Canine Species & Subspecies

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  1.   1.  Subspecies
    1.   1.1  New World
    2.   1.2  Old World
    3.   1.3  Wolves
    4.   1.4  Coyotes
    5.   1.5  Jackals
    6.   1.6  Other Species
    7.   1.7  Extinct Subspecies

For generalized information and a broad overview of species, please see Species on the RP Guide. These pages display specific information regarding specific subspecies of Luperci-capable canine species (e.g., Wolves, Dogs, Coyotes, Jackals, and the "Other" Canine species).

1.  Subspecies

1.1  New World

1.2  Old World

1.3  Wolves

1.4  Coyotes

1.5  Jackals

Golden Jackals

Other Jackals

1.6  Other Species

1.7  Extinct Subspecies

The following species are extinct and are not available for play on the board.

  • C. lupus orion (Greenland Wolf)
  • C. lupus fuscus (Cascade Mountain Wolf)
  • C. lupus youngi (Southern Rocky Mountains Wolf)
  • C. lupus bernardi (Banks Island Tundra Wolf)
  • C. lupus griseoalbus (Manitoba Wolf)
  • C. lupus hodophilax (Honshu Wolf)
  • C. lupus hattai (Hokkaido Wolf)
  • C. lupus monstrabilis (Texas Wolf)
  • C. lupus beothucus (Newfoundland Wolf)
  • C. lupus mogollonensis (Molgollon Mountain Wolf)
  • C. lupus alces (Kennai Penninsula Wolf)
  • C. rufus floridanus (Florida Red Wolf)
  • C. rufus gregoryi (Mississippi Valley Red Wolf)
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