Esme Acidic

Esme Acidic

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Name Meaning"to love"
Name OriginOld French
Date of BirthJanuary 1, 2008
Age1 year
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Previous Pack

Labyrinth Glen

Joining dateApril 10, 2008
SignificanceFounding member

Jaded Shadows

Joining dateMarch 22, 2008[1]

Esme Acidic is the daughter of Ravesque Acidic and a founding member of Labyrinth Glen. She was raised by Diana And Wednesday Roth, her two mothers.


Her mothers, Diana and Wednesday Roth, wanted a pup to take care of very badly. When they found a wandering male, Ravesque Acidic, they asked him if he would be willing to help them. He mated with Diana and gave them Esme and Orion, her sister, staying with the adults until Diana gave birth. Esme grew up with her mothers and sister, and has never met a male before.

While out hunting with her family along the coast, Esme found an area of beach that extended out farther than the others. She went to explore it, falling asleep on top of a piece of wood there. When she woke up she was floating in the ocean, with land far from view.

After a few long days in the sun, exposed to the elements of snow and rain, she landed back on shore...but far away from her family.



  • Biological Parents - Diana Roth and Ravesque Acidic
  • Parents - Diana Roth and Wednesday Roth


Albino, white fur and red eyes. Pink paw pads, tongue.

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