Labyrinth Glen


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Labyrinth Glen

ColoursEthereal Green (#00B300) & Augury Azure (#003366)
Founded ByFatin Kali & Melisande Sadira
Founded On10 April 2008
Defunct On14 June 2008

Past Leadership

Past LeadersFatin Kali & Melisande Sadira

Pack History

Preceded byJaded Shadows

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  2.   2.  Territory
  3.   3.  Culture
    1.   3.1  Important Families
  4.   4.  Pack Relationships
    1.   4.1  Active Packs
    2.   4.2  Inactive — 'Souls

Labyrinth Glen was formed amidst the chaos that succeeded the destruction of Bleeding Souls. One of the first packs to be formed in the lands South, the pack inhabited a part of Arachnea's Revenge. The founding members included Tristan Nakado, Hymn Kiles?, Sedition Wick and Esme Acidic.

1.  History

Labryinth Glen was only around for about a month before it was disbanded; following the April 1st fires, the pack was reformed by half of Jaded Shadows former leadership, Fatin Kali. The pack struggled to find footing and membership in the new lands, and following the departure of Fatin's brother, Tristan Nakado, the pack was disbanded. Fatin set out to find her brother, but with the promise of return—prior to leaving, she headed to Inferni to pick up her godchildren by Gabriel de le Poer and Faolin Mogotsi, Talitha Lykoi and Ezekiel de le Poer to transport them from safety, away from the First Dahlian War. Although Fatin later returned, few other Glen members remained within the land, and the pack was not reformed.

2.  Territory

Labyrinth Glen is a pack land embedded deep into the heart of Arachnea's Revenge. In one grove of trees there is a massive glen formed by a perfectly circular clearing believed to be sacred and preserved by a natural magick. The rest of the territory includes lush forests, and a lake surrounded by a rainbow of wildflowers in the spring and summer. It is an incredibly green land, with splashes of surprising color where it is least expected.

3.  Culture

3.1  Important Families

4.  Pack Relationships


— Actively warring or recently warring or otherwise experiencing conflict.
— Poor relationship. It's pretty clear these guys don't like each other much.
— Neutral.
— Good relationship, but no official alliance.
— Officially allied.

4.1  Active Packs


As Fatin Kali was here, they were pretty friendly—prior to Labyrinth Glen, she had a relationship with the former leader of Inferni, Kaena Lykoi. Even following Kae's departure, Fatin remained close with the Inferni clan; she became the godmother of Ezekiel and Talitha. They were sent away by their father Gabriel with their godmother during the First Dahlian War when Labyrinth Glen was disbanded.

Dahlia de Mai

Nothing interesting ever happened between these. Haku Soul and Fatin Kali never liked each other much though, as Haku wanted to kill her godchildren, Ezekiel de le Poer and Talitha Lykoi.

4.2  Inactive — 'Souls


These two were only around for a short time; it is likely that both of the packs were more concerned with their individual struggles than with neighborly relationsh while they were around together.

Shadowed Sun

These two packs probably entertained a pretty good relationship with one another—Tayui Aston and Fatin Kali were once co-alphas together in Jaded Shadows together, and both packs proclaimed themselves pretty peaceful.

Twilight Vale

Probably neutral—they were only around for a short time together.


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