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Art by Dark!

  • Gender: Female (she/her)
  • Birthday: 5 Sept 1987
  • Joined: First time Mar 2004, but many times since.
  • Primary: Kira Damaichu
  • Thank you to Jace, Kitty, and Raze for various code or ideas used!


  • DISCORD: Hannawolf#1009
  • Discord communication is strongly preferred for just about everything.
  • I'm almost always set to "Do not disturb" but this is so if I'm drawing or writing I don't have the pop-up notifications in the way; feel free to message anyway! If I don't answer right away I usually will within an hour or two.
  • I have Discord on my phone but notifications are disabled. However I check it frequently even when I'm not at home.
  • PLEASE poke me if you want me to pay closer attention to a thread of ours! Multiple times are fine, I won't bite!
  • PM communication is preferred for adoption finalization and anything long-term that might get lost in a Discord conversation.
  • While I prefer PMs sent to my main character, I'll accept them to any since I don't have many active characters at once. If you're PMing me, and I haven't seen it within a day or two, send me a DM letting me know you've sent a PM to a certain character.

About me

So uh. Hi! I've been a member of Souls off and on since March of 2004. My first and, for a while, only character was Susquehanna, in Chimera under Damien de le Poer. I was brand spanking new to RP, and Hanna shows it; she's about as Mary-Sue as they come. But I love her all the same. Besides Chimera, Hanna was briefly a part of Clouded Tears a time or two, and either in, or was going to be in Syemv/Aremys. I don't remember. Then after the 2008 fire, she moved to the south where we helped found Dahlia de Mai. Then she moved on to AniWaya and, later, Anathema before moving off-board. While I haven't personally had my influence in the packs, I am happy that my girl did.

From a real-life perspective, I'm a 32 year old woman from Kokomo, Indiana. I have a 12 year old daughter named Kennedy who thinks she's going on 30 or so. I graduated high school, but haven't really settled on a career so haven't really pursued higher education. I am out of work currently taking care of Kennedy's needs. I love Souls, and I'll probably RP here forever.

Activity Notice: I tend to be very sporadic as a roleplayer. I may do three or four posts and then not get any done for a week or two. There are multiple reasons for this and which one is taking point at any given time is a toss-up.

Roleplay Information



  • Reply: My word count tends to drift between 300-600 words, or longer if I am starting a thread and have a lot of opening information or back-fluff to write about. Timing wise, anywhere from one day to two or three weeks is possible. I reply to the threads that "speak" to me first.
  • Inactivity: I keep post logs for each of my characters with red or green text depending on whether I do or don't need to reply. If it looks out of date, it probably is. Feel free to poke me if I seem to have forgotten a thread, or if you want me to hurry a reply to it!
  • Closing Threads: I don't have a preference on ending threads. If they die and I'm interested in continuing (or if it's an important thread to you) I'll approach to ask about grave-digging the thread. I am fully okay with reviving even relatively old threads.
  • Tables: I have no preference in tables, but please let me know if you do, so I can act accordingly!
  • Dating: I DO keep a timetable for my threads because otherwise it makes me crazy trying to keep up with what happened when. These are noted in my tables as well as in my post log as a hover over the link text. If you don't care, that's fine, I'll stick it in an order that makes sense.
  • Plotting: I'll do about anything plot-wise that makes sense for my characters, although I try to keep matters of time passage realistic and to adhere to realism overall. I probably won't bug you about realism faux-pas, but it may affect how quickly and easily I can reply.
  • Requesting: I don't usually keep thread-request threads up because I don't get much interest in them (probably because of how slow I am) but I'm almost always willing to open another thread. If I'm not, I'll tell you and put a note for the future in my post log.
  • Spreeing: While I'd love to spree, I suck at it, so if I ask to "spree" it means more like, prioritize our thread over others to get it done a little sooner than rapid fire replies back and forth.
  • Lasky: Yes, although I'm prone to losing/forgetting about the threads. I've never played preybot but I probably would?
  • Mature Content: Sure thing! I'm totally up for anything you wanna throw at me up to and including gore and explicit sexual content.
  • Powerplay: I'm okay with powerplay, but ask if you're not sure about something. I'll do the same.

Active Characters



by Nat

Kira Damaichu
First Cadet of Casa di Cavalieri
cNPC: Callum Knight
mNPC: Cresum

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