spreading to nearby Aster’s Fields. In an effort to spare their livestock from a horrific death, the pack releases the animals from their fields, paddocks, and coops, where they flee the flames and scatter into surrounding territories. Chaos and confusion is pervasive and, between the flames and the terror and the incessant chanting all around, Krokarans, too, scatter and flee.

As dawn breaks and the flames die, Krokarans slowly trickle back in to find that their homes, their goods, and their supplies are nothing more than smoldering embers. Most return, disoriented and exhausted, but there are a distinct few who remain missing, Milos among them.

Without their leaders, their cottages, or their livelihood, the remaining Krokarans leave the territory they called home for four long summers -- some to look for their missing, others to follow Lucille's band of travelers to Old Ironsides to deliver the news -- and effectively disband the pack.

2.  Timeline

  • 1st October: Word reaches Krokar from the Old Ironsides Trade Depot that they are in need of goods, animals, and help. Milos Parhelion begins to gather together some of the requested livestock.
  • 8th October: After gathering a large group of volunteers to join her on the journey to the trading post, Lucille embarks from New Brunswick to Portland with a number of animals and carts filled with goods. Norah Morelli sees her mother off.
  • 10th October: A young woman named Stella Flint arrives at Krokar's borders and attempts to evangelize its people to her beliefs. After being drawn by her voice, Eliza Cormier meets her at the borders and demands that she leave, unaware just how disastrous this single act will be.
  • 25th October: Two Omniscients, Miriette Hatzi and Rosa Somnia, carefully scout Krokar's borders and identify its weaknesses, encouraging them to slip quietly into the territory under the cover of darkness. They start a fire in Fiskebyn before absconding to the borders. The flames spread quickly, engulfing their sleepy little village before dispersing to nearby Aster's Fields. While Krokarans react – some trying to fight the flames while other attempt to save the animals – a chorus of constant chanting can be heard from the borders. Despite their best efforts, the flames devour the heart and soul of Krokar and, in the end, two brave individuals are lost to them forever.
  • 26th October - 30th October: After the flames burn out and the stillness returns, scattered members begin to filter back into Fiskebyn to find it destroyed. Some begin to search for their lost animals while others sift through the debris, all while waiting for others to return. Few do not and among those missing is their Captain, Milos Parhelion.
  • 31st October: Krokar officially disbands. Without their leaders, their cottages, or their livelihood, the remaining Krokarans leave the territory they called home for four long summers – some to look for their missing, others to follow Lucille's band of travelers to the Old Ironsides Trade Depot to deliver the news – and the ruins of Fiskebyn and Aster's Fields are left for nature to reclaim.
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