The Watchtower

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The Watchtower



Statistics & Foundation


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  • Location: Canaan Valley, West Virginia, USA
  • Status: REQUEST. More Information?
  • Demonym: Omniscient(s), Eyes
  • Languages Spoken: English
  • Influences: various elements of Rajneeshpuram & Christianity
  • Archetype (Group): extremists, fanatics, doomsayers, zealots
  • Archetypes (Individuals): loyalists, martyrs, misguided do-gooders
  • Icon:
  • Foundation: ~2016
  • Species: Mixed canine breeds
  • Population: <100
  • Luperci: 100% Luperci

by Lin

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  1.   1.  Canaan Valley
    1.   1.1  The Watchtower
  2.   2.  The Eyes of Omni
    1.   2.1  Belief System
    2.   2.2  Practices & Traditions
    3.   2.3  Rituals
    4.   2.4  Structure
  3.   3.  History
    1.   3.1  'Souls-related History
    2.   3.2  Influence on 'Souls Characters
  4.   4.  Status

Canaan Valley. (wikicommons)

The Watchtower is the home base for the notorious Eyes of Omni, located in Canaan Valley, West Virginia. Founded in late 2016 after a fiery star fell from the sky, the Watchtower serves as both a commune and the base of Omniscient operations. It is located deep within the rich territory of Canaan Valley, far from the paths of travelers and those seeking to investigate the commune within.

Eyes of Omni members, called Omniscients, believe fanatically in the coming of a world-ending and many-faced diety called Omni. Despite having earned a reputation within the immediate area of Canaan Valley for arson and ritualistic behavior, those of the Watchtower keep mostly to themselves—with some exception, namely the growth of strange flora both in 2018 and again in 2020. Signs of their presence, whether few or many, is designated by a painting of their emblem, an eye at the center of a red blossom. These paintings are usually seen in less-traveled, off-the-beaten-trail locations, such as alleyway walls, tree trunks, and dilapidated buildings—as Omniscients are more likely to skirt around populated areas for their own safety, rather than through them.

The Watchtower is led by a small council of its co-founders, including an enigmatic man known only as The Preacher, with aid by his interpreter and daughter, Stella.

1.  Canaan Valley

1.1  The Watchtower


The Watchtower is located at the heart of Canaan Valley, in northeast West Virginia. The valley region is 25,000 acres wide, and is in no way barred off to trespassers or home to the Eyes alone. Former busy streets cut through and around the valley, making travel not difficult, but the region is far enough from popular paths along the east coast that the Watchtower is made relatively safe by privacy. The Watchtower refers to the region in which the Eyes co-habitate; that is, it is a series of caves, small buildings, and other features rather than a centralized location. At its center, however, is a dilapidated fire watch tower, which the Eyes are slowly reconstructing over time.

Flora & Fauna

Canaan Valley is home to over 580 plant species, which include: mosses, sedges, heathers, cranberry, blueberry, sundew, marsh marigold, jack-in-the-pulpit, starflower, cotton grass, and lily-of-the-valley. The valley is home to glorious foliage in the autumn, and forests of conifer trees as well.


The valley region is 25,000 acres and at a relatively high elevation, making for seasonal weather patterns throughout the year. A large percentage of the valley are wetlands, the largest amount in the entire central and southern Appalachian region. There are 40 botanical communities, swamps and bogs, sprawling forests, and the Blackwater River.

Buildings and Construction

Various Eyes have laid claim to buildings still standing throughout Canaan Valley, and the central commune near to the Watchtower has seen minor construction for a few makeshift building for religious purposes. A majority of the members commute from a home location deeper into the Valley to the central commune, or simply make a living in the woods. In summary, the Valley has seen little new construction since the Eyes moved in, although as numbers grow and time goes on their needs for more habitable space are filled.

Accessibility and Outsiders

One of several crude towers built throughout the commune. (wikicommons)

Canaan Valley is too large to properly ward from outsiders. The area directly surrounding the Watchtower however, as the central practicing area, is warded by markings both in scent and in tagging across trees or walls. The desire for privacy is made obvious. Outsiders trespassing near the Watchtower are monitored and followed if they maintain a distance, or outright attended to if too close. The Eyes are convinced that its newest members may come knocking, so discussion with Outsiders is always pleasant and welcoming, at least unless things get hostile. Omniscients are not afraid to defend themselves, and will happily capture hostile Outsiders for use in their rituals.

