Tiburon Island Coyote (''Canis latrans jamesi'')

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Coyote Subspecies Map
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1.  Common Names

Tiburon Island Coyote

2.  'Souls Range

Tiburon Island, Mexico

3.  Appearance

These coyotes are virtually indistinguishable from mainland Mexican coyotes in appearance, size, and general features. They are small coyotes, with a fur color reddish brown or rusty gold, with more vivid and brighter markings than their northerly neighbors. The Tiburon Island coyote is distinguished primarily from its mainland counterparts by its increased swimming ability, likely an adaptation that allowed the first coyote imports to the island to even make it there in the first place.

Canis latrans jamesi, from randomtruth@Flickr

4.  Other Characteristics

4.1  Survival

As these canines enjoy an isolated territory, they have prospered since the extinction of humanity. Though these coyotes do experience some competition from some other predators sharing their same home range, their Luperci adaptations allow them to maintain a status as dominant predator in the area.

4.2  Luperci

Many of these canines are Luperci; of course, isolated pockets of non-Luperci may still remain in some places. There have been some small adaptations of human technology, but for the most part, these canines retain a feral lifestyle, though they will utilize all three of their forms.

5.  More Images

Tiburon Island Coyote, randomtruth@Flickr Tiburon Island Coyote, rikkefriisdam@Flickr

6.  Citations

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