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The 'Souls administration consists of three separate tiers. The 'Souls Assemblage is the administrative tier of the staff—these guys take care of the serious problems, perform board maintenance, title users, play with CSS and code, fix things when they break, and address all the various different aspects of both the IC and OOC community. The SA have the final say in all matters of the board and are the people to ask about most board and game-related issues and concerns.

Our Moderators, denoted by a gold key, have moderation power over all forums. They are also capable of editing the RP Guide. Moderators are responsible for assisting administrators in a variety of tasks related to board management. A Moderator's duties include, but are not limited to, general board maintenance, new member assistance, project collaboration, information and resource compilation and production, Wiki maintenance and updates, 'Souls promotion and advertising, and contributing opinions where requested. Although the moderation tier is not able to make direct decisions relative to the board and cannot dictate solutions to problems arising on the board, they are still involved in many discussions related to decisions and problems. Feel free to approach moderators with concerns or questions—chances are they can help you out!


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