2.  The Eyes of Omni

2.1  Belief System


The Eyes of Omni is a surprisingly recent phenomenon, with slow but steady growth more or less limited to the immediate area. In summer of 2016, the earliest members of the group were naturally drawn together throughout the eastern US coast by their individual beliefs, all of which promoted a level of public preaching about their religion and deity. Believing that many of the founding members had been drawn to similar beliefs by the same gods, this belief system was negotiated, prayed about, and smoothed into what is preached today. The Eyes claimed the Watchtower as their own in early 2017, seeking a private space off the beaten trail but near to the founding members' original locations and with enough resources to be self-sufficient.


The earliest members of the Eyes each believed their respective god sent down the fallen star as a warning to the people of the End Times. The correlations drawn between their "very similar, but different" belief systems led to the acceptance of a multi-layered but single deity, which was later adapted into a variable pantheon combined into a single, many-faced deity called Omni. Earliest Omniscients believed different members of the original pantheon had spoken to them, and the cult now widely accepts that the pantheon fused into one when the Eyes were founded. The identities of the former gods no longer matters to the Eyes, although the occasional Omniscient might argue otherwise; what does matter is that their single deity, Omni, has combined the power of several in preparation for a mass destruction of those outside its favor. The Eyes believe this will be done through a rain of blazing, falling stars like the first, and Omniscients seek to gain the favor of Omni through preaching and ritualistic behavior in efforts to save both themselves and those around them.

Omni, the Many-Faced God

The Eyes of Omni are monotheistic, favoring a single, many-faced deity called Omni. Omni is believed to be the combination of several pantheistic gods, combined to best generate enough power to bring about the End Times. Each Omniscient interprets Omni in their own fashion; the genderless (they/them) god itself is accepted as neither benevolent or violent, but rather, has multiple aspects (faces, belonging to its former counterparts) that each has its own personality, symbolism, and demands. When performing rituals or otherwise acting in the name of Omni, Omniscients wear a specific mask catered to the face they wish to call upon. The four faces of Omni do not have individual names — they are always Omni — but different aspects may be called upon by their given jurisdiction. The four faces of Omni are:

  1. Water/flesh
  2. Fire/death
  3. Earth/rebirth
  4. Space/time

Member Beliefs

Members of the Eyes of Omni (cultists to ignorant outsiders, but Omniscients among themselves) come from all walks of life. The Eyes are so obsessed with their beliefs that most individuality-based factors, such as gender, sexuality, species, and place of origin fall on the wayside, although individual members may carry their own biases. All are welcome to the Eyes, given all induction requirements are met.

2.2  Practices & Traditions

Symbolism and Tagging

The Eyes are shameless in spreading their ideology, resorting even to tagging locations with paint or drawings to spread awareness. Without context, these images can be haunting to strangers. Eyes often use these tags to meet up, or leave messages to their fellow members. These symbols often denote that an area has already been investigated, preached to, etc.

  • Symbols: Eye, fire, flowers, stars. Their most recent emblem is a flower with an eye and flames for petals, in reference to the mysterious flowers of April 2018 that appeared throughout Nova Scotia which the Eyes believe were a sign sent to them by their gods.
  • Colors: Red, steel blue, yellow, black, white.

Masks and Initiation

While there is no unified clothing or costuming among cultists, while performing rituals or committing acts directed at a specific face of Omni, the cultist is encouraged to wear a mask that matches the corresponding face of the god. Part of the initiation process involves creating desired masks for oneself to wear for these rituals.

  • Masks are generally crudely made out of found materials, baked clay, handmade dyes, etc. and can be improved upon or remade at any time.
  • Masks should cover both eyes, and may also cover the cheek regions. Given the canine snout/necessity to speak and breathe, masks don’t cover the mouth but an Omniscient may wear a veil if they so choose.
  • Making a mask for another Omniscient can be viewed in two ways depending on the individuals involved: Either as a great honor or blessing, or as a very arrogant and insulting act (saying that the recipient’s mask is not good enough for Omni and/or that the gifter can do better).
  • Members do not need to make a mask for all four gods, but it is encouraged, just as it is encouraged to keep the masks on their person at all times.

The masks are worn and based around the face of the god the cultist is calling upon or trying to impress. The masks have a general unified concept, but can be customized as much as the cultists want to. Common designs and features for each mask are as follows.

  • Face of water/flesh: White, pink, blue hues. Shells, hair, fur, fish scale, sand, feathers.
  • Face of fire/death: Red, orange, black hues. Singed edges. Cracks or missing pieces. Blood, applicable pieces of dead things.
  • Face of earth/rebirth: Green, brown, gray, pink hues. Grasses, hays, petals, flowers, blood, fur.
  • Face of space/time: Blue, indigo, red deep hues, black. Objects or items personally significant to the cultist in a mishmash combination. These masks are the most outlandish and bizarre, although they can be quite beautiful. More of the face is covered.

2.3  Rituals

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Violence and Notoriety

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Other Celebrations

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2.4  Structure


Members are not assigned specific roles, although they may fall into natural roles depending on their skill set. All members have the same purpose: Appease the gods and teach the people [whether violently or nonviolently]. How they accomplish these things is up to them. While the Watchtower has its natural leaders, none have been named a primary head of the group, and most decisions are made based off a "council" built of the original founders.

Law and Justice System

The Eyes are somewhat exclusive in their tendencies. Omniscients have a group collaboration mentality, expecting all members to both contribute, protect, and respect one another above all else so as to best grow the influence of Omni and those who will rightfully see the end of the world. People beyond their membership, however, do not have these same protections, and it is for this reason the Eyes have a notoriously violent reputation.

  1. Members are not allowed to harm one another, for group collaboration is their greatest cause and they believe that any threat to this is a threat to Omni and the Eyes. This includes any level of violence.
  2. Fleeing defectors will be considered exiled, and hunted down if realistically plausible or convenient. However, many defectors go unharmed once enough distance is gained from the Valley. Hunted defectors often face death in ritualistic sacrifice.
  3. Traitors are among the most loathed of the Eyes' enemies, and are often viciously hunted and face death in ritualistic sacrifice.
  4. Minor crimes, such as theft or behavior dangerous to the Eyes, may result in a temporary expulsion or a penance with a prayer-oriented task to be performed over a number of months.
  5. Members are required to stay within a half-day's reach of the Watchtower within Canaan Valley, but preferably within audible distance (such as by howling).
  6. Members are required to contribute to the Eyes with any personal skills in any way they can. The Eyes believe a lack of contribution denotes a displacement in the group, and may result in expulsion, penance, or even exile.
  7. Members are required to spend a specific portion of their time preaching, spreading awareness, or otherwise growing the capacity and influence of the Eyes publicly. Members are not given restrictions on how they may perform this task, and are not punished for violence unless a fellow Omniscient is harmed.

3.  History

3.1  'Souls-related History

  • 2018: The Preacher gathered a diverse crew of Omniscients in late 2018 that traveled to Nova Scotia to investigate rumors of flora. Interpreting the flowers as a sign of Omni's coming, The Preacher encouraged Omniscients to spread the word of doomsday through any means necessary. Among those that traveled to Nova Scotia was the Preacher himself, his interpreter Stella Flint, as well as several Omniscients: Miriette Hatzi, Degaré Ravencroft, Silas Kasper, and Rosa Somnia. Among their other offenses, the group took Milos Parhelion and his daughter Daisy Parhelion captive with intent to forcibly convert them but were ultimately unsuccessful. The Omniscients' presence in Nova Scotia dwindled by early 2019, with some members opting not to return to Canaan Valley.
  • October 2019: A fire breaks out at the Watchtower and spreads rapidly. Several buildings are lost, as are a few Omniscient lives, but a timely downpour—attributed to their prayers to Omni, naturally—puts an end to the chaos. Scouts report two outsiders in the region not long after, one of which was recognized to be defector Starling Flint. A desperate manhunt is held throughout Canaan Valley, but the two arsonists are never secured. The Eyes of Omni, undeterred by threats on their lives, clean up the ashes and begin to rebuild.
  • Spring 2020: Flowers reminiscent of the 2018 flora reappear along the coast of Nova Scotia, prompting clusters of Eyes out of Canaan Valley to spread throughout the eastern US coastline, even as far as Nova Scotia. Convinced by the second appearance of the flowers (as well as minor rumors of a plague) that the End Times are getting closer still, overall activity by the cult booms. Sightings of their symbol—the eyeflower—dot the eastern coast on backs of buildings, cliffsides off the beaten path, and so on. Most notably, sightings appear in Portland and Nova Scotia. The symbol is not widely known, and its presence is eerie enough to draw attention of locals. A very small faction of Eyes recently arrived to Nova Scotia is almost immediately killed when a building collapses on them during the 2020 Earthquakes.

3.2  Influence on 'Souls Characters

4.  Status

  • Creators: Everything related to the Watchtower is the product of several collaborators: Lin, Amanda, Raze, Mel, San, and Gen. For specific information or for plotting or character creation purposes, please contact Lin at this time.
  • Status: REQUEST.

References & Inspirations

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  2. Rajneeshpuram, Wasco County, Ohio
  3. Christianity, particularly its second-coming mythology
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