Tristan Nakado

Tristan Nakado

Tristan, by Mel
Age7 Years
BirthdayJuly 19, 2004

Previous Packs

Jaded Shadows

Joining date??

Labyrinth Glen

Joining dateApril 10, 2008
Joining Rank??


Tristan’s childhood was one without much trauma. He had a relatively happy family and enjoyed the company of his siblings, but felt a need to do more with his life. As a young man he began training himself to fight in the ways of man, becoming remarkably skilled with a bow and sword. When he left home with his sister, he felt confident that he would be able to handle whatever the world might throw out at them. However, Alarice surprised him and left without a word—frustrated by this, he went on alone.

Between the disappearance of his sister and his arrival in Nova Scotia, Tristan continued to hone his skills. He befriended a group of warriors and they traveled around, acting as mercenaries. Through this group he was exposed to a surprising amount of prejudice against his mixed blood. After a final terrible battle in which three of their original company was lost, the party disbanded and Tristan decided to head towards home. It was during this time he caught his sister Alarice’s scent and followed her to Bleeding Souls.

He joined Jaded Shadows and lived with his sisters until Alarice once again left, and eager to find out why she kept abandoning her family, he followed her. After a few weeks of dead ends, he returned—only to find that the land over the mountain was burning. It was chance that led him to find Fatin, burnt and battered on the mountain, and he stayed with her until she recovered. Out of nostalgia for her old home, Fatin formed Labyrinth Glen where Tristan remained until he mysteriously vanished.

Several months later Tristan came across Fatin with a coyote and her children in tow. She explained that they were her godchildren and had been sent away from a war. Tristan stayed with her and the children, assuming the role of a surrogate father in a way. When Talitha vanished, Faolin went after her and left Ezekiel in the care of the two hybrids. Fatin desired to return to their birth home, and Ezekiel expressed a desire to see his own family, so the boy left the two as they headed back to Awensawa. Some craziness went down in Awensawa and Tristan's current whereabouts are unknown.


Tristan is a rather large hybrid and looks to be mostly wolf. He has deep umber fur with natural highlights in it and pale blue eyes that are almost white.


  • Extended Family: Kali
  • Parents -- Harley Nakado + Desoto Kali