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Termites -- pVVEN @deviantart
A Photuris Firefly -- Bruce Marlin @Wikimedia Commons

1.  Types

There are many different types of insects found in the 'Souls territories. There's no way to list them all! A few of the most iconic and those with uses or harmful behaviors have been selected for listing here. These insects are found throughout 'Souls territories.

1.1  Termites

Termites can sometimes threaten wooden structures to the point of causing their collapse.

1.2  Beetles

Beetles have several uses -- they can clean corpses for the bone and other beetle-indigestible substances to be left behind. They can also be pestilential to a canine's garden, doing damage to plant populations and even killing plants in some cases. On the other hand, certain species of beetle such as the Ladybug are well known to be beneficial to gardens. Beetles can also be eaten. Beetlewing is useful in crafts.

1.3  Flies

Flies can be extremely pestilential, but they provide a use in helping to break down dead animals and plant materials. Some species of maggots have even been used to clean out wounds in an ancient form of debridement, as they eat away the decayed flesh while leaving living flesh mostly intact.

1.4  Butterflies and Moths

Butterflies are well known for their pretty wing colors and changes -- some species, though, can prove damaging to gardens and plant crops. Moths are pests and can damage cloth.

1.5  Ants

Ants are usually pests, especially where gardens and food are concerned. They have some uses, however, with certain species.

1.6  Bees

There are several species of bees within 'Souls. Bees pollinate many species of flowers and other plants. They are most often used to cultivate honey and can be kept as livestock.

1.7  Fireflies and Lightning Bugs

These well-known bugs generally show up in early summer -- their abdomens glow intermittently.

There are 11 species of firefly found in Nova Scotia. It is believed that only one is from the Photuris family: Photuris fairchildi.

1.8  Fleas


2.  Speech

According to our Speech Guide, this creature has no known method of communication and cannot understand high or low speech.

3.  More

4.  'Souls

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