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Welcome to the Member Guides and Resources section! This section provides several roleplay, writing, membership, and other helpful guides -- created especially for 'Souls. They are member-written and member-edited in most instances, and you can contribute to the Member Guides yourself!

1.  Member-Created Resources

  • Templates Forum
    If you're creating a snippet of code or a lineart template or anything else in that vein for others to use at 'Souls, it should go here.
  • 'Souls Word Counter
    We have our own word counter! Did you know that? O:

2.  Member Guides

2.1  Staff Guides

These guides explain how official stuff works at 'Souls! Please don't edit these guides unless you're a moderator or administrator. Thanks!

  • Staff
    Explains the structure of the 'Souls RPG staff and the different functions of each.
  • Requests
    A must-read for anyone requesting characters or puppies (most players, at one point or the other!). More than you'd ever want to know about the processes for either!
  • Promoting 'Souls
    Want to help 'Souls grow and reach new players? Want to recruit others to the awesome? Please do! There are many ways you can help promote 'Souls, and we thank you for doing them!

2.2  Essentials Guides

These guides provide some basic information, primarily geared toward new players. They can help established players refresh themselves (or help new players!) too!

  • 'Souls Success
    How to contribute to the game in various ways and be a successful player at 'Souls. If you want to be a moderator/administrator, reading this guide is helpful for getting started!
  • 'Souls Help
    If you aren't sure where you should turn for assistance, this guide can point you in the right direction.
  • Forum Guide
    Tips, tricks, and hints for using our forum software, links to resources for the software, and 'Souls-specific formatting tips.
  • Forum Profile Guide
    How to fill out a forum profile for your 'Souls character! Filling out your character's profile is required to join the board. If you're very lost, this guide can help you get started. If you're experienced, you can use this for some refreshers.

2.3  Character Creation & Skills Guides

  • Adoptables
    Open and adoptable characters, A to Z: learn how to create attractive ones, how to advertise them, what works and what doesn't. Real data from 'Souls surveys is included. O:
  • World Travel
    A quick overview and helpful chart for approximations of how long it takes to get from one place to the next in the 'Souls universe.
  • Character Creation Ideas
    Ideas for new characters? Look no further! This guide provides some things to think about and sources of inspiration for character creation.
  • Character Quickstart GeneratorDale
    A dice-based generator that creates quick character concepts for you to build on.
  • Horse Guide
    Horses are incredibly popular companion animals and owned by most of the 'Souls packs. If you want to include them in your roleplay, do so realistically!
  • Non-Canine Companions
    It's important to remain realistic when dealing with non-canine companions. Learn how to determine if your desired exotic companion species is realistic.
  • Relative Relationships ChartZero
    Curious how related your character is to another member of their family? Wondering what a character's relationship is? This chart helps you figure out both!

2.4  Canine Guides

  • Canine Species
    Look here for information about any Luperci-capable species! That is: wolves, coyotes, dogs, and jackals!
  • Hybridization
    While this information is not mandatory when creating a canine hybrid, it's interesting and can help you learn the ways canine hybrids might look!
  • Puppy Breed CalculatorGen
    A calculator to determine total breed percentages of litters. It is recommended you make a copy for yourself to use offline and when others are also using it.
  • Wolf Subspecies Size and ColorKatie H.
    Different species and subspecies of wolves have different sizes, and are found in different pelt colorations. While this information is not enforced by the game rules, some players prefer stricter realism than others!
  • Canine Writing
    How to write like a canine! We're not playing as people, so there are many, many differences in the way our characters interact with their world.

2.5  Roleplaying Guides

  • Grammar
    An extensive grammar guide! This is very helpful if you're struggling with some of the basics, or if you just want to brush up!
  • Roleplay Guide
    Roleplay is different from just writing and some parts of it are very different! Learn how to adapt to those differences.
  • Packmember Guide
    How to be a great packmember, help your leader, and help yourself contribute to your pack, help your fellow packmembers, and even achieve leadership!
  • Realism Guide
    Learn how to better keep your plots, threads, and roleplay realistic!
  • Plot Guide
    Learn how to run plots large and small, how to attract other roleplayers to your plot, and how to be successful in your endeavors.
  • Thread Requests Forum
    The Thread Requests forum can be a great resource -- if you make good use of it! Learn how to post your thread request so other players find it most attractive.
  • Post-Apocalyptic Resources
    Get inspired for some post-apocalyptic roleplaying with these great games, books, and movies set in dystopian and post-apocalyptic worlds.

2.6  Bracketing

  • Character Slot Bracket SpreadsheetDespi
    A robust spreadsheet aimed to help guide players who are bracketing for a new character slot.
  • Puppy Bracket CalculatorGen
    A simple automatic calculator to determine bracket dates and success likelihood for puppy requests. Also included in the sheet is a Character Slot Bracketing calculator.

2.7  Baubles & Graphics

  • Graphics Tutorials
    Some brief tutorials on the most popular graphics at 'Souls, hand-written by 'Souls members!
  • Pixels
    A collection of player contribute puppy, lupus, secui and optime pixel templates, with adapted version of each where available.

2.8  Other Guides

  • Territory Creation
    Sometimes, we have Create-a-Territory contests! Sometimes, packs do, too. Learn how to make your territory realistic to 'Souls setting.
  • Synonyms
    A list of frequently used synonyms and terms used around 'Souls.

3.  Contribute!

You can write your own article or edit/add to existing articles.

3.1  Editing Member Guides

  • Most of the member guides can be freely edited! Only the Staff Guides section shouldn't be edited without prior approval.
  • There are sections at the bottom of each guide for member tips -- but you can also add sections in the main body of a member guide, too!
  • Any contributions may be edited or even removed entirely by other members, as with anything else on the Wiki. Keep your own copy of your information if you want it in its original state!

3.2  New Member Guides

  • Use the GuideTemplate if you are starting/adding an entirely new guide.
  • If you write a guide, create a page but don't list it on this page yet. Submit it to the Wiki Collaboration Forum or PM a Moderator or Administrator for private submission. You might wish to PM us before writing your guide to make sure your idea is cool, but we're also okay with fully-fleshed submissions, too.

4.  Defunct Guides

5.  Other Resources

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