Siamese Jackal (''Canis aureus cruesemanni'')

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  1.   1.  Common Names
  2.   2.  'Souls Range
  3.   3.  Appearance
    1.   3.1  Other Characteristics
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1.  Common Names

South East Asian Jackal, Siamese Jackal

2.  'Souls Range

Thailand, Myanmar to east India.

3.  Appearance

Canis aureus cruesemanni, from kbhargava@Flickr

The South East Asian Jackal tends to have a similar appearance and facial structure to the Indian Jackal, though they are smaller than that subspecies and lack the vibrant fur and clear markings of the Indian subspecies.

3.1  Other Characteristics

Its status as a separate subspecies has been disputed by certain authors, who point out that its classification as such is based solely on observations on captive animals.


The South East Asian Jackal is moderately Luperci; that is, it is as common to find them there as anywhere else, and there are still pockets of non-Luperci. Most of the canines in this area are largely feral or semi-feral; humanized living is not particularly common among this subspecies, though it is beginning to spread eastward from Pakistan and India as well as southward down from Russia.

4.  Citations


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