The Dampwoods

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  1.   1.  Description
  2.   2.  Subterritories
    1.   2.1  Musquodoboit Valley
    2.   2.2  Dawn's Breath
    3.   2.3  The Sugarwoods (Casa di Cavalieri)
  3.   3.  Landmarks
    1.   3.1  Labyrinth Glen
    2.   3.2  Cinlia Hollow
    3.   3.3  D'Neville Mansion
    4.   3.4  Tobeatic Wilderness Area
    5.   3.5  Woodview Quarry
    6.   3.6  Gardenia Grove
    7.   3.7  Three Moons Ranch
    8.   3.8  Red Vine Hollow
  4.   4.  Waterways
    1.   4.1  Salmon River
    2.   4.2  Dollar Lake
    3.   4.3  Kennetcook River
  5.   5.  History
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Region Seabreeze Brink
Subterritories Musquodoboit Valley

Dawn's Breath
The Sugarwoods

Major Waterways Bay of Fundy

Atlantic Ocean

Size ?? sq km / ?? sq mi


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1.  Description

The Dampwoods is made up of a mixture of evergreen and deciduous trees. Jack Pines, Ironwood, Tamarack, Black Ash, American Elms, and a multitude of tall Red Pines are just some of the tree species found here. The Dampwoods form part of the massive northern Tobeatic forest and the ground here is always lined with a soft bed pine needles. This deadens the sound of anyone walking over the earth here; it is therefore a prime hunting spot.

To the west, what was formerly considered Arachnea's Revenge, are the number of glacial features that makes this portion of The Dampwoods different — Erratics, Kettle Lakes, and rounded Drumlins mark the geography of the lower forest. Additionally, this section of the territory features the large lake that can be found in the southern area, with its vivid blue waters. Further in the north, the rocky and Bay of Fundy-styled beach hugs the bay, giving way to huge mudflats with the outflow of the tide. In the right conditions, viewing across the Minas Basin to The Waste and Drifter Bay is possible.

True to its name, the Dampwoods boast several small streams and ponds. To the north, as the forest begins to thin out and turn rocky, the flatlants of The Waste are clearly visible through the thinning trees. The vegetation in the south easternmost part of the territory grows sparser the closer one ventures to the Quartz Shoreline. Although the Dampwoods territory itself does not reach the shore, the sound of the waves crashing against the beach can sometimes be heard on quiet days.

2.  Subterritories

2.1  Musquodoboit Valley

The Musquodoboit Valley is a large rural lowlands area, running west to east, that was once used by humans for farming, agriculture, and forestry purposes. The valley bears testament to its past; the northeastern portion of the territory boasts fields once used for farming grain and vegetables. Hidden by the rising ridges of the Halcyon Mountain to the north and south, the area has flourished with a wealth of plant life, the beginnings of The Dampwoods to the west of the territory. Through the heart of the valley, the Musquodoboit River runs its surface course before diving back underground in the easternmost end of the valley. The valley is littered with Erratic stones and boulders from when the area was covered by a glacier, excepting the more developed fieldlands to the north of the Musquodoboit Valley and the lands around the large sawmill -- all clearly landscaped and changed to suit humanity's purposes.

2.2  Dawn's Breath

In the eastern extremes of the Halcyon Mountains is a strange territory, something of a continued outcropping of the mountain range. Dawn's Breath seems peaceful and serene upon first glance, but is in fact a rocky, treacherous territory in the southernmost parts. In the easternmost part of the territory, it begins as a sparse shrub grassland. Moving westward, small rolling hills and the occasional crag in the rock jut from the larger Halcyon mountains. A small ridge of the larger mountain range forms a protective crescent moon around the westernmost part of the territory. This ridge contains small caves and underground streams connected via underground channel to the nearby Musquodoboit Valley's Musquodoboit River.

2.3  The Sugarwoods (Casa di Cavalieri)

Years and years ago, before the rise of the werewolves, humans tapped nature's bounty in whatever ways they could. The Sugarwoods, as they called them, were a densely forested range of Sugar Maple trees. The sap was tapped and drained into processing structures called sugar houses, where it was then boiled into the desirable product: maple syrup. The humans are gone, but the tools of their activity remain. The sugar houses have long been empty of the humans that created and worked them in the days of old, but still it stands, waiting for the harvest of sweet sap to begin again.

3.  Landmarks

3.1  Labyrinth Glen

In the mixed forests of The Dampwoods, one grove of trees stands apart from the rest. A large glen surrounds a perfectly circular clearing. The pack that once lived here, Labyrinth Glen, believed the area to be sacred and preserved by natural magic. Indeed, the area seems especially blessed -- in spring and summer, the whole of the glen gleams vivid green, even brighter and more lively than the rest of the surrounding woods.

