European Jackal (''Canis aureus moreoticus'')

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Jackal Subspecies Map
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1.  Common Names

European Jackal, Caucasian Jackal, Reed Wolf

2.  'Souls Range

Though mostly found in scattered populations within Eastern Europe, its range has grown to encompass parts of its former Eastern European range, as well as in Western Europe.

3.  Appearance

It is one of the largest jackals in the world, with probably only the Egyptian jackal exceeding it in size; animals of both sexes average 120 - 125 cm (47 - 49 in) in total length and 10 - 13 kg (20 - 29 lb) in body weight.

Canis aureus moreoticus, from

The European Jackal is similarly colored to the Common Jackal, with buff or tawny fur along most of its body, and black or dark streaking along its back. There are reddish highlights to its legs, ears, and face. The European Jackal has coarser fur than many other Jackal subspecies.

3.1  Other Characteristics


The European Jackal has an interesting history -- prior to the extinction of humanity, it had experienced vast expansion of its territory and general prosperity. Their story is similar to that of the coyote subspecies in North America -- as humans extinguished wolves, jackals replaced them. However, following humanity's demise, wolves were quick to repopulate their former territories, and as such, the European Jackal's population and prosperity suffered. They live in relative harmony with wolves, though there is similar tension to that experienced between wolves and coyotes.


As the majority of this subspecies occurs within the area of 'Souls classified as extremely humanized and quite immersed with Luperci, non-Luperci European Jackals are quite rare. They have adapted to a humanized way of life almost exclusively; it is difficult to find populations of even feral-living Luperci jackals.

4.  More Images

European Jackal, Wikimedia Commons European Jackal, Wikimedia Commons

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