Abyssinian Jackal (''Canis aureus riparius'')

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Jackal Subspecies Map
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1.  Common Names

Abyssinian Jackal

2.  'Souls Range

Somalia and coast of Ethiopia and Eritrea.

3.  Appearance

This is the smallest subspecies of jackal, only 12 inches (30.4 cm) in shoulder height. It is typically of a tawny-gray color; the Abyssinian Jackal is generally paler, with less black markings or darker coloration than many other subspecies. Though it is a pale species in general, the body is more creamy-colored, whereas the underside is more white.

Canis aureus riparius, from Evgeniy Gunenkov@Flickr

4.  Other Characteristics

4.1  Survival

As the smallest subspecies with a range overlapping several other subspecies of both Golden, Black-Backed, and Silver-Backed Jackals, this subspecies occupies a delicate place in the world; even Lupercism and adapting to human technologies has not assisted them so much due to their much smaller size.

5.  More Images

Abysinnian Jackal, Evgeniy Gunenkov@Flickr Abysinnian Jackal, Evgeniy Gunenkov@Flickr

6.  Citations

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