The Catacombs

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1.  About

The Catacombs are basically rewards, icons that you can collect and save in the new Catacombs area of your profile, for reaching different achievements during your time here at 'Souls. The more you earn, the more awesome you are, clearly!

1.1  How Does it Work?

The Achievements are separated in to two different categories. In Character Achievements and Out of Character Achievements. Once you meet the requirements for one of the Achievements from our list, just grab the code for it and put it in the Catacomb section of your profile! We'll be working on an honor system, so be fair. After all, what's the point if you don't earn it? :3

1.2  IC Skulls

  • All IC skulls are on a per character basis. If you have multiple characters and only one of them has a mate, you should only put pink skull in the profile of the one that does.
  • "Meeting all the leaders" and "having a thread with all the members of your pack" is valid for any given time. If you've done this in the past and later the leaders change or there are more members in your pack, your skull is skill valid.
  • Having NPC mates, losing/winning NPC fights, and rescusing NPCs don't count.
  • Leadership in off-board packs/clans don't count.
  • Threading in all the subterritories isn't necessary for the light green skull.

1.3  OOC Skulls

  • Post achievements are accumulative between all of your active characters since July 23rd, 2008. So if you had a character when the Catacombs was first introduced and drop him later, the posts that character has had during his lifetime still count.
  • When you reach each new level of post achievement, you can still keep the lower level skull if you want.
  • Yearbook superlative is on a per character basis.
  • Donations to the old EZBoard still count. Purchases of icons and titles don't since they aren't really donations.

2.  More Information

3.  Templates