3.2  Cinlia Hollow

A large, beautiful forest of trees has grown over the remains of a military base. Some buildings are here and there but many have been overcome and hidden in the thick forest. The underground tunnels are still in great condition and spread throughout the forest like the small creaks and streams from the falls.

3.3  D'Neville Mansion

The D'Neville Mansion, once home to many Infernians, was razed to the ground at the culmination of the Inferni-Salsola War.

The ruins of the mansion are nestled in the thick of the forest, evidence of its human owners' desire for privacy and seclusion. Lined by a wrought-iron fence covered in Honeysuckle, sprawling gardens bloom wildly in the summer. Small cobblestone walkways, slate cracking and flaking after so many years, run through the garden.

Hidden in the new-growth greenery is the burnt foundation of the mansion itself. Signs of its previous inhabitants are scarce; only blackened brick and stone remain of the mansion, stables, and outbuilding.

3.4  Tobeatic Wilderness Area

The Tobeatic Game Reserve spans over the The Dampwoods. All of the Tobeatic has many rivers and lakes. The pristine Acadian forest varies from wetland to woodland, with some scrubland and barrens occurring to the far north of The Dampwoods, close to the base of the Halcyon Mountains.

3.5  Woodview Quarry

Located on the edge of The Dampwoods, an old abandoned limestone quarry and its adjacent processing facility makes up the tiny landmark of Woodview Quarry. Large blocks of limestone still lay strewn about. Here and there, pools of deep water have formed where stone was been harvested years before. No one is quite certain how deep the quarry goes -- the water, clean and fresh, has filled it in completely near the bottom. Some underground spring might have been tapped in the days of humanity -- or simply released with the decaying of some force man had used to keep the water at bay. No one is absolutely certain -- but the pale, off-white stone and the deep, blue waters have overtaken the quarry's bottom entirely.

3.6  Gardenia Grove

Hidden amongst The Dampwoods southerly extremes, near to the Quartz Shoreline, the Gardenia Grove meadow overshadows all others in beauty. A wide variety of flowers and flowering trees grow rampantly in spring and summer, their sweet scent drawing predator, prey, and insect alike for many miles around. Some of the trees were cut down in the old logging days, providing convenient seats for Luperci hoping to enoy the vista the meadow provides. In the deep summer, the fields are home to a hefty population of fireflies, adding to the area's beauty. Several honeybee hives can be found on the larger trees in this area, attracting Black Bears on occasion, along with sweet-toothed Luperci.

3.7  Three Moons Ranch

This former farm house is quaint and cozy, perhaps once a bed and breakfast in the time of humanity. Once occupied by a pack, the rooms are strewn with its leftovers: a few blankets and pillows, and some other left behind trinkets. There are two fireplaces in the home, a smaller one in the kitchen and a larger one in the den. The ranch is surrounded by rolling hills, gentle and large things that made pasturing the land easy despite the variable elevation.

3.8  Red Vine Hollow

An ancient, time-beaten cottage stands alone in this hollow of The Dampwoods. The building is encircled by a stout wall of stones, despite its distance from the ranch and the old human roads. The owner, perhaps once a recluse, clearly did not wish to be bothered. Nevertheless, he or she must have succumbed with the rest of humanity. Now, Allegheny Vine grows wild from the trees and coat the small cottage. It seems the little building is entirely coated a thick layer of the scarlet greenery, growing its shade of blood red throughout the year. These vines coat the roof in its entirety, peek into broken windows, and spill into the rooms within. A thick woven canopy of these vines and the surround tree branches provide added shadow and shelter to the little grove.

4.  Waterways

4.1  Salmon River

The meandering Salmon River runs through The Dampwoods and parts of The Waste. The river itself is wide and rather shallow in most places, with a lazy and slow current throughout its journey through Drifter Bay. It has rather wide and fertile delta, though of course nothing was built upon it in the humans' time for the extreme tides found in the Bay of Fundy. This is evidenced every day by the tidal bore that travels up the Salmon River, literally reversing the flow of the river closest to the ocean.

4.2  Dollar Lake

Dollar Lake is an eerie sight. Its waters are a lurid blue, its color almost unnatural. Though perfectly safe to drink, some canines scorn the water as tainted. The lakeside beaches of Dollar Lake were widely renowned as vacationing areas in the time of humanity. Nestled deep into the woods, with its strange colored water -- Dollar Lake continues to be a destination for the more adventurous canines.

4.3  Kennetcook River

The Kennetcook, a swift river that picks up many of the streams and rivulets within the The Dampwoods, cuts through limestone close to the coast. Its currents are much swifter near its outflow in the western part of the Whisper Beach area, east of the Southern Bight. Fast currents aside, the Kennetcook still experiences the tidal bore common among the Bay of Fundy's rivers. Salmon frequent the Kennetcook when spawning.

5.  History

  • Arachnea's Revenge used to be its own territory but was later merged with The Dampwoods since they were so much alike.

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