About 'Souls

Basic Information

  • Genre: Werewolf & wolf, post-apocalypse, human extinction
  • Rating: PG-13; mature and explicit threads are allowed if properly marked.
  • Minimum Player Age: You must be at least 18 years old to register and play on 'Souls.
  • Founded On: November 18, 2001
  • Location: Maritime Provinces, Canada

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  1.   1.  OOC History
  2.   2.  Technical History
  3.   3.  Community
  4.   4.  Updates
  5.   5.  Staff

1.  OOC History

Bleeding Souls, the first and original incarnation of the game's concept, was founded on November 18, 2001 by Sie, Natalie, and Jenn on Ezboard forums. There were three packs to start off with, and this expanded and consolidated and shifted about throughout the years. Bleeding Souls was active from November 2001 until April 2008, where a large plot involving lots of fire changed the entire scene, forcing all characters to the west. This marked the beginning of 'Souls, the current incarnation of the site, which takes place in Nova Scotia. Over the years, 'Souls has been marked by various changes to the way the site is run as well as the game itself. The site's map has changed and expanded, traditionally as the result of natural disasters in-character.

2.  Technical History

'Souls has endured various hosts, from the good to the bad, for the primary website over the years, from Geocities to piggybacked friends' hosting accounts to legitimate purchased hosting. Ezboard handled the hosting of the forums from 2001 up until early 2007, following which they were converted to IPB 2.2.2. This platform was short-lived, however, and IPB was downgraded to 1.3.1 Final in Fall 2007, where the game remained until October 2012, when it was moved to phpBB. In August 2020, the board moved to myBB: this is the current forum software and is intended to be a permanent home (hopefully!)

3.  Community

'Souls has various games and other ways you can get more involved than just roleplaying, if you'd like! There are many ways to get in touch with players as well as other fun things, such as the Catacombs as well as pack games. 'Souls itself has various off-board services such as Twitter, which is used to post minor updates and announcements -- members are, of course, free to follow and interact with the account via @messages! 'Souls also has a Tumblr, which players and non-players can use to ask questions about 'Souls to the members of the 'SA and receive answers! As of April 2017, 'Souls has made and maintained its own official Discord Chat which is open to current, former, and prospective members. Many packs, loner bands, and even major events / plots have their own respective Discord servers that interested members can join to chat and plot with their fellow players.

4.  Updates

Herein lies archives of board announcements, news, and suchness from over the years, including old staff bulletins.

5.  Staff

  • See the Staff page for more.

'Souls has had a lot of staff members and a ton of changes throughout the years. Here are lists of staff members past and present, and a page detailing various staff contributions to 'Souls.